LOTRO Slayer of Cardolan Deed Guide

LOTRO Slayer of Cardolan Deed Guide and Map by FibroJedi

After a break due to writing about Festivals, I am once again picking up my Before the Shadow series. Today we’re going to look at the LOTRO Slayer of Cardolan Deed. The people of Cardolan face threat in their lands, but unlike the rumbles of troubles in Swanfleet, these are more aggressive and sinister. To make matters worse, the Dead are walking. It’s up to you to protect the Free Peoples, slay many foes and show the local that they can fight back.

Let’s get into the deed.

Slayer Deed Targets

You have four groups of enemies to defeat as part of the Slayer of Cardolan Meta-Deed. Here are the sub-deeds:

I have ordered these roughly from East to West, which is the direction of travel when you follow the Epic from Swanfleet and through Cardolan.

Orc-Slayer of Cardolan

Orc-Slayer Rewards

Stage 1

Number Required: 60

  • Reputation +500 (Dúnedain of Cardolan)


Number Required: 120

Half-Orc Slayer of Cardolan

You’ll actually find clusters of Half-Orcs dotted around the region map as you wander it. And, for the Half-Orc Slayer, I’ve started with a cluster. The other two locations should be your focus for clearing this part of the Cardolan Slayer Deed, however.

Half-Orc Slayer Rewards

Stage 1

Number Required: 60

  • Reputation +500 (Dúnedain of Cardolan)


Number Required: 120

Goblin-Slayer of Cardolan

Goblin-Slayer Rewards

Stage 1

Number Required: 60

  • Reputation +500 (Dúnedain of Cardolan)


Number Required: 120

Dead-Slayer of Cardolan

You have three options for clearing the Dead-Slayer of Cardolan Deed: landscape-only, instance-only or a combination of the two. If challenge isn’t your thing (it’s not mine), then landscape is your best option.


Instance: Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave

There are honestly enough landscape mobs to clear this part of the Cardolan Slayer Deed. This is true especially if you travel between them and maybe clear some other deeds along the way.

However, the scalable instance Sarch Vorn: The Black Grave is, as you can tell from the name, all about the Dead. You can run this in a Solo/Duo mode or with Fellowships of different sizes. As well as clearing Dead-Slayer, Sarch Vorn has its own deeds and, being an instance, its own rewards after each boss fight.

Discovery: Where is Sarch Vorn?

The entrance to Sarch Vorn can be found around 37.7S, 52.4W, which is in the southern part of the Old Forest within Cardolan, not Bree-land.

Extra Resources

I’ve only just run Sarch Vorn (Solo/Duo) and I did it way below my level to scope it out. So, if you want more information, you’re better asking others! Here are some starter links:

Dead-Slayer Deed Rewards

These are the rewards for the non-Sarch Vorn Dead-Slayer Deeds.

Stage 1

Number Required: 80

  • Reputation +500 (Dúnedain of Cardolan)


Number Required: 160

Cardolan Slayer Deed Map

And here is the combined result of all of the above mini-maps – a full Slayer-Deed map for this zone!

I’ve provided a key to help you find things quicker. However, I’ve also noted that in the wide open areas you often find individual slayer deed targets. Sometimes, these are in “clusters”. I may add smaller clusters at a later point, but I’m confident you can clear the deed with what’s already mapped.

If you use/re-use this map, I just ask that you keep my logo on as these things take hours to create from scratch. Thanks!

Slayer of Cardolan Deed Rewards

Once you have completed all of the above sub-deeds, you will complete the meta-deed and receive:

  • Reputation +900 (Dúnedain of Cardolan)
  • LOTRO Points 5 × LOTRO Points
  • Virtue XP + 2,000 Virtue XP
  • Title Title: Vanquisher of Cardolan

TL;DR Face Real Challenges in this Slayer-Deed

The folk of Cardolan are having to face foes they never expected. Half-Orcs and Orcs were bad enough. Golins desecrating their tombs annoying and offensive. But the dead rising to oppose them? They were not really prepared for that eventuality. If you’re vaguely on-level, you can join with their hardships and face real challenges in clearing the Cardolan Slayer Deed.

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