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One of the most confusing LOTRO Farmers Faire quests for newer players is Fat Mayor. This is The Shire. Food is part of the culture, and possibly the identity, of any Hobbit. And Mayor Will WhitfordExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) leads by example. But he appears to just stand at the end of the table of food in Bywater spouting random words!

As you people seemed to search specifically for this quest, I’ve split it out from my Farmers Faire Guide so that you can see the solutions in one simple place. So let’s get on “helping” the Hobbit Mayor, shall we?

Fat Mayor Requirements

You have to bring 6 things the Mayor asks for and not bring him 3 things he doesn’t want.

Do This Quest With Other Ones

This is time-consuming but yields 5 × Farmers Faire Tokens Farmers Faire Tokens. However, you can do this alongside Bounder Rounds to reduce waiting time!

Fat Mayor Solutions

Please be aware that not all comments made by the Mayor require something fetching. If in doubt, wait for another comment. You don’t get penalised for missing an item, only for fetching a wrong one!

I didn’t use a cheat-sheet when I first wrote this guide, so here are the lines I figured out for you to use!

  • All this eating is hard work, I need to replenish! Water
  • Bland bland bland: Salt
  • Bread is too dry: Butter
  • Did Opal forget to season this? Salt
  • I need to cleanse my palate: Wine
  • It burns, it burns! Milk
  • It’s missing something: Salt
  • Need something tart: Wine
  • Needs a dab of something: Butter
  • Nice and salty, but my mouth is now dry: Bucket of Water
  • Not quite rich enough: Butter
  • S- s- spicy, save me! Milk
  • So Thirsty: Bucket of Water
  • Spicy, spicy, spicy!: Milk
  • Too fine a dish to be eaten without an accompaniment: Wine
  • Too much pepper: Milk

Phrases to Ignore

The following comments by Wil Whitford must be ignored. If you don’t you’ll add one to the 3 items he does not ask for.

  • Adding to this dish would spoil its taste.
  • Crisp flavour, hearty, and a clean aftertaste!
  • First sweet, then salty, then savoury — the flavours compliment each other well!
  • Lovely, lovely.
  • Mmm! Whoever made this is worthy of great admiration.
  • That was a passable meal, I suppose.

More from the Wiki

While the vast majority of this Fat Mayor guide was created from scratch by myself, I plugged some missing items from LOTRO-Wiki. So between us, we can help you complete this quest!

TL;DR What Does Wil Whitford Want in Fat Mayor?

Anything other than what he does not want – obviously! If you hear some of the comments by NPC’s in Bywater, they comment about the Mayor always eating. But then they wonder when slupper supper is!

Fat Mayor is quite a simple quest once you’ve run it a couple of times. If you’re not sure what item to bring, don’t bring anything – wait for the next comment. Hope this helps!

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