LOTRO Bree-land Woodsman Deed – Slay Many Huorns in Bree-land

LOTRO Bree-land Woodsman Deeds - aka Slay Many Huorns or Awakened TreesTo anyone who’s been following me on Twitter you’ll know I’ve been playing a lot of The Lord of the Rings Online. Part of LOTRO is the way you can earn healthy LOTRO Points by completing deeds. Deeds also grant Marks, Virtues and increased reputation with the local faction. In this case the faction is the Men of Bree. This blog post will form part of a wider Bree-land deeds project. But for today we’ll look at Bree-land Woodsman – aka ‘Slay Many Huorns’.

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Where The Bree-land Woodsman Deed Fits In

This particular deed is part of the Slayer of Bree-land deed chain. As with many slaying quests, this one does not trigger until you kill your first one (the same is true of Brigands, Orcs etc).

What are Huorns or Awakened Trees?

If you’re new-ish to LOTRO this is a valid question! According to LOTRO-Wiki, Huorns are a tree-like creature. Some say it could be an Ent, others that is just an awakened tree.

It’s this latter definition that makes a difference to your Slayer Deed.

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Where are the Huorns in Bree-land?

Firstly, they are not called by that name in-game. However, if you journey to the Old Forest just East of Buckland (and South of Adso’s Camp), you can discover Awakened Trees. These are your “Huorns” but they have various names.

Huorns in the Old Forest

In the Old Forest, most Awakened Trees are found roughly in the Eastern half of the wood. They also re-spawn really quickly (sometimes they spawn where you are, just to warn you!). In the North-East of the Forest, your trees (such as the Grim Barren-Oaks) do not attack until you begin combat with them. That means they will not appear as red dots on your minimap/radar.

However there seems to be a higher population of these in the South-East of the Old Forest. Unlike their northern allies, these are highly aggressive if your roughtly on-level. So they and their roots do appear on your minimap, radar.

Awakened Trees in the Southern Barrow-Downs

There is also a good number of Huorns in the South of the Southern Barrow-Downs. This you can also access from the Old Forest too, if you don’t want to travel the whole length of the Barrow-Downs.

An example of one is the Dreadful Barrow-Maple:
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Bree-land Woodsman Deed Rewards

To complete this Deed chain, you will need to defeat a total of 60 Awakened Trees.

Completing both stages of this deed grants:

  • Title: Root-hewer (granted after the first 20 Trees are defeated)
  • LOTRO Points: 15
  • Men of Bree Reputation: 1,200
  • Marks: 30
  • Virtue XP: 2,000

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Other Old Forest Deeds

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TL;DR Bree-land Woodsman Deed (Defeat Many Huorns)

Bree-land Woodsman requires that you venture throughout the Old Forest and hack down many awakened trees. And their roots – which are usually worse than dealing with the Tree itself! Go in armed to the teeth and bring some measure of peace to the famous Old Forest!

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  1. Hmm, that’s strange, the hunter skill Passage of Nature should track huorns. Just make sure you’re selecting the right “Passage skill”, since you have three and only this one will work.

    1. I’ll try again on my next Hunter who is chasing this deed. I think the thing is they aren’t marked as Huorns on the Map, which took me ages to work out. They’re called “Awakened Trees” or something of that ilk.

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