LOTRO Explorer of Swanfleet Deed

LOTRO Explorer of Swanfleet Deed Guide

With the launch of Before the Shadow, LOTRO introduced two new starter regions. The first of these is Swanfleet, and with the story content come more deeds to complete. The Explorer of Swanfleet Deed really does make you adventure into the furthest corners of the region! Here is a summary of the key components of this deed. So, let’s go exploring!

Explorer of Swanfleet Deeds

Here are my guides to the individual parts of the overall exploration deed. Whether you are seeking people, enemies or places, I’ve included guidance notes, screenshots and maps. These help you to find your way easier, so that you can enjoy the journey more!

Dwellers of Old Swanfleet

LOTRO The Dwellers of Old Swanfleet Deed Map and Guide | Before the Shadow

The Dwellers of Old Swanfleet Deed sees you looking for relics or building features from a time nearly forgotten. Except by Elves who remember everything. Unearth some history and snippets of story with this unusual kind of exploration deed.

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The Many Folk of the Glanduin

LOTRO The Many Folk of the Glanduin Deed Map and Guide - Swanfleet | Before the Shadow

Whenever you think you’re only surrounded by enemies, remember you have friends too. The Many Folk of the Glanduin Deed draws you to places belonging to different peoplegroups: Stoors, Dunlendings, Men and Women, Rangers and Elves. You’ll spot the rare Shire Hobbit here or there too. Enjoy your stay and take part in their stories.

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Perils of Swanfleet

LOTRO The Perils of Swanfleet Deed Map and Guide by FibroJedi

Before the Shadow lays the foundation for the core LOTR story as told by LOTRO. But Swanfleet is also steeped in a rich, and sometimes tragic, history. The Perils of Swanfleet Deed includes many Elven ruins, now inhabited by Uruks, enemy Dunlendings and…turtles. But there are other dangers too. Seek them out and take on the enemy in their self-proclaimed territory.

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Treasure of Swanfleet

LOTRO Treasure of Swanfleet Deed Guide and Map by FibroJedi

Well now, this on took some teamwork between myself and the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)! The Treasure of Swanfleet Deed really does fling you to the farthest reaches of the region. It certainly makes you believe that “Explorer of Swanfleet” is no exaggeration! But a treasure-seeker does not give up, do they? However, it is much more fun with a map, I think. So I’ve made you one – as well as additional screenshots to show where the treasure caches can be found. Enjoy!

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Deed Rewards

Other Swanfleet Deeds

LOTRO Trophy-Hunter of Swanfleet Deed Guide and Map by FibroJedi
LOTRO Slayer of Swanfleet Deed Map and Guide by FibroJedi

TL;DR Take in the Sights and Become the Explorer of Swanfleet!

LOTRO create new stories, group instances, mechanics and gear – yes. But what captured me when I first started playing was the huge world they have designed for us to live in. I have no evidence, but I believe some exploration deeds are made for you and I to actually appreciate that fact. So, as you complete the LOTRO Explorer of Swanfleet Deed, take time to “Stop and Stare”. Finishing deeds is great, but I think we should enjoy the journey – moreso than the destination. However you play, have fun in Middle-Earth.

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