LOTRO Shire Deeds Guide and Overview – Earn 150 LOTRO Points

LOTRO Shire Deeds Guide and OverviewIf you’re looking to get some great LOTRO Points added to your account and a relaxing region in which to earn them, then the LOTRO Shire Deeds are for you! From freeing the Hobbit lands of wolves, to finding key landmarks to saving Holly Hornblower from embarrassment at a bad batch of pies, there’s plenty to do!

I have written some of the Shire Deeds into their own guides, but a few are awaiting write-ups. To use this guide, simply click/tap tap below to reveal easy links to each section, then use the “↑ Menu” link to zip back up here!

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Rewards for Completing the LOTRO Shire Deeds

I have listed each invidual deed reward below – and have totalled together those rewards where they are grouped. I.e. Farms & Sights of the Shire have rewards for both added together.

However when you complete Deeds of the Shire you gain the following additional rewards:

  • Marks: 100
  • Mathom Society Reputation: 1,200
  • Other Rewards: 1 × Bronze-Bound Lootbox, 1 × Solid Steel Key

I have not put in LOTRO Points (LP) earned for reputation changes with the Mathom Society, as the Points earned will totally depend on what reputation you start at when you begin deeding in The Shire.

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The Life of a Bounder – 35 LOTRO Points

LOTRO - The Life of a Bounder Deed - The ShireThe Bounders are a group, traditionally made up of Hobbits, who protect the bounds of The Shire from outside threats, but non-Hobbits can join too!

The Life of a Bounder deed triggers when you complete your first non-Epic quest in The Shire. It has multiple stages but to complete it you must finish 75 Deeds in The Shire.

Don’t fret! Yes that’s a huge number, but these deeds also contribute to that number:

Life of a Bounder Deed Rewards

By completing all stages of this Shire Deed, you will earn:

  • LOTRO Points: 35
  • Mathom Society Reputation: 1,500
  • Virtue XP: 8000
  • Other Rewards: 30 Marks

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Slayer of the Shire Deeds – 90 LOTRO Points

LOTRO Shire Slayer Deed Map - Spiders, Wolves, Brigands, Slugs, Goblins and Harvest FliesThe Slayer of the Shire Deed sees you trekking across The Shire in search of creatures – and some sentient folk – that need their numbers thinning!

Wolves, Harvest Flies, giant Slugs and Spiders are the critters that need slaying! Meanwhile Goblins and Brigands are a threat to Middle Earth you will always be facing.

A Deed Map has been given to help you find the best places to hunt!

Slayer of the Shire Deed Rewards

By slaying all the things, you will earn:

  • LOTRO Points: 90
  • Mathom Society Reputation: 8,100
  • Virtues XP: 14,000
  • Other Rewards:

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Explorer of the Shire Deed – 10 LOTRO Points

LOTRO Explorer of the Shire DeedTake a sight-seeing tour around this beautiful region to complete the next one of our LOTRO Shire Deeds – Explorer of the Shire!

You’ll be checking out the Sights and the Farms of the Shire, from visiting the famous Methel Stage, to a former Pipe-Weed farm now overrun by Brigands, you’ll enjoy this Deed. And there are plenty of opportunities for screenshots too!

Explorer of the Shire Deed Rewards

  • LOTRO Points: 10
  • Mathom Society Reputation: 1900
  • Virtue XP: 6,000
  • Other Rewards: 160 Marks, 3 × Rejuvination Potions

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Shire Brewmaster Deed – 5 LOTRO Points

LOTRO Shire Brew-Master Deed Guide and MapThe annual ale-brewing competition is looming and all the main contenders have issues brewing their individual entries for the competition – problems you can help with! This means once you choose to assist the various Inns, you begin the Shire Brew-Master Deed. Or, as I call it “any excuse for a pub-crawl”!

Shire Brewmaster Deed Rewards

Once you have run errands from all inns, you will receive (as well as a pint from each tavern!):

  • LOTRO Points: 5
  • Mathom Society Reputation: 700
  • Title: Shire Brewmaster
  • Other Rewards: 30 Marks

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Restoring the Quick Post – 5 LOTRO Points

LOTRO Shire - Restoring the Quick Post DeedThe Quick-Post used to be known for its service and, by definition, the speed mail was delivered across The Shire. But lately it has begun to lose its reputation! It falls to you (of course) to set things right and restore the Quick-Post’s former glory!

Pick up mail bags from all over The Shire, and ensure they reach their destinateion before the time runs out. Don’t fall in water (no one like wet envelopes) and avoid those sneaky, Nosey Hobbits!

To complete the deed, you’ll need to run all the mail deliveries then speak with Postmaster Proudfoot in Michel Delving

Restoring the Quick Post Deed Rewards

  • LOTRO Points: 5
  • Mathom Society Reputation: 700
  • Virtue XP: 2,000
  • Title: of the Quick-Post (You’ll need to speak to Postmaster Proudfoot to get this title. The Deed does not automatically grant it to you)
  • Other Rewards: 30 Marks, Postmaster’s Cloak

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No Place for Spoilt Pies – 5 LOTRO Points

LOTRO No Place for Spoilt Pies DeedPoor Holly Hornblower has got herself into a right pickle. Or she would if she made pickle, but she doesn’t, she makes pies. But something has gone horribly wrong with her latest batch. It’s a scramble to save her business’ reputation – by retrieving all her Spoilt Pies from her customers.

But it’s not that simple of course! You cannot simply toss the bad pies into the Brandywine, so they have to be safely returned to Holly Hornblower intact. And you must ensure that Hungry Hobbits don’t get a sniff either – clearly some Hobbits can’t tell a bad pie by its smell!

No Place for Spoilt Pies Deed Rewards

  • LOTRO Points: 5
  • Mathom Society Reputation: 700
  • Virtue XP: 2,000
  • Title: Pie-Runner (You’ll need to speak to Holly Hornblower again to get this title. The Deed does not automatically grant it to you)
  • Other Rewards: 30 Marks, Hornblower’s Pie Recipe (Cook Crafting Recipe)

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TL;DR LOTRO Shire Deeds – Get Stuck In!

The Shire is a great place to quest at any level – and is particularly relaxing if you’re overlevelled. The Deeds of the Shire encourage you to visit all corners of the region, so enjoy the journey. The 150 LOTRO Points are a great reward, as well as additional Virtue increases – but take time to chill out while deeding here!

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