LOTRO Shire Slayer Deed Map

LOTRO Shire Slayer Deed Map - Spiders, Wolves, Brigands, Slugs, Goblins and Harvest FliesFor a starter region, The Shire in LOTRO, is a huge area for a lower level character to explore. There are also a lot of Deeds to be clocked up to earn those precious LOTRO Points and trait points. In this post I’ll be looking at The Shire Slayer Deed and be providing a map you can download to your computer (or portable device) for reference on your next LP Farming Run! As with my Ered Luin Slayer Deed Map, I’ve highlighted areas with higher concentrations of creatures dying to be slain!

General Notes on Slaying All the Things

If you are actually levelling a character and not using a “churn and burn” set-up, then you can hit most of your Shire Slayer Deeds (and in fact most of the Deeds of the Shire) by following the quests given to you in the region. This is especially true if you are chasing the Life of a Bounder (Final). This is because you need 75 completed quests (which as far as I can see is almost all of them!) that take you all over The Shire.

So if you are enjoying the view, rather than frantically chasing LOTRO points, then start with doing all the quests first and then top up any outstanding Slayer Deeds after that.

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Slay Many Slugs

Your key (and, as far as I can see, only) location to slayer many slugs in The Shire, is Rushock Bog in the North West of The Shire. There are a few quests that take you here at various points, so you can either hit them all in one go, or just squash some slugs when you quest in this region.

Bonus Point: there are a few wolves on the edges of the bog which you can use to trigger the Slay Many Wolves deed.

Slay Many Wolves

Wolves litter various parts of The Shire. However there are a couple key locations that make this a wee bit easier.

Slay Many Spiders

You don’t really encounter Spiders until you get into the North and East of the Shire. There are then, again, two locations that are rich in Spiders, just waiting to be slain!

  • Bindbole Wood, North of Overhill, has a decent-sized, webbed area for trapping Spinners in their homes
  • The Quarry – East of Scary – (27.9S, 65.7W): This is the highest concentration of Spiders and is usually full of players slaying them all. If that’s the case, go into the cave in the quarry where there are more to be found.

Slay Many Brigands

Unlike some other regions, Dourhand Dwarves do not classify as Brigands. Instead you have to venture South into Green Hill Country to find human Brigands.

You can find a few at Old Odo’s Leaf Farm (33.8S, 68.0W) – which you’ll also need for the Farms of the Shire Deed. Then you need to cross the river Northwards for the main Brigand Camp. Follow the paths through this to slay many Brigands. There are more than you initially realise here. I’ve seen players turn back early in this area. All people here class as Brigands until you see Half-Orcs.

I usually have to return to this area once or twice more to complete this Deed, simply because other players are questing or deeding here fairly frequently.

Slay Many Goblins

Again if you are actually levelling your character here, then there are a few quests that take you into Goblin Territory. Otherwise, split your attention to get this deed quickly:

  • Golfimbul’s Hole (29.7S, 69.5W)
  • The Scrag-Dells (24.8S, 66.6W)

Slay Many Harvest Flies

By far the most annoying Shire Slayer Deed! For these you will need to revisit a couple of times. Focus your efforts just South of Stock. There are a couple of empty fields that contain Harvest Flies (and a few wolves, if you still need them). However the highest concentration is up the hill around Yale-Height (33.1S, 65.0W)

Shire Slayer Deed Map for Download

Now I’ve explained an approach and how to find the creatures just waiting to be killed, here is your Shire Slayer Deed Map. Press/Click the map below to open it full screen (Unless you’re on a smaller device it will be larger than in your browser). Then right click (or press and hold on touch-screen devices) to download a copy of your Slayer Deed Map. Happy Slaying!

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  1. The highest concentration of harvest flies are around the Yale-Height not the Stock Tower. You have the location marked in the right spot on the map, but you have the wrong location name in your article text.

  2. Excellent map. I have taken over 25 characters through The Shire to completion and you are spot on. You may want to follow up on the slayer deed guide with a guide for the other deeds on the The Shire deed page: Pies, Mail, (and the Farms/Ruins explorer deeds).

    1. I agree on all those points – especially as I’ve never done the Pies or Brew Master one myself. But yes, definitely Mail and Ruins/Explorer, thanks!

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