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The Dwellers of Old Swanfleet Deed in LOTRO is an exploration deed worthy of the name. Instead of mapping key locations within the region, you need to find specific items which are spread throughout the area. And they really are well distributed too! To make it easier, here’s my guide to this deed. I’ve included maplets for each item and an overall location map at the end. Finally, I’ve given special thanks where other LOTRO players have contributed too. So let’s tackle it together.

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The Dwellers of Old Swanfleet Item Locations

Not wanting to repeat myself, I haven’t used the Discover a… wording found in the deed log. Instead, I’ve kept it simple and just used the item name. Hope this helps!

Note: The screenshots of the items in the world can be enlarged by clicking/tapping on them. The maplets don’t need that (I don’t think), so they’re not interactive in the same way.

2. Curious Pendant

Coordinates: 55.9S, 19.3W

Funnily enough, this Curious Pendant was left as a treasure hunt from one lover to another. And now you’re on a hunt too.

It can be found on a tree near the river South of Caras Gelebren before you cross the water. Also, at least during Bullroarer, the pendant was invisible. Turn floaty names on to see it, especially if it’s daytime.

Also, a huge thank you to @MinstrelbyNightExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) for finding this one for me (and you)! Here’s the tweetExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) that saved a shred of my sanity!

LOTRO Curious Pendant Location

4. Well-used Fishing Rod

Coordinates: 62.5S, 26.2W

The Well-used Fishing Rod is totally the easiest of the items in the Dwellers of Old Swanfleet deed! South of Glyn Helyg at the river’s edge, is a waterwheel.

It’s from here that you’ll find quests that eventually lead you to the village. The Fishing Rod is laid out, nice and obviously, on the wooden planks next to the waterwheel.

LOTRO Well-used Fishing Rod Location Map

5. Cache of Old Notes

Coordinates: 51.8S, 26.0W

On one of the islands of Wadewater stands the ruin of Gwâl Cruban. This location features in The Perils of Swanfleet Deed. The Cache of Old Notes is found in this ruin.

The quickest route here is to go North from Lhan Garan.

Incidentally a Treasure Cache is nearby too. This is for a separate deed, which I have started but I have not located all the caches for it yet!

LOTRO Cache of Old Notes Location

Deed Map

Although I’ve given you maplets under each location above, sometimes it’s useful to have everything in one place. So here’s the overall Dwellers of Old Swanfleet deed map.

The numbers on the map match those next to each of the items above.

Deed Rewards

The Stories Behind the Items

If you take time to look at deed entries, you can find extra writing or storytelling that wasn’t obvious. All the Dwellers of Old Swanfleet items have something new to read – especially the Rusted Knife. You can read all of them on LOTRO-WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

TL;DR The Dwellers of Swanfleet Deed is Worth the Effort

This deed only has seven items on it. Between the LOTRO-Wiki team, @MinstrelByNight and myself we found all of them to help you. But please enjoy the journey and taking in the lore and history of the area. The Dwellers of Old Swanfleet still left their mark on the world, even after all their trials and defeats. If that isn’t a life lessons, I don’t know what is.

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