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LOTRO Woodcutter's Brotherhood Reputation Quests - Wildwood of Bree-Land

The Woodcutter’s Brotherhood in LOTRO is one of the two factions in the Wildwood of Bree-land. Where the League of the Axe seek to establish a new home, the Brotherhood are all about securing and restoring Trestlebridge, since it was set alight by orc-kind. In this guide, I’ll take you through the quests that grant reputation with the Woodcutters, to help you to reach Kindred as efficiently – but enjoyably – as possible. The one thing you will not find here are story spoilers (and there are two questlines). If I can write about a story quest without spoilers, I will add them at a later date. Grab a brew and let’s crack on!

Where do I start the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood?

The starting quest is available from Aran Greenwith in Trestlebridge in the North Downs. If you walk or ride in from the South (from Bree, for example), enter the town and take the first left. There you’ll find the questgivers and vendors.

As with all the other quests in the Wildwood, the quests are Level 45.
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Woodcutter’s Brotherhood NPCs

I thought it would be helpful to just give you a quick overview of the NPCs you’ll be interacting regularly with as you play the Wildwood of Bree-land questpack.

Aran Greenwith

Aran Greenwith - LOTRO Woodcutter's Brotherhood - Main Wildwood Story NPC - Trestlebridge
Aran is your primary contact for the Woodcutter’s questline. While I won’t be going into that story, if you’re not yet Kindred, those quests also give more repuation.

Cad Buckhorn

Cad Buckhorn - LOTRO Wildwood Questgiver - Woodcutter's Brotherhood Daily Repeatable Quests
As the League of the Axe has a standalone second mini-story (Minda HeathertoesExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)), so too does the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood. Theirs starts with Into the Wildwood with Cad Buckhorn. He is also a Questgiver for the following daily repeatable quests:

Nessa Larch

Nessa Larch - LOTRO Wildwood NPC Questgiver - Woodcutter's Brotherhood Daily Repeatable Quests
Nessa is also a Questgiver NPC. Once you’ve completed Surveying the Wild Lands, you will gain access to 2 × daily repeatable quests:


Radhril - LOTRO Wildwood Missions Questgiver NPC at Trestlebridge
The only Elf NPC in the Trestlebridge base is Radhril. She oversees the Wildwood Missions, which can be repeated daily. Moreover, she accompanies you on those Missions. As these are factionless quests, they count towards the 10-quest daily.

As with other Missions, these are at your current level, not L45. And you earn Bree-land Wood-marksBree-land Wood-Mark from these Missions.


Woodcutter's Brotherhood Reputation Vendor - for Brotherhood tokens and Tokens of the Wild
As with other quartermasters in LOTRO, this one offers rewards for the region. In Trestlebridge, you can barter both Marks of the WildMarks of the Wild and Woodcutter’s Brotherhood TokensWoodcutter's Brotherhood Token.

Other NPCs

The other standard NPCs around here are:

  • Hobby-Master: there are fishing quests in the Wildwood, so if you have not learned the LOTRO Fishing Hobby, you can do so here.
  • Healer
  • Supplier
  • Provisioner
  • Missions Swift Travel Taxi

Earning Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Reputation

Earning reputation with both factions in the Wildwood is done through a combination of

  • That faction’s questline,
  • Daily 10-Quest Wrapper (presuming you picked up the Brotherhood’s wrapper, not the League’s!)
  • Repeatable daily quests, and
  • Consuming reputation items (please do remember to consume them! Default: Right Click). These give you 1000 Reputation each, before any acceleration tomes.

Reputation Deeds?

Unlike many regions of Middle-Earth most deeds in the Wildwood do not grant reputation. However, each faction does have their own deed, but only one.

The only other reputation deeds are the…reputation increase deeds and this is because they grant bonus reputation tokensWoodcutter's Brotherhood Token upon completing each standing level.

Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Tokens

Consumable Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Tokens Woodcutter's Brotherhood Token. These are worth 1,000 Reputation each when consumed. This is before any bonuses through reputation acceleration tomes, for example. These tokens are awarded for completing faction-specific quests as well as actual reputation for completing them.

If you complete the deed for this faction and complete the number of quests, then you’ll receive a bonus 4×Woodcutter's Brotherhood Token.

Be aware that rewards at the Quartermaster are available for both Tokens of the Wild Marks of the Wild and Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Tokens Woodcutter's Brotherhood Token.

The Woodcutter’s Brotherhood (Deed)

Completing this deed gives you:
Woodcutter's Brotherhood Token × 4
Virtue XP × 2,000
Title the Builder
Reputation +700 with the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood

Daily 10-Quest Wrapper

Requires: Surveying the Wild Lands.

Ingeniously called The Woodcutter’s Brotherhood (Daily), you need to complete 10 × factionless quests in and around the Wildwood.
These can be

  • Bounty Postings
  • Wildwood Missions
  • Items from the Wildwood Bulletin
  • Auto-bestowed quests, which can include enemy strongholds, or named monsters/foes.

Daily Reward

  • Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Reputation: 1,200
  • 4 × Woodcutter's Brotherhood Token (consume for +4,000 Reputation, or save to barter.)

Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Quests

As I said, I’m not going to go into the storylines of the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood. This is a spoiler-free zone! So these are the repeatable quests you can complete for repuation with the Brotherhood. The only exception to this rule is the first quest:

Surveying the Wild Lands

Not Repeatable

I’m including this quest because it grants reputation but writing up the guide does not give any story spoilers away. Completing it also unlocks the daily repeatable quests. The first step is to understand the support the Brotherhood has from key leaders in Trestlebridge.

Learn of the Brotherhood

Nelly Boskins
Nellie Boskins is the leader of the people of Trestlebridge.
Nellie Boskins is the leader of the people of Trestlebridge. You can find her in her home. Nelly Boskins’ House
Coordinates: 17.7S, 53.9W
Guardsman Otley
LOTRO Guardsman Otley
He is really obvious and not at all difficult to find. Kind of a necessity, what with being a guard and all that.
Coordinates: 17.4S, 53.9W
Aggy DigweedLOTRO Aggy Digweed in Trestlebridge near the Trestlespan
Aggy Digweed guards Trestlebridge at the town-end of the Trestlespan.
Coordinates: 17.2S, 53.8W
Giles ChadwickLOTRO Giles Chadwick - Just outside Trestlebrige Gate (from Bree-land)
You can find Giles Chawich just outside Trestlebridge Gate (North) on the road between Bree-land and the North Downs.
Coordinates: 18.3S,53.8W

Scouting Time

As your first task in joining the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood, Aran wants you to get to know the wood by going to scout key locations. He also points out that Orcs and Brigands could use fewer hands for their cause, so can you take out 10 Orcs and/or Brigands. This is so the wood is safe(r) for gathering reconstruction materials.

Okay, just so you know, you don’t need to go looking for brigands and orcs for this quest. Once you have surveyed all five locations below you can clear this requirement. Assuming you do more than get close enough to map it, and then run off, anyway! You may as well start earning the Tokens of the WildMarks of the Wild and do the auto-bestowed quests at each location.

Brigands and/or Orcs

As you scout the locations on the map, defeating Brigands and Orcs is easily ticked off the list. Just as an FYI: the Weary Brigand at (17.2S,55.2W) is marked on your in-game map, but he is an NPC, and cannot be spoken to, or attacked just now. So ignore him as you do Surveying the Wild Lands.


  • Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Reputation: 1,200
  • 2 × Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Tokens Woodcutter's Brotherhood Token

Repeatable Dailies

Once you have completed Surveying the Wild Lands, new daily repeatable quests become available from Cad Buckthorn and Nessa Larch. Also, with each rise in Reputation standing with the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood, a new story quest from Aran Greenwith unlocks.

I won’t be going into the content of that story.

Assisting the Reconstruction

Quest-giver: Nessa Larch

Repairing and rebuilding Trestlebridge is messy work! As someone who is learning woodwork (in the non-gaming world, I mean), it’s so easy to leave wood scraps and planks everywhere. And that’s what Nessa is concerned about. Your job then is to collect Wood Scraps and return them to the lumber pile in the HQ area.

Collect 12 × Wood Scraps from in/around Trestlebridge

Having said they are “scraps”, they’re not really, they’re just perfectly functional piles of planks. And they’re not difficult to spot. Anyway I’ve given you some locations here.

  • 18.1S, 53.8W
  • 17.9S, 53.9W (3 × Wood Scraps)
  • 17.8S, 53.9W (behind a cart being mended by a Dallin Endholder)
  • 17.6S, 54.0W
  • 17.2S, 53.8W (near the Trestlebridge end of the Trestlespan)
  • 17.5S, 54.2W (2 × Wood Scraps) near the coffin-maker (Severin Wheeler)
  • 17.8S, 54.2W (2 × Wood Scraps) near the Reflecting Pool
  • 17.7S, 54.2W (2 × Wood Scraps) at the gate between the Brotherhood’s base and Trestlebridge

Yes, there are more than 12 you can find.

Wood Scraps for Assisting the Reconstruction - Woodcutter's Brotherhood Quest - Wildwood, LOTRO

Deliver to the Lumber Pile

Lumber Pile for quest: Assisting the Reconstruction, LOTRO
Once you have collected 12 piles of wood and popped them in your pocketses, go ahead and pop them on the lumber pile. This is right next to Cad Buckthorn.


  • Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Reputation: 500
  • 4 × Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Tokens Woodcutter's Brotherhood Token

Good Will Towards Trestlebridge

Quest-giver: Nessa Larch

War affects every people-group involved, but the ones that can understand it least are often children. Nessa wants to give a gift of meat to the children of Trestlebridge and spread some joy – as well as food.

Collect the Cured Meat

Give Meat to Children × 8

Here are some example coordinates of children. Aside from one or two that are hiding a little, they’re not difficult to spot. They can give different reactions, from the very serious to the disbelief that meat could be for them.

  • 18.1S, 53.7W
  • 18.1S, 53.6W
  • 18.0S, 53.6W
  • 18.0S, 53.7W
  • 17.9S, 53.7W
  • 17.8S, 53.8W
  • 17.9S, 53.8W

Some of the Children to Help You


  • Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Reputation: 500
  • 4 × Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Tokens Woodcutter's Brotherhood Token

Crate Collecting

What is it with adventurers always being asked to tidy up other people’s messes? Bad planning on the staffing side if you ask me! But as with Good Will Towards Trestlebridge you’re being asked to clean up crates littering the town.

1. Collect Empty Crates × 12

Now, you got away lightly with the Wood Scraps. Crates, on the other hand have some tricksy hiding places. Make sure to check behind buildings, as well as in front.

I’ve left screenshots here of a few sneaky ones. It can be easy to miss some “obvious” ones too, so make sure to explore the town and look from different directions. A couple are in the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood area too.

  • 17.7S, 54.5W
  • 17.6S, 54.3W
  • 17.8S, 54.2W (near the Reflecting Pool)
  • 17.5S, 53.9W (two crates)
  • 17.9S, 53.9W
  • 17.9S, 53.8W (next to the oven in Trestlebridge)
  • 17.9S, 53.7W (in crafting area)
  • 18.0S, 53.6W (in a trailer)

Then they get inventive, so you have to explore:

  • 17.5,53.8 (outside the door round the back)
  • 17.5,54.2 (near the coffin-maker, easy to run past this one.)
  • 17.9,53.6 (Near the Stablemaster, partially hidden by a horse and the pillars)

Just a Few Shots

I find putting floaty names on (default ‘N’ key) really helpful, especially during daytime where the glowy effect is less obvious.

Deliver Empty Crates to the Storehouse

The Storehouse is next to the Trestlebridge Stable-Master with a glowy column (*column gollum*) in front of the door. Walk into the glowy column to automatically “deliver” them. There’s no interaction or clicking required.


  • Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Reputation: 500
  • 4 × Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Tokens Woodcutter's Brotherhood Token

Gathering Sap

This quest sees you searching the area around (but not too close to) Cotfast. You’re looking for trees that have tappers sticking out of them, enabling you to collect sap. They are very small so I suggest putting floaty names on!

Collect Sap from 10 × Tree Tappers

Now, I suspect there are more than 10 to find as with other Wildwood quests. Below are the coordinates of 10 I found today. I have also given a map – but be warned that it is approximate as LOTRO’s map cannot be zoomed in, in-game. Also, Orcs roam the area, so go ahead and whack a few for fun. Whack-an-Orc.

Tapper Coordinates

  1. 19.3S, 57.0W
  2. 19.4S, 56.9W
  3. 19.4S, 57.3W
  4. 19.7S, 56.6W
  5. 20.3S, 57.5W
  6. 20.6S, 57.1W
  7. 20.6S, 56.4W
  8. 20.2S, 56.1W
  9. 20.1S, 56.2W
  10. 19.8S, 56.0W

What Tree Tappers Look Like

Tree Tapper Locations (Approx)


  • Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Reputation: 500
  • 4 × Woodcutter’s Brotherhood Tokens Woodcutter's Brotherhood Token

Reputation Rewards

I don’t want to duplicate what I have on another post, so you can see the list of Brotherhood rewards on my Wildwood Guide.

TL;DR Start Rebuilding Trestlebridge with the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood!

Well, I hope this gave you a good introduction to the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood faction in the LOTRO Wildwood region. There is really no shortage of content in here – and achieving Kindred with them is not a grind. I know this because I hate grinding and it’s never felt like that. As a bonus, as you progress through the Brotherhood’s storyline, parts of Trestlebridge do get repaired! Thanks for being here and have fun in LOTRO!

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