Festivity Tokens in LOTRO

Festivity Tokens in LOTRO, What are they, How Do I Get Festivity Tokens? Where Can I Spend Them?

Festivity Tokens in LOTRO are a special kind of barter currency. Unlike other event-specific coinage, Festivity Tokens can be earned during various LOTRO Events and spent in different festivals than where they were earned. Let’s take a closer look.

How Many Festivity Tokens Do I Have?

How Can I Get Festivity Tokens?

When I said earlier that they are a special kind of currency, I meant it. Most in-game events have tokens you earn by completing quests and wrappers during that specific festival. Festivity Tokens on the other hand are earned by completing Seasonal Instances during those events, these are:

Where Do I Spend Festivity Tokens?

Festivity Token Rewards

The items available for Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens vary from event-to-event. However, it’s a similar theme to the main rewards: mounts, outfit cosmetics, cosmetic weapons/held items, consumables, pets and housing decorations. Just note that not all festivals will have the same groups of rewards. I’ve put a sample of the rewards for each relevant festival in the section below.

Spring Festival

Outfit Cosmetics


Further Resources

Anniversary Event

Outfit Cosmetics

Nothing to see here yet. I will aim to have this sorted a couple of hours into the event! Hopefully sooner.

Cosmetic Pets

Held Item

A new held item was added for the 15th birthday: Anniversary Blue Sparkler. This costs 20 × Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens.

LOTRO Anniversary Blue Sparkler Video
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LOTRO Anniversary Blue Sparkler Video

Further Resources

What about Housing Decorations?

I mentioned that earlier and didn’t put it in the sections above. That’s because I don’t showcase decorations on fibrojedi.me.uk. Instead I send you lovely people off to Déco du Milieu’s specialist LOTRO housing website and library.

Search For Festivity Tokens

I’ve done a search hereExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) for “festivity+tokens” as they don’t have a tag/category solely for Festivity Token housing decorations. I think the search results seem to flag up the correct ones.

Per Festival

The other way to check would be to browse the relevant festival landing page and then see which ones are for Festivity Tokens.

Browse Déco du Milieu for LOTRO Housing Decorations

TL;DR – Earn Festivity Tokens in LOTRO for Unique Prizes!

The rewards you exchange Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens for are unique to that currency. So, if you want them, you’ll need to run Seasonal Instances. But you can also “bank” the currency up for a future festival too as they can be spent in any event where Festivity Tokens can also be earned. As many have daily repeatables in them, add the Instance into completing your daily wrapper for some variety. But, above all, make sure you’re enjoying your play time during a LOTRO Festival!

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