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Over 20 LOTRO Plugins and Addons for you to enjoy, here's my guide!

One of the aspects of playing The Lord of the Rings Online that make it stand out from other games is its plugin system. Using a limited API via programming language LUA, the community is able to add to gameplay information without affecting how the core game functions. In this blog post I’ll explain how to download and install plugins. So let’s look at some of the amazing and free LOTRO plugins and addons you can use in 2023 to enhance your Middle-Earth experience!

How Do You Install LOTRO Addons?

With the revamp of this plugins post, I decided to move the installation instructions to a separate post. So, please see How to Install Plugins and Update Them if you’re new to personalising LOTRO.

Open Guide in a New Tab/Window →

Where is the LOTRO Plugins Folder?

This may change depending on your system. It’s a subfolder of wherever the default in-game screenshots go to. On my computer it’s here:
c:/users/steamuser/My Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/Plugins (Linux: Steam)


c:/users/(username)/My Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/Plugins (Linux: Lutris)

for example.

Yes, I have two installs of LOTRO, because the Steam version of LOTRO doesn’t allow for two clients and I’ve had issues with trying to run two instances in Lutris. So when I want to do Dualboxing / Duoquesting, I have one of each instead!

How I’ve Organised this Epic Plugins List

After asking a few players about LOTRO addons they would suggest, I realised that doing a simple “top LOTRO plugins” page would not be enough! Instead, what I have tried to do is group them by what they do or what they are used for. Where a plugin has not been updated for a while, but is still functional, I’ve labelled these as well.

My thanks to @Eldalleth for extra pointers and @BeyondShire for being behind some of the plugins listed below.

So, without further ado let’s dig in!

LOTRO Plugins List

I have grouped these according to function. If you head back to the menu above and click/tap a category, you can then hit “← Back” on your browser to return to the category list.

Interface Additions and Changes

Trackers and Checklists

There are so many tasks, deeds and other activities in The Lord of the Rings Online. And that’s a good thing! But sometimes you just need a helping hand to remember it all. Thankfully those in the LOTRO Plugins community have stepped up to the plate!

Inventory and Storage

FYI: The API cannot currently access items inside Carry-alls or Housing/Kin Storage. I believe this is true of Wardrobe too, which is a pity. These plugins are useful regardless, but it's helpful to be aware of this.

Aside from that warning, please be aware that all inventory plugins – or any others that pull character data in – require you log all characters in, to do an initial load of the data. Once you’ve installed a LOTRO plugin like these ones, log all your characters and open their vaults. You’ll also need to open Shared Storage once/server if you have access to that feature. Then the information will be updated automatically.




I have never raided, and am unlikely to ever raid in LOTRO. This despite the times I see people complaining there aren’t enough tanks and my main class is a tank – though with zero group experience! So, this has been popped in here on Eldalleth’s suggestion in the hope it helps those of you that do the scary group stuff thing.


Festivals & Events

Other Tools

I want to end this look at the myriad LOTRO plugins and addons available with just a few “bonus” options for you to explore.

  • Songbook is a tool for you to manage your abc files needed when performing music in-game. There are also tools available, so if you’re an in-game performer, check it out. I’m not, so I’ll leave advice on this to others!
  • Epic Battle Plugin: This gives you information about the different phases during an Epic Battle, including a warning of which variation is just about to kick off. I know when Elda has carried me through Big Battles before both of us have used it and, despite its age, it is still useful.
  • Item Treasury: is a small tool that gives you access to a huge database of all in-game items that are currently in your computer’s version. Try on gear and cosmetics from that window, then look them up to figure out how to get them! Whatever you find useful, really.
    → Note: ensure you update the item database periodically.

TL;DR Go Find the LOTRO Plugins You Will Find Useful!

There are loads of LOTRO plugins and these 20+ are just some of those available! From a simple background for your questlock, to complex multi-character inventory search tools, the community has delivered so much for LOTRO gamers. If you’ve never used plugins before, please see my new How to Install LOTRO Plugins Guide and go have fun! If you find an add-on not listed here and think others should know about it, please do let me know on Twitter or by Facebook page PM. Enjoy Middle-earth, friends!

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