LOTRO Old Forest Exploration Deed in Bree-land

LOTRO Old Forest Exploration Deed - Map and GuideThe Old Forest plays a key role in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. It was the choice of Frodo and his friends to leave Buckland via the Old Forest so they would be less likely to be followed by those who would do them harm. But the Old Forest had rumours of being more alive than it should be! So don’t say you weren’t warned! The wood is home to wolves, bears, spiders…and aggressive Trees. So we come to the rather-unimaginatively named The Old Forest Deed in LOTRO – where you have the joy of exploring five key locations. I have provided screenshots of each location and a map to help you find those pesky places.

Explore the Old Forest

This deed forms part of the Explorer of Bree-land ‘parent’ deed. The five locations you need to scout are:

  1. Bald Hill
  2. Weaver’s Den
  3. Tom Bombadil’s House
  4. Goldberry’s Spring
  5. Bonfire Glade

More Info

Bald Hill (31.5S, 59.0W)

As it suggests, Bald Hill doesn’t have very much on top of it. However it does have the best view of the sky anywhere in the Old Forest, so enjoy it while you can! A Hobbit called Doderic Brandybuck can be found here. He is part of the Old Forestry quest-chain.
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Weaver’s Den (31.5S, 59.0W)

The name suggests, The Weaver’s Den is home to many, many Spiders. You may also find the dreaded Lebrennil wandering around here!

Coincidentally this is the location for one of my LOTRO FanFiction chapters, Escape from the Weaver’s Den.
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Tom Bombadil’s House (32.7S, 57.3W)

Bingo Boffin would later describe Tom Bombadail’s house as “A tidy little cottage in the middle of a dangerous wood!”. A pretty accurate description. You will meet Tom Bombadail at his house either with Bingo Boffin or as part of the Bree-land Epic quest-chain. I suggest doing both to get to know Tom as much as he lets you!

This cottage is home to Tom and his wife, Goldberry. She can be found here or at, amazingly, Goldberry’s Spring.
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Goldberry’s Spring (31.1S, 59.4W)

If she is not at Tom Bombadil’s House, Goldberry can be found at her Spring. A rare spot of peace and tranquility, so make the most of it!

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Bonfire Glade (32.8S, 60.7W)

According to Merry in The Fellowship of the Ring (and quoted in full on the Wiki), Bonfire Glade came about as a result of walking trees “planting themselves” in The Hedge (that separates Buckland from the Old Forest). Hobbits chopped them down and burned them here.

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Old Forest Exploration Deed Map

So here you go, here is my map of where all those coordinates resolve to. Hopefully this should help you find your way through the Forest. And back out again. Hopefully!

It is much easier to do them North to South. However I’ve numbered them in the same order as the deed.

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Deed Rewards

  • LOTRO Points: 5
  • Virtue XP: 2000
  • Marks: 30
  • Men of Bree Reputation: 500

Other Deeds You Can Complete Here

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TL;DR Learning About and Exploring the Old Forest

Don’t just tick things off a list. In LOTRO there is much lore to learn and exploring the Old Forest is no different. I hope this wee guide and map make completing this Bree-land Deed easier for you. Do let me know if there’s anything I could improve. Thanks!

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