Spring War-Steed Cosmetics
This Spring Festival, Dress for Battle! Stylishly!

LOTRO Spring War-Steed Cosmetics | Spring Festival War Horse OutfitsWelcome to my Spring War-Steed Cosmetics library! There’s only one addiction worse than character outfits for me – and that’s war-horse outfits. I’m not a decorations nut, but I do love to dress up my steeds as well as possible. I role-play too; so if we’re actually going to a war, it’s plate armour, if I’m visiting the Elves, it is an elven appearance. So let your fighting mount join with you this season as we look the range of mount outfits available during Spring Festival.

Buying War-Steed Cosmetics

Many of the Spring items are now Mithril Coin Mithril Coins only, so you may have to convert some LOTRO Points LOTRO Points to acquire them.

How Much are They?

If you cannot get the item for Spring Leaves Spring Leaves, each War-Steed item costs 70×Mithril Coin Mithril Coins.

Why are there none for <Insert Year Here>?

Any year there was an Elk or Goat in the Spring Festival Mounts rewards, there were no matching War-Steed Cosmetics. Which is a real shame, because I’d’ve loved the barding from the Travelling Goat of the Mountain Meadow!

A Note on Colours

All the items listed here are in their original colours. I have sometimes switched the colour of the horse’s body to try to highlight the item better, however. Both white and black are from the LOTRO Store only. Most outfit dyes are too, though you’re given a small selection initially.

Spring War-Steed Cosmetics Sets

A few options have more than one sharing the same theme name. I have grouped these togther here, as well as showing the occasional item from more than one angle. These are ordered alphabetically by set name. To browse by outfit slot instead, see the tab.

Forest Spring

Lasgalen Spring

Moon Moth

Spring Lissuin

I made a mistake when I retook the Spring Lissuin Caparison. I will fix these by the end of the 11th March (UK Time).

Important: while you can get this set using Mithril Coin Mithril Coins, you can also get it from the quest LOTROA Fistful of Flowers.


Spring War-Steed Cosmetics by Gear Slot

Although not all sets cover all items, it can be helpful sometimes to see all of one slot together when designing your battle horse.


I need to re-take the Lissuin caparison, which I’ll do on Saturday, probably.


I have taken some shots from an alternative angle on some saddles. You can see these on the “” tab.



Buy Upgrades and Customisations

In the LOTRO Store, there are dye packs for your war-steed cosmetics and colour packs for your horse’s body and mane colour. To see what’s available, check out this item list on the Wiki.

TL;DR Outfit Your Mount with Spring War-Steed Cosmetics

Even if you just convert enough LOTRO Points to Mithril Coins to buy one piece, the Spring War-Steed Cosmetics are worth looking at. They’re fresh, most dye well and just brighten up your battle mount. I hope this helps you for the next time you play dress-up with your war-horse! Enjoy Spring Festival in Middle-Earth, folks!
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