LOTRO Explorer of Bree-land Deed

LOTRO Explorer of Bree-land Deed Guide

The LOTRO Explorer of Bree-land Deed is great for checking out different aspects of this varied region. While most of it focuses on the Barrow-Downs and the Old Forest, you’ll also be venturing to other further away points to check out ruins and uncover items relating to the Dùnedain (or Rangers if you ask any local Bree-folk). Oh, and you’ll have to piece together a journal from a long-dead prince of Cardolan that the wights of the Barrows seemed to have taken a strange interest in!

Here is my overview with a brief description of each part of the Bree-land exploration deed and a link through to my guides (or the Wiki in one case). I hope you find it helpful. Let’s do this!

Explore the Barrow-Downs

LOTRO The Barrow Downs Deed - Explore the Barrows of Bree-land
The Barrow-Downs of Bree should have been a resting place for the dead. But with evil forces at work, what’s left of their bodies now haunts all the land around the Barrows. While you work on the Bree-land Slayer Deed, make sure to tick of these five items from my Barrow-Downs Explorer Deed Guide.

As you’ll see as you read this quick-start guide, various items of the Explorer of Bree-land Deed can be progressed simultaneously. So it pays to be aware of other nearby objectives. The Deeds of Bree-land can take ages to complete, so if you can make time savings, you probably should.

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Explore the Old Forest

LOTRO Old Forest Deed (Exploration) - Map and Guide
The Old Forest, where a tree might sing you to sleep before trapping you inside its trunk, what a lovely day out! Importantly, it is also the home of Tom Bombadil and his wife, the River-Daughter Goldberry. So fear not, Tom is a friend of the Forest and has uncanny power over the Dead. The Old Forest Deed takes you all over the wood. The Southern part is not for the faint of heart, so if you’re going in Solo and on level, make sure you’re as well geared as possible.

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Explore the Ruins of Bree-land

LOTRO - The Ruins of Bree-land Guide and Map
Bree-land’s countryside features many ruins of different sizes and shapes. Depending on what race you have chosen for your LOTRO character, some
Ruins of Bree-land will tick off automatically as you follow the Epic and side quests.

Get ready for a trip from near the Brandy Hills to the far Eastern edge of Midgewater Marsh. Enjoy the journey and exploration!

Note: you cannot start this deed while you are in the introduction in Archet. Once you are out of the intro, then the items near Archet will count towards this part of the Explorer of Bree-land deed.

Find the Lore of the Cardolan Prince

Complete the Bree-land Wight-Slayer Deed throughout the Barrow-Downs. This progresses the Explorer of Bree-land Deed.
I have not created a separate guide for the Lore of the Cardolan Prince. This is simply because all it requires is you to wrest pages of the Prince’s journal from wights and spirits in and around the Barrows. I have no idea why these mindless pawns of the Enemy were carrying them, either!

These drop as loot so you will need to take items from loot to progress this deed. Duplicate pages will drop so you’ll need to destroy these from the loot prompt, as you cannot take the same page twice. I guess Cardolan made multiple copies of his journal!

For the… lore… behind the Lore of the Cardolan Prince, see the Wiki!

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Find the History of the Dúnedain

LOTRO History of the Dúnedain Deed in Bree-land - Guide and Map!
While the History of the Dúnedain Deed has similarities with the Explore the Ruins of Bree-land Deed it is a separate list. However, I created one map for these two deeds as some locations count for both of them.

While the folk called Rangers by the common-folk and mistrusted too, you can unearth aspects of these Men of the West for yourself. Do Aragorn proud and honour his people’s history by completing the LOTRO History of the Dúnedain Deed Guide and Map.

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Find the Flowers of the Old Forest

LOTRO Flowers of the Old Forest Deed - Map and Guide
The last item on the Explorer of Bree-land Deed is finding the Flowers of the Old Forest. Within the North and South of the Old Forest are a few unusually-large, white flowers. These have names (or owners, potentially) due to a story Goldberry tells of the Entwives. You can find the full story in the quest and on my Flowers of the Old Forest Deed Guide.

Due to having to traverse the whole wood, I’d advise completing The Old Forest Deed (an exploration-type deed) and at least progressing Bree-land Woodsman (defeating Huorns/Awakened Trees) part of the Slayer of Bree-land Deed at the same time.

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Deed Rewards

  • Marks × 100 Marks
  • 3 × Rejuvination Potions
  • Virtue XP +2,000 VXP
  • Reputation +900 Reputation (Men of Bree)

TL;DR See the Sights and Become An Explorer of Bree-land!

While questing and killing enemies is a core part of LOTRO, don’t do this at the expense of looking at the World SSG have made for you. There are plenty of “Stop and Stare” moments and Lord of the Rings compliant lore to unearth and learn. So get out there, complete the Explorer of Bree-land Deed and enjoy seeing the sights.

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