Bee's Big Business Walk-through

LOTRO Bees Big Business - Spring Festival Instance for Festivity Tokens

As with some other events, Spring Festival also has a Seasonal Instance. This one is called Bee’s Big Business. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to defend Grimbeorn’s Giant Bees as they pollinate flowers ahead of honey-making. Oh, and at the end, defend some of the flowers themselves.

Expect a crazy amount of goats, including the GOAT of Goats. Let’s goat get to it, then!

What is a Seasonal Instance?

If you’re newish to LOTRO, Seasonal Instances are scalable quests only available during the festival. You start them by using Instance Finder.

You can complete the Solo version, or head in with other players for the fellowship versions.

Lastly, you have the option to run it at the minimum level if you want to. If you only want the Festivity Tokens, then that’s fine. If you want to complete the Lossarnach’s Pesky Critters Deed, however, you’ll need to tweak the starting level.

What are Seasonal Instance Rewards?

Seasonal Instances grant Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens, but sidequests offer additional event tokens. In the case of Spring Festival, these are Spring Leaves Spring Leaves.

Festivity Tokens have their own rewards to barter for, as an encouragement to run the new instance. You can see Spring outfit cosmetics for Festivity Tokens over on my LOTRO Spring Cosmetics page.

Bee’s Big Business

This quick walk-through deals with the Solo, or 1-person, version of the Instance only.

There are three parts to this Instance featuring Grimbeorn. Though two are optional, they grant extra Spring Leaves Spring Leaves. They are worth doing for just a wee bit longer inside the quest.

Follow and Protect the Bees

The giant bees need to do their pollinating work! You are their protector so they can do their precious honey-making job. But there are “so many goats” that threaten the bees and the flowers.

Control Points

Periodically, the Bees will stop and buzz around pollinating flowers. They will then line up near a control point. Your journey only continues once you interact with the Bees and indicate you are ready to continue.

Final Goat Show-Down

Once you reach the end, you have to defend both the bees and some giant Lossarnach flowers from encroaching goats. There are several waves of goats. Fend them off, make sure one of the flowers on the final fight survive and get the bees safely back to Grimbeorn.


As your trek through the countryside continues, you will see a notice about Encounters. These are optional, but contribute to the Lossarnach’s Pesky Critters Deed.

Pro Tip

Don’t actually engage in encounters until your bees are safely at a control point.

Lossarnach’s Pesky Critters Deed

Bee’s Big Business Side Quests

Grimbeorn has two additional quests for you to complete, while you’re running the instance. One you are aiming to complete by default, whereas the other one you should do only when the Bees are safe. Here they are:

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TL;DR Add Variety to Your Spring Festival with Bee’s Big Business

This Seasonal Instance for Spring Festival is actually really fun. Sure the end encounter can be stressful – not the Goat Boss, but the sheer number of under-goats. But the on-screen prompt text makes me smile every time.

Add to this that some Spring rewards are for Festivity tokens only, I highly recommend you add Bee’s Big Business to your event rotations. And, as always, take time to Stop and Stare and enjoy Middle-Earth. See you again soon.

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