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LOTRO Mithril Coins Steeds - Mounts from Past Festivals for MC

Once a new LOTRO Event kicks off, if a new mount has been added to the festival then it may be that an older mount is no longer available for Festival Tokens. That does not mean they’re unavailable, but you need to use Mithril Coins (MC) to be able to acquire them – or their War-Steed Cosmetics.

During 2021 it was decided to stop adding more to the Mithril Mounts, making them available for normal Festival Tokens instead. But most events have a shedload (or stable-load) of horses, ponies and goats you can only now acquire for Mithril Coin 70MC.

How much does 70MC cost?

I believe all MC mounts are here and, over time, more will have their own “product” pages too. Hopefully it will still help you if you’re wondering whether to use your Mithril Coins to purchase a past Festival horse, elk or goat!

A Simple Guide

Nothing fancy here! Just click/tap the tab for the event you’re interested in. You will then see the past mounts I have currently got screenshots for from various events in the LOTRO Events Schedule.

  • Each of them can be viewed larger by clicking/tapping it. Enjoy!
  • They are listed in Alphabetical Order, not by reverse year. This should make them easier to find.

If you have good screenshots of older event mounts that are not here, please send to
fj (at) fibrojedi (dot) me (dot) uk
I will credit you for any of your shots I end up using. Thanks!

Mithril Coins Steeds / Past Festival Mounts

Past Anniversary Steeds

The LOTRO Anniversary Event is always a biggie each year. Players get rewards based on how long they’ve been playing as well as the usual array of mounts and cosmetic rewards. Here are the past Anniversary Steeds available for Mithril Coins during the Event.

Anniversary Event Guide →

Past Yule Festival Steeds

Celebrate Holiday Season with LOTRO’s Yule Festival! With quests around Winter-home, a Seasonal Instance and finding sweets for children around Middle-Earth, there’s much to enjoy. And LOTRO have always produced fab Yule mounts for this last major festival of the year.

Note: This list will not grow any more. Past steeds from 2019 onwards are available for Yule Festival tokens!

Yule Festival Guide

How to Get Mithril Coins

Mithril Coins (or MC as they’re informally called) is done through the LOTRO Store by converting LOTRO Points LOTRO Points.

For more information on getting hold of Mithril Coins, see the excellent guide on LOTRO Wiki.

How Much Does 70 Mithril Coins Cost?

I’ve estimated a GBP real-money cost of £5.56 below, but you’ll have to spend more than that.

While the number of LOTRO Points in a package changes depending on sales and Mithril Coins can sometimes be on sale, I’ll try to explain this!

  1. Presuming you choose the LOTRO Points 850 for Mithril Coin 100, then 70MC = 595LP, but you’ll have to buy the 100MC package to do it this way.
  2. Assuming you start from a zero balance, you will need 2 × 600 LP packages (with LOTRO Points 150 Bonus). This costs £9.98 and grants you a total of 1,500 Points
  3. £9.98 / 1500 × 850 = £5.66

This will then leave you with 30 × Mithril Coin to spend on other things, or to put towards another Mithril Coins mount.

Finding Other Mounts

I hope this library of old mounts will help you find a perfect one for your character. There are a lot of horses, elks and goats across the whole of LOTRO and earnable throughout Middle-Earth. If you missed out on some LOTRO Mounts, then you can convert LOTRO Points LOTRO Points to Mithril Coin Mithril Coins and get hold of them. Not every character needs the latest steed, some may suit an older one.

More Features Coming

In the future, I also intend to add features to this to make mounts more findable based on different aspects. If you would like to contribute to this tool, or have ideas for its development, please get in touch. Anything you add to it will be credited to you. Take care!

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