Wistmead - Where Halloween and Harvest Festival Meet in LOTRO!

Wistmead - where Halloween meets Harvest Festival in LOTRO - Guide to Quests and Wheat Maze

Since the 2018 Fall Festival, SSG created a new quest area called Wistmead. Here, all things spooky can be found, along with a Wheat Maze to navigate! There are a bunch of new daily, repeatable quests for earning more Fall Festival tokens. So let’s jump in and see what’s on offer at Wistmead!

As with my other guides there is a menu below to skip to the particular quests you’re looking for.

How to Get to Wistmead

There is an instant-travel horse near the Party Tree to Wistmead – and the same-looking horse to get back again.

Getting Started

Before you can start earning festival tokens in Wistmead you will need to chat to Walaric Goldworthy, who is outside the entrance to the Wheat Maze. He was envious of the Huanted Burrow trick Bilgo Baggins pulled on Lobelia Sackville-Baggins so clubbed together with other Hobbits to make their own festivities!

You will need to chat to:

  1. Ermentrude Haybank (at the entrance to the Wheat Maze)
  2. Halinard Bunce (near the Barter vendor in Wistmead). He is also the quest-giver for An Eerie Fog and Gourds and Goblins
  3. and Iris Tunnelly (just down the path from Ermentrude)

to get their stories.

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Quests in Wistmead (Outside the Wheat Maze)

There are plenty of quests in Wistmead, and one that takes you back to the Shire to collect spiders. So here’s the run-down of current quests outside the Wheat Maze.

An Eerie Fog

Halinard Bunce has been trying his hand at creating a new ale – Fognoggin. The name gives an unsubtle hint at its effects! He just wants you to try it out (I guess he daren’t sample it himself!). Long story short, the brew gives you spooky hallucinations!

Your task is to counteract its effects, through food, drink and scaring yourself sober!

Emotes to Shake Frognoggin

As players helpfully pointed out in the comments, some emotes have been discovered that count towards your target of six.

  • /pushups
  • /slap: I accidentally slapped the barrel of Frognoggin and it still worked. Oops.

Scare Yourself, Eat and Drink

You can also find 6 Unique Things in Wistmead to clear your head. This means you can’t use two spider-visions, for example. Here are 6 that I found. (Click/tap images to see a larger version).

Vision of a Spider
Various ghostly spiders can be found while under the influence of Fognoggin!
Vision of a (Flying) Corpse of a Bat
The Ghost of the Ghost of Old Took
The grey squirrel from The Great Smials is back to haunt you!
Stomped Shrew (Niiiiice!)
Remember all those shrews you stomped during the Spring Festival? Well now one wants its revenge, or something! This Ghost can be found in the small graveyard in Wistmead.
Steaming Stein
A drink that may, or may not, be coffee. But it should perk you up at least! It can be found on the table near the keg of Fognoggin.
Freshly-baked Pie
Hmm, pie. So long as it’s not made of Stomped Shrews, it should be fine. Hopefully. The Hobbit said it was made of Blackberries! It can be found in the tent just east of the entrance to the Wheat Maze.

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Gourds and Goblins

Halinard Bunce had hidden ‘Goblin Gourds’ around Wistmead. In honour of Bandobras Took, your task is to thwack the Gourds with a giant club. Well, it’s really a very well placed kick!

Where can you find Goblin Gourds in Wistmead? Well anywhere outside the Wheat Maze really.

  • They do not have floaty names so you need to use your eyes.
  • Target the Gourd then use the club in your Quest Tracker to thwack it away!
  • They have a 10 Second respawn time, so you can stand over one spot and thwack the same one over-and-over.

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Wayward Shadows

The Black Cats keep wandering off. So obviously you have to go and find them! Cats appear as rings on your minimap and have floaty names, so finding four of them is pretty straight forward. They don’t seem to wander far from their spawn point so if you want to, just wait for respawn.

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A Waste of Webs

Some creepy webbing has been added, seemingly for effect, around the grounds of Wistmead. But Iris Tunnelly points out that webbing should have spiders. So, of you pop, head to Scary Quarry and acquire some!

Collecting Spiderlings from Scary Quarry
The Quarry also has the creepy music at the Harvest Festival! Also there are loads of Greenfields Spiderlings that usually do not feature here. Thankfully they are easy to see and collect. You’ll need 12 of them.

Note: if you’re under Level 20 or so, the normal Spider mobs are aggressive. But if you haven’t completed the Shire Spider Slayer Deed yet, you could benefit from clearing a few out!

Also @rebelrealcanon pointed out that Greenfields Spiderlings can be collected while mounted. So if you’re over-levelled and the normal Spiders are grey, then you can collect them quicker this way.

Putting the Spiderlings in Webs
Now you have collected 12 Spiderlings you will need to place them in 4 × Curiously Empty Webbings around Wistmead.

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A Frightful Lack of Spirit

A straightforward case of Hobbits not getting into the “Spirit” of things. Double-meaning almost certainly intentional! Be a ‘sales rep’ for the festivities at Wistmead and go scare some folks into ‘enjoying’ being frightened!

You need to find 6 × Spiritless Hobbits. If you want to be lazy these have a 10 second respawn timer. Here are a couple of examples of Hobbits-without-spirit. Disturbing.

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The Wheat Maze – Tanglecorn

Wheat Maze, not Wheat and Maize! There is a timed find-the-exit run, but also a couple of fine-the-thing quests. Along with plenty of ghostly sounds, just to lift your spirit…or something!

Wheat Maze Maps

Thank the LOTRO Community! While Fredalas has created some maps of the Wheat Maze, it seems there is not “one” maze, but five!

Note: you can use the Delete key to select the nearest item (or another key if you’ve remapped them) – for Gourds and Pesky Crows. Although you will have to still get to the item and least you’re not flying completely blind!

Click/tap to enlargen.

And Ask people on your server which Maze Number it is before going in!

Wheat Maze Map 1
Wheat Maze Map 2
Wheat Maze Map 3
Wheat Maze Map 4
Wheat Maze Map 5

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Challenging Wheat

The aim of Challenging Wheat, is to race from start to finish before the timer runs out! The maps (3 out of 5) I have Wheat Maze – Tangle Corn – Map 4 show the routes through the mazes.
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Cheat the Wheat (also incomplete)

Cheat The Wheat allows you to take short-cuts through the wheat to get to the end. Cheat points are in specific locations, according to Fredalas’ Map (of Maze 2). So a few test runs are advised!

Oh and you only have 40 seconds to make the run while cheating!
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Gathering Gourds

Regardless of map layout, Gathering Gourds requires you to collect 10 × Ripe Gourds from Tanglecorn so the Hobbits can decorate Wistmead!

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Preventing a Murder

Crows are never welcome in a crop field, especially those that sound like they’re laughing at you! So you need to find 10 × Pesky Crows and shoo them away. Of course, they’re hidden throughout the maze. Which maze, of course, is a totally different question!

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Maze Master Title Deed

When you complete Challenging Wheat you trigger a deed: The Wistmead Wheat Maze.

Once you have completed the challenge in all five mazes, and have run through and cheated on all five mazes, you are awarded:

  • Title: Maze-Master
  • Fall Festival Tokens: 5

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TL;DR Wistmead and Tanglewood at Harvest Time

There is a minimum of 30 Fall Festival Tokens available per day for completing quests in Wistmead. So get spooked up and head on down, to mix up your Harvest Festival experience!

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