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LOTRO Treasure Bugan Event Guide

The LOTRO Treasure Bugan Event is an unusual one compared to the others in the Events Calendar. Instead of a ‘centre’ or ‘base camp’ for earning tokens, this one is based around running scalable (read: group) content. However, thanks to tips from others, I have also included how you can take part Solo. I have attempted to pull together this guide from community sources – which I will credit and link to – to help you out. Now that I have got my head around it, I’m also including my own points. So let’s take a look.

Treasure Bugan Event Info

When is the Event?

LOTRO Treasure Bugan Event
The LOTRO Bugan Event starts on the 20th July 2023 AT 10am /servertime (3pm UK-time) until 3am /servertime (8am UK time) on the 25th July 2023.

Who Can Play?

Characters Level 20+ can take part on instances they have unlocked.

What is this Bugan Event?

Bugan says 'Are you trying to steal my treasure?'
To anyone who has ventured somewhat through Middle-Earth, you will have encountered Bugans – a type of Goblin. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find Bugans stealing treasures from Instances and Dungeons, and relieve them of their burden.

Doing so earns you Coins of the Bugan Coins of the Bugan, which you trade for the Bugan Event rewards.

Who is Theodore Gorse?

Theodore Gorse and Haley Meadowsweet in the Forsaken Inn
Oh, where to begin? You first encounter this poor deluded soul during Bingo Boffin quests in the Lone Lands. He calls himself a “Master Treasure-Seeker”, but ends up being outdone by you or by those he works with. So, the brave soul that he is, he sends you to seek the treasure instead of him.

How the Treasure Bugan Event Works

Per last year’s forum threadExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab):

  • Start a Scaling Instance set to your level
  • If there is a Bugan, catch up to it, defeat it and claim its treasure before it runs away.
  • Turn in your coins to Theodore Gorse (inside the Instance) for rewards.

You can also complete Seeking the Treasure BugansExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) four times for Virtue XP Virtue XP, a Virtue XP Acceleration Tome Virtue Acceleration Tome and some LOTRO crafting supplies.

Which Instances Count?

You can find the full list below. But if you want more information on the instances, then see LOTRO-WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

Read The Full List ↓

  • Barad Guldur
  • Blood of the Black Serpent
  • Dungeons of Dol Guldur
  • Eithel Gwaur
  • Flight to the Lonely Mountain
  • Fornost: Wraith of Earth
  • Fornost: Wraith of Fire
  • Fornost: Wraith of Shadow
  • Fornost: Wraith of Water
  • Gath Daeroval
  • Glimmerdeep
  • Glinghant
  • Gorthad Nûr
  • Great Barrow: Sambrog
  • Great Barrow: Thadúr
  • Great Barrow: The Maze
  • Haudh Valandil
  • Helegrod: Dragon Wing
  • Helegrod: Drake Wing
  • Helegrod: Giant Wing
  • Helegrod: Spider Wing
  • Inn of the Forsaken
  • Iorbar’s Peak
  • Lost Temple
  • Northcotton Farm
  • Ost Dunhoth: Disease Poison
  • Ost Dunhoth: Gortheron
  • Ost Dunhoth: Wound Fear
  • Ost Elendil
  • Sammath Gûl
  • Stoneheight
  • Caverns of Thrumfall
  • Sunken Labyrinth
  • Sword-hall of Dol Guldur
  • Sâri-Surma
  • The Battle for Erebor R2
  • The Bells of Dale
  • The Court of Seregost
  • The Dome of Stars
  • The Dungeons of Naerband
  • The Fires of Smaug
  • The Halls of Night
  • The Harrowing of Morgul
  • The Library at Tham Mírdain
  • The Quays of the Harlond
  • The Ruined City
  • The School at Tham Mírdain
  • The Silent Street
  • Warg-pens of Dol Guldur
  • Webs of the Scuttledells
  • Bar Nirnaeth
  • Ghashan-Kutot
  • The Fallen Kings
  • The Shadowed King
  • Shakalush, the Stair Battle
  • Agoroth, the Narrowdelve
  • Woe of the Willow

Hopefully, that’s enough?!

What’s the Instance Limit?

Per MinstrelByNightExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab), you can start 15 Instances/Hour.

Use the Instance Finder to take part in the LOTRO Bugan Event
Use the Instance Finder to take part in the LOTRO Bugan Event

Chance of a Bugan Appearing

The key phrase here is, there is the chance a Bugan will appear. Though per the Update 33.1 Release Notes, the chance has been increased to 75%.

That means, there may not be one. Just bear in mind that you can only start so many instances. So exiting an instance part way through (when you have defeated a Bugan or concluded there isn’t one) to start another one – if you do this repeatedly, you’ll hit an instance lock.

Cooldown Between Bugans

Per World Chat, there is an invisible 5 minute cooldown between valid Bugans. I checked this by accident by defeating two in under 5 minutes, with only the first one counting.

The Quests

The Treasure Bugan

If I saw this correctly, this daily quest is auto-bestowed upon discovering a Bugan in an instance. It is completed once you defeat the Bugan – or failed if they disappear before you can defeat it.


  • Coins of the Bugan × 2

Seeking the Treasure Bugans

Requirement: defeat 3 × Treasure Bugans

This daily quest pops after you defeat your first Bugan.


Thwarting the Treasure Bugans

Thwarting the Treasure Bugans Quest
Requirement: complete Seeking the Treasure Bugans × 4.
This is a once-per-event quest.


Theodore Gorse’s Lucky Feather?

This item can be purchased from Theodore Gorse (reminder: inside a qualifying instance) for 10 × Mithril Coin. This used to be available for Coins of the Bugan, but since 2022, it is not – which is why I have not included it under “rewards”. What does it do? you may ask:

  • Now guarantees that a Treasure Bugan will spawn when used in a qualifying instance.
  • Still lasts 90 minutes, but expires in real-time.

(Update 33.1 Release Notes)

Whether this consumable is worth Mithril Coin × 10, is up to you. Especially with that “expires in real time”. If you do purchase one, do not use it unless you can commit to 1½ hours straight playing the event. And 75% chance without it is still pretty darn good.

Treasure Bugan Event for Solo Players

Solo players, like me. Firstly a huge thank you to people both on Twitter and in World Chat for answering my newbie questions. It’s the community being fab that makes these guides so good to create – because I do not know everything. Together we know enough. So, combining the Wiki and what I picked up in World Chat. Some of instances you can start, get the Bugan and get out are below. You don’t need a complete list, just enough to rotate them.

DPS vs Tank

I had a much easier time defeating the Bugans as a DPS, even compared to a Yellow Guardian. If you are a tank, consider using food and consumable buffs. I found it helpful to keep DoTs active too.

UPDATE: I changed Glinmaethor to Red Line and equipped her with a 2-Handed (Great) Sword. Apart from keeping up with the Bugan’s erratic movements, it was much easier to take it down that way.

Glinmaethor with a 2-handed sword. Found it easier on Red Line vs Yellow Line.

Soloable Bugan Instances

To clarify – I am not saying the Instances are Soloable! On-level, they are absolutely for groups. What I mean is, reaching and defeating the Bugan is, in theory, soloable.

Sword Halls of Dol Guldur

Other Instances

From what others have said and what the Wiki’s notes give us, the following may also be possible to Solo:

Woe of the Willow
LOTRO Woe of the Willow - Solo
Suggested by @MVPtheBrave.

You can solo the whole instance and you do have to fight. But if you want to enjoy content rather than just amass coins quickly, then go for it. Join Marigold Boffin in the Old Forest against Wood Trolls and an unusually angered Old Man Willow.

Per the Wiki, if your Treasure Bugan is going to spawn in Woe of the WillowExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab), it will be in the river en route to the second boss. It didn’t appear on my run.

Dungeons of Dol Guldur
I tried this last year, but if a Gorthorog finds you, you’re sent back to the start. This makes failure to defeat the Bugan in time almost inevitable). Due to this causing me genuine stress, I’ll just quote the Wiki.

In the northwest corridor corner of the eastern wing.

Bugan Event Rewards

Per the Announcement there are no new rewards for 2023. The update instead focuses on game performance, which, to be honest, is more important.

There are some unique rewards for the Treasure Bugan Event, with the larger part being dedicated to cosmetic pets. Let’s take a look. Also note that “Theodore Gorse’s Lucky Feather” is spoken about above, as it cannot be classified as a reward as such.

Where is Theodore Gorse?

Theodore Gorse is inside qualifying instances as soon as you enter an instance. He can also be found:

  • Outside the Bree Town Hall (31.2S, 51.5W)
  • Rivendell, Elrond’s Stables (29.2S, 6.7W)
  • Moria, the Twenty-First Hall (5.7S, 105.3W)

I saw this question in World Chat a lot today – usually asking “Where is the Bugan Event vendor?” or wording like that. So I thought I’d just include it for completeness.

Cosmetic Pets

As I’m only just playing the Treasure Bugan Event for the first time in 2022, these screenshots are c/o LOTRO-Wiki. I’ll replace them with my own eventually. Thank you to the Wiki team for their hard work and saying I could use their imagery here.

Outfit Cosmetics

Housing Decorations

You can find all the available decorations from the LOTRO Treasure Bugan Event over at Déco du Milieu.
Have a Look →

TL;DR Get In, Bash a Treasure Bugan, Get Out

That’s the LOTRO Treasure Bugan Event in a nutshell! Of course, if you are someone who does group content in The Lord of the Rings Online, then you’ll be after the rewards from the instances as well. Play however you find the most fun. If you want the pets on offer here, then you’ll have to get the Coins of the Bugan Coins of the Bugan. And remember, LOTRO have begun making their own guides this year, so you can see theirs hereExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). Have fun!

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