LOTRO Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner Guide
Event Overview and Pirate Cosmetic Rewards

LOTRO Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner Event - Guide and Cosmetics

The Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner is by far the shortest LOTRO Event on the Calendar. However, the cosmetics from it are, I believe only available through doing this questline.

Before embarking on it simply for the cosmetics, I feel I should tell you – the aim of this is to enjoy the journey. Most of it involves heading up the Brandywine River, enabling you to enjoy views of Bree-land, The Shire and Evendim. So take your time to enjoy it.

You can complete this in breaks between quests, if you want to – and it’s a good way to just slow down. So here’s my micro guide for you.

When is the Next Event?

Per the LOTRO Events Calendar the next Tale is 15th-18th September 2022.

Where to Start Shipwrecked Mariner?

You can find Argirion (First Mate) and Mindembeth at (31.1S, 62.7W). This is just over the bridge from The Shire into Bree-land. Pick up the quest and then continue.

Unlocking the Barter Vendor

If your character has never completed Tale of a Shipwrecked Mariner then they will not be able to barter. This is true, even if you have the kegs/bottles in your Wallet. Once you have completed the quest, then you can acquire your pirate headwear from Mindambeth.

Event Currency & Quest Items

There are two types of “token” for this event. They are also the quest items you need to finish the Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariners quest, so you may want to stockpile.
Bottle of Ale Bottles of Ale
These are found in Waterlogged Crates.
Keg of Cram Kegs of Cram
Cram found in…kegs. Arr?

Character-Wide Currency

Note: these are server-wide. This means any of your characters on the same server can share the Cram and Ale. Hurrah! Just remember that only characters who have completed the event can buy the goods.

How Many Bottles and Kegs?

Right, so you are not actually told how many until you reach the wreck itself. However, you can pick these up on the way to it as well as on the way back. Bottles and kegs can be collected along the banks of the Brandywine between the stranded Crew in Bree-land and their wrecked ship in Evendim.

The actual quest requires:

If you’re at or under Level 35

The first part of your journey has you either running or swimming along the banks of the Baranduin in Bree-land. However, as you continue North you arrive in Evendim. Be warned that certain aggressive critters may be found near your kegs and bottles and steer clear of them! There are loads to be had, so don’t aggro something if you don’t have to.

Here on my L28-er I did part of the journey swimming, and part of it riding as close to the water as possible!

Where’s the Ship?!

No one really chooses where to get shipwrecked, you know? You can find the grounded wreck well into Evendim at this point on the map:

Shipwrecked Mariner Cosmetics

As a reward for helping out the stranded crew, you get to barter for a range of pirate-themed headwear!

Each item costs: 10 × Keg of Cram Kegs of Cram and 25 × Bottle of Ale Bottles of Ale (the same as you needed to complete the quest).

Looking for Outfit Inspiration?

Then take a look at Laurel’s Den’s selection of Shipwrecked Mariner-themed cosmetic outfits!

TL;DR Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner: Get Your Pirate On!

If you want to look like a pirate while you talk like a pirate, then you need this event! The Tale of a Shipwrecked Mariner will take you likely no more than thirty minutes all said. Enjoy the view and the journey – slot it in around other quests. Arrr, after all that I think I needs me some ale.

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