LOTRO Midsummer Festival – Quests Outside Minas Tirith

LOTRO Midsummer Quests Outside of Minas Tirith Guide

During the LOTRO Midsummer Festival, there are quests outside Minas Tirith. These are found in the “usual suspects” of the Party Tree, Celondim, Duillond, Bree and Thorin’s Hall. Although you can earn an additional eight Midsummer Tokens, the real benefit of doing these quests is to obtain the kits that you need to make Without a Hitch profitable. So here’s the rundown of the Midsummer Festival quests outside of Minas Tirith.

I have written all eight, and am now adding images.

For the Love of Midsummer

Just an FYI: The quests outside of Minas Tirith do count towards:

The Shire

Midsummer Festival quests in The Shire can be found near The Party Tree.

Flowers That Fester

Quest-Giver: Vinca Pott (Troublesome Tween), 30.1S, 71.3W
This quest grants a Strawberry Bun Baking Kit

Basket of Foul Flowers - Flowers that Fester Midsummer Quest, the ShireVinca Pott is trying to place some disgusting-smelling flowers on certain picnic tables at the Party Tree. But because of alleged “misdeeds”, people are expecting her to cause trouble. However, as a hero of the Free People’s, your reputation is (until now) undamaged. So go play the prank for them!

Keep Your Eye on the Map

As per quests such as the Spoilt Pies questline, you have to avoid the attention of Caltha’s Helper Hobbits.

Pick up the Basket of Foul Flowers and sneak around the Party Tree until you can place them on the tables. Caltha’s Helpers are marked with an “eye” symbol, so keep your “eye” on the minimap/radar as well as the character’s view. Showing “Floaty Names” will be a good idea too. I’ve created a graphic here to show you how to achieve this.

Flowers That Fester Rewards

  • Midsummer Festival Tokens × 1
  • Strawberry Bun Baking Kits × 1 (For the Cook Crafting Quest in Without a Hitch)

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Deceptive Invitations

Quest-Giver: Sneaky Hobbit (29.8S, 71.4W)
This quest grants a Strawberry Bun Baking Kit

Not all Hobbits who would like to go to a party (which, to be honest, is likely all Hobbits!) are welcome. So the Sneaky Hobbit has devised some… “tailored” invitations to make sure that unwelcome ones are… misdirected!

Completing the Quest

Deceptive Invitations MapThis is nice and straightforward. All Troublesome Hobbits are outside, marked on your map and have quest rings. For good measure, they also appear in the minimap/radar.

Some Hobbits wander around near their quest rings, but the map marker is pretty accurate. Simply talk to each Troublesome Hobbit and deliver their “special” invitation.

Deceptive Invitations Rewards

  • Midsummer Festival Tokens × 1
  • Strawberry Bun Baking Kits × 1 (Cook Crafting Quest in Without a Hitch)

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A Midsummer Shine

Quest-Giver: Skóri, Beleagered Barber (Thorin’s Hall Inn, next to the actual Barber NPC)
This quest grants a Drinking Horn Kit

Skóri the Dwarf is overworked but dare not ask a random stranger to cut his customers’ beards! However, as his temporary apprentice you can shine some instead!

Just make sure you tell them that you work for Skóri before you touch the beard. Consent matters, after all.

Where are Unkempt Dwarves?

  1. Most Unkempt Dwarves are in the Inn itself.
  2. 1 × Unkempt Dwarf is just outside the Inn, heading left/west

Update: having re-checked, you can find relevant Dwarves all over Thorin’s Hall!

The Dwarves respawn, as per mechanics of other quests in the Midsummer Festival.

A Midsummer Shine Rewards

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More Precious Than Mithril

Quest-Giver: Slágin, The Forging Hall (North End)
This quest grants a Drinking Horn Kit

Oh this is a lovely quest. Some of the Greybeards, who are advanced in years, want to create gifts for their spouses. But being older, they can’t go and get materials for the crafting. Slágin sends you to Silverdeep Mine to acquire these items.

Completing This Quest

These are the items you need:

2 × Suitable Bones
You can obtain these from “non-evil” creatures in Thorin’s Gate. I found two relevant animals: the Highland Wildcat and the Young Aurochs.
For everything else head into Silverdeep Mine.
2 × Chunks of Silver Ore
Silver ore in Silverdeep Mine? What sorcery is this?
2 × Crude Sapphires
2 × Piles of Sand

More Precious Than Mithril Rewards

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Celondim Docks

Coming Home

Quest-Giver: Gairil (Lantern-Maker)
This quest grants a Wedding Centrepiece Kit
Gairil crafts special lanterns for those who have sailed West, a small light marking their presence in Middle-Earth for just a little longer. However Gairil has run out of wax for the candles.

Where is Limael’s Vineyard?

Wax is acquired from Beehives in Limael’s Vineyard. This can be found North-West of Celondim at 26.7S, 94.9W. Turn left after the bridge and head up the hill.


  • Turning on floaty names should help you see them easier.
  • Turn off frills, or set density to 0.00.

Beehive Locations

The Beehives are in static locations, so here are the coordinates:

  1. 26.5S, 94.3W: on the ground at the base of a tree.
  2. 26.4S, 94.7W: at the stop of the hill, up the path on the right.
  3. 26.2S, 94.6W: hidden just off the right side of the path, in the middle of a cluster of four trees.
  4. 26.6S, 94.6W: also behind four trees
  5. 26.1S, 94.0W: in the North-East of the area indicated on your map.

Set the Lantern on the River

Simply right click on A Spot of Calm Water near Gairil, and watch your lantern flow away.

Coming Home Rewards

  • Midsummer Festival Tokens: 1
  • Wedding Centrepiece Kit :1 Jeweller/Scholar Crafting Quest A Wedding Favour, in Without a Hitch

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Cords of Love

Quest-Giver: Celairel (Midsummer Wedding-Planner), Falathlorn, 24.7S, 93.0W
This quest grants a Wedding Centrepiece Kit

Hope you love questing, because this one has you running around a bit. I actually really like this because it helps you feel how busy the Elves are in their work for weddings.

“Handfasting Cords” (are these some sort of binding for a ceremony to symbolise the unity of the wedded couple?) are needed by Celairel. As her usual supplier has, rather inconveniently, past into the West, it falls to you to collect the box.

Find Thorían

You are looking for a tailor called Thorían in central Duillond. She can be found at 23.9S, 93.0W by the Workbench.

Collect Bolt of Silk

As you look “like you’ve sliced up a thing or two in your time”, Thorían decides you can slice up silk for use in the garments she is crafting. Yes, I’ve sliced a thing or two with various swords, but I suspect that’s not the tool for the job in this case!

The Crate of Silk Bolts is at 23.9S, 92.6W. Grab it and head back to Thorían.

Slice a Thing or Two

Well, five. Use the NPC’s Workbench (not the usual Tailor one) to make 5 × Silk Ribbons.

Perfect Blossoms

You’re still not done!

While my Guardian wouldn’t have minded going to Lothlórien for elanor flowers, ain’t nobody got time for that. Your ribbons need charms and flowers.

Charms can be obtained from Dringlaer near the Forge at 24.0S, 93.0W.
Perfect Blossoms
Perfect Blossoms can be found in the areas around 24.8S, 93.6W and 23.2S, 92.8W. The area just North of Duillond has 9 × Perfect Blossoms alone, so there are plenty.

Construct the Handfasting Cords

Well, you’ve done all this legwork so far, so why not finish the job, eh? Use the NPC’s workbench again. No, not that one, the other one! Go on, get to it!

Once you have done that you can, at last, go back to Celairel.

Cords of Love Rewards

  • Midsummer Festival Tokens × 1
  • Wedding Centrepiece Kit × (Jeweller/Scholar Crafting Quest A Wedding Favour, in Without a Hitch)

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The last place you can find Midsummer quests outside Minas Tirith is in Bree-Town. Don’t go to the Festival Grounds like I did.

All Fired Up

Quest-Giver: Rona Turner (Master Potter), 29.6S, 52.3W
This quest grants a Banner of the Newly-Wed Kit

When your assistant bashes and breaks a whole batch of freshly-made crockery, it’s not a good day at the office for a Master Potter. Oh, by the way, you’re hired, congratulations. People’s wedding days may rest on your ability to keep Rona in business. No pressure.

1. Collect Lace

Maud Tatter (Tailor) can be found in Bree town at (31.0S, 51.0W) on the path.

2. Collect Willow Boughs

The Willow tree is found at Bree-Pond, which you reach by leaving the town at Bree South-Gate.

Simply get under the Willow Branches and right-click them to collect 3 × Willow Boughs.

3. Collect Cut Pine Logs

After the Willow Boughs, head East a little way. 5 × Cut Pine Logs can be found around 32.8S, 49.0W. This is not far from Ost Baranor. You need to collect 6 × Cut Pine Logs.

These are (logically) near trees both sides of the road.

  1. 33.0S, 48.9W
  2. 32.9S, 49.0W
  3. 33.1S, 48.7W
  4. 32.6S, 48.7W
  5. 32.7S, 48.6W

You can find a load more of these just North of Bree town, starting around 28.8S, 53.0W.

4. Collect Fine Clay

Deposits of Fine Clay are found around Everclear Lakes at 26.8S, 54.1W. This is found East of Brigand’s Watch, just West off the road to the Northern Bree-fields.

Collect 6 × Deposit of Fine Clay then head back to Rona in Bree.

All Fire Up Rewards

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Filled to the Brim

Quest-Giver: Barliman Butterbur, The Prancing Pony Inn
This quest grants a Banner of the Newly-Wed Kit

Despite always having “so much to do”, Barliman can always spare half an hour telling you he has so much to do. And other trivia. Like that info I just wrote, for example. Anyway, he’s despairing that the drunkards are dancing on the tables. This is usually fine, but not when it leads to crockery being broken. And on top of that they leave their dirty mugs all over the Prancing Pony. Time to play Bouncer-and-Cleaner.

Coax Drunkards Down × 6

Table-dancing drunkards can be found in all accessible areas in the Prancing Pony. I know you can tick them all off in the main bar area, but have a look around because it’s just funny finding them.

Find 8 × Abandoned Mugs

Again you can find these all over the Inn. The drunkards keep coming back for more and so their used crockery keeps reappearing. You’d think Barliman would realise he needs to hire someone by now, wouldn’t you?

By the way, one inconsiderate drunkard abanadoned his mug outside Gandalf’s room. Coincidence? I think not!

Filled to the Brim Rewards

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TL;DR Relax and Enjoy Midsummer Outside Minas Tirith

There are a few LOTRO Midsummer Festival quests outside Minas Tirith. They take some time and are therefore really relaxing. The bonus is that they grant the crafting kits you need for your profession’s quest in Minas Tirith. So relax, enjoy and take time roaming around Middle-Earth.

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