Ill Omens – LOTRO Skirmish Event Guide

LOTRO Ill Omens Skirmish Event Guide

What’s the only thing worse than a hoard of Orcs, goblins, spirit beings and rampaging beasts attacking you when trying to defend your allies? A big ugly dead thing getting involved, of course! That’s the premise of LOTRO’s Ill Omens Event. I had initially thought this event was locked to L120+ so hadn’t looked into it. It wasn’t until a kinmate corrected me that I realised I could actually partake. So this guide is for anyone else who is wondering What is Ill Omens and where do I get started?

What Is Ill Omens?

Ill Omens is a special event that involves undertaking Skirmishes in order to take down foes you wouldn’t normally find there. Unlike, say, festivals this doesn’t take a lot of time each day and can be mixed into your normal questing.

But where it is similar to other LOTRO events, is that you earn tokens which you can then barter for rewards.

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When Is the Event On?

The 2020 Ill Omens event runs from 19th February at 10am /servertime until 19th March 3am /servertime. And at 10am /servertime, Spring Festival kicks off!↑ Post Sections

How Do I Get Started?

Unfortunately there is no auto-bestowed quest to help steer you in the right direction[1]*pokes LOTRO* please implement this. However, while Ill Omens is on, your character has an additional “buff”.
Skirmishes Buff tells you where to go, in a manner of speaking!

Need to Be Level 20+

Skirmishes are only available once you reach Level 20. So any of your characters under this level won’t be able to take part. But of course you can level to 20 and then join in!

Visit a Relevant Skirmish Camp

So your first port of call is to visit one of three Skirmish Camps:

  1. South Bree
  2. Ost Galadh in Southern Mirkwood
  3. The Twenty-First Hall in Moria

As far as I know, no other Skirmish Camps have been included this year. For example, the one at Rivendell does not have the relevant quest giver.

Upgrade Your Skirmish Soldier

If it’s been some time since you last did Skirmishes – as it was for me – then make sure you update your Soldier’s abilities. And don’t forget to buff your own skills on the Personal Tab of the training window too!

Find the Ill Omens Quest Giver

Once at one of the camps above seek out Nedda Pineleaf who has the quest for you. You need this quest to get started. And you will need to check in with her every day you want to partake in this skirmish event.

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Skirmish — Ill Omens × 12 Wrapper

Nedda Pineleaf also gives you the 12 Quest Wrapper. If you complete the daily 12 times before the end of event then you get the following rewards:

  • 1,000 Virtue XP
  • Ill OMens Essence Bounty

How Does Ill Omens Work?

Because Skirmishes can be undertaken from anywhere in Middle-Earth, apart from a visit to the questgiver, you can just fit it in around your other adventuring.

The basic premise is this:

  • Each day the quest giver presents a range of Skirmishes to you.
  • You will need to undertake all except one of them.
  • At some point during that skirmish a Harbinger of Death will appear. You must defeat this to “tick” that Skirmish off your list.
  • You do not need to complete the Skirmish unless you want to, or need the Marks/Medallions[2]However, I noted that in all my Skirmishes so far, the Harbinger appears very late on. In some cases this was right before the final boss fight, or even in the boss room. If that’s the case you may as well finish it for Marks, Medals and coin!.
  • Tip: if you are in a Defence skirmish, it is better to complete, or nearly complete the Skirmish before taking on your Harbinger. The Harbinger of Death remains in play even after the final boss fight. So there’s no pressure to take it down when it spawns.

Example Harbingers of Death

Thankfully all Harbingers are clearly labelled. At least the Enemy got that bit right. I also got an on-screen alert to say when it spawned, very similar to how Skirmish Encounters are announced. Here are a few of these delightful Harbingers for your entertainment.

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Earning Tokens of Ill Omens

You earn Tokens of Ill Omens:

  • Each time you take down a Harbinger of Death (2 Tokens)
  • For completing your daily selection of Skirmish targets (2 Tokens)

Skirmish Assault: Beneath the World - Daily rewards two tokens
So on my first day I earned 8 Tokens; 6 for the Skirmishes and 2 for the daily.

Higher Tiers = More Tokens

Thanks to @WotV_LOTRO for this tip about doing the Skirmishes on Tier 3:

Banisher of Ill Omens Deed

You can earn a further 10 Tokens per Character by completing the Banisher of Ill Omens deed. This requires you to defeat 60 Harbingers of Death. You can find this deed in the Skirmishes tab of your Deed Log.

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Do I have to Buy Skirmishes from the LOTRO Store?

I’ve seen this question on and off over the years. Newer players may think that’s necessary, but it generally isn’t. As you level your character more Skirmishes will unlock for free.

However, if you want to partake in a Skirmish you have yet to unlock, you could choose to acquire one from the LOTRO Store. This might be the case as some Skirmishes only unlock after certain quests, for example. Before you do however, please bear in mind some Skirmishes have a minimum level requirement. So don’t waste LOTRO points – do your homework kiddos.

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What Level Do I Need to do the Skirmishes At?

Skirmish Deeds usually only advance if the foes are not grey (“trivial”). This is different to normal slayer deeds in LOTRO. So to make sure your Harbinger of Death counts you need to make sure the mobs are at least green difficulty.

  • This is achieved by taking your current level and deducting eight. So my Level 102 Guardian did her skirmishes at Level 94.
  • This may not be possible if the calculation above results in a number lower than a required minimum level. In which case just undertake the Skirmish at the lowest available level.

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As I’ve only just started the event myself for the first time I don’t yet have screenshots for the rewards. But here’s what’s available at the Barterer (who is the same Hobbit Quest-giver).
Ill Omens Token Rewards Barterer


My huge thanks to @LiaD1979 for providing the screenshots fot these pets!
White Huorn (New for 2020)

Blood-Red Bat (New for 2020)

Tattered Bat (New for 2020)

Sienna Goat (Wiki Info)

Fiery Yellow Beetle (Wiki Info)

Corrupted Craban (Wiki Info)

Outfit Cosmetics

You can barter for a Cloak of Shadows and/or a Hooded Cloak of Shadows.

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Ill Omens Consumable Deed

Thanks to @jewahe for input over the consumables deed!

I just discovered that using the Bat Whirls opens another deed – Consume Consumables: Bat Whirls. Using 100 of this item grants a permanent Event Skill: Bat Whirls,

The item costs 20 ill omens tokens for 5 consumables. It will cost an extra 400 tokens to get enough consumables to complete this deed.

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TL;DR Banish Those Ill Omens for a Brighter Future!

As I said Ill Omens can be done alongside your normal questing. Just make sure you’ve visited the quest-giver to get started. This event made me realise how rusty I was playing Lore-Master (I main a Guardian) so I’ll have to get back into practice! But this Skirmish event has some unique pets available so for the Free Peoples – and your pet collection – banish those Harbingers of Death. Enjoy!

Footnotes   [ + ]

1.*pokes LOTRO* please implement this
2.However, I noted that in all my Skirmishes so far, the Harbinger appears very late on. In some cases this was right before the final boss fight, or even in the boss room. If that’s the case you may as well finish it for Marks, Medals and coin!

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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25th February 2020 4:21 pm

There are 2 additional deeds for Ill Omens: 1) Ill Omens: Skirmish Assault – requires the player to complete the harbinger quest in each of the 19 available skirmishes. All except Survival Barrow Downs must be run on T3 (Survival does not have tiers). The Rewards are an essence bounty and the title Dispeller of Ill Omens. 2) Harbingers of Ill Omens – requires the player to kill each of the 18 harbingers. Unfortunately, it appears that there is no one-to-one correspondence between harbinger and skirmish; the harbinger that spawns in a skirmish is chosen randomly. Rewards are 10 Ill-Omens… Read more »

Stephen T
Stephen T
27th February 2020 10:33 pm

Hello FJ, thank you very much for the guide (in fact ALL your guides), will check back soon as am wondering what to spend my 44 tokens on. Get a move on, will you?? πŸ˜‰

Some of the skirmishes were new to me and I managed to get wiped three times out of 15 by being in the wrong spot at the wrong time (I am a rubbish player mind you!! Squishy hunter, level 98). I think my soldier does it deliberately πŸ™

Had a quick look at your DA page; love the puffin!! Keep going & thanks again πŸ™‚

10th March 2020 11:36 pm

There is a further two slayer deeds. Kill 120 Harbingers and kill one of each. Also a ten token reward.
Sadly many of last year’s bugs are still present. The most annoying to me right now is that my slayer deed is not progressing properly.