LOTRO Anniversary Celebration Rewards
Cosmetics, Mounts, Held Items & More!


With the 2022 Anniversary Celebration rewards inbound, I decided to split the guide into two parts. This is because there is so much going on, that one guide was becoming tricky to manage, especially on launch day. So while my main LOTRO Anniversary Event Guide covers overall fesival information and the quests, I have made this part specifically for the rewards! After all, that and the community are what draws us to LOTRO Events, no? So let’s take a look at some of the LOTRO Anniversary Celebration Rewards you can earn!

Where are the Anniversary Barter Vendors?

You can find three barter vendors in Bree (near the Boar Fountain), in Thorin’s Hall Inn (arena) and in Michel Delving. You’re looking for “Games Masters”.

Token Types at This Event

As of 2022, there will be three types of currency available to earn:

You can earn Festivity Tokens during the festival by running the Seasonal Instance A Flurry of Fireworks.

LOTRO Anniversary Celebration Rewards

Anniversary Mounts / Steeds

These are the mounts you can acquire for Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens.

Others Mounts

If you’re looking for more choice and have Mithril Coins Mithril Coin to spare, then browse my full LOTRO Anniversary Mounts library.

Current Year’s Cosmetic Outfits

This year the theme is Crystal Resolve. This set of heavy plate armour comes complete with an unhooded cloak, gold trim and steel blue here and there. And it's so shiny, precious!

Helm of Crystal Resolve

LOTRO Helm of Crystal Resolve - 15th Anniversary Head Cosmetic10 × Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens

More Info →

Full Set

60 × Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens

Last Year’s Cosmetics

The theme for 2021 was Remembrance and this plate armour is stunning. You can pick up each item of the cosmetic outfit for 10 Tokens a piece. There is a hooded version of the cloak, but I almost never acquire those!

Full Set

40 × Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens

Older Cosmetics Outfit Rewards

I have finally compiled the older Anniversary Token cosmetics and added them to my LOTRO Events Cosmetics Library. To view the Anniversary Cosmetics only, click/tap the button below.

There are cosmetics available from Anniversary TokensAnniversary Tokens vendor and also the Steel TokensSteel Tokens vendor.

Open Anniversary Cosmetics

What are Gift Boxes?

Gift boxes of cosmetics are special items that are not bound. This enables you to gift an item of cosmetics to another player (or to another account of your own). The recipient then can choose out of the items available to them, which one they want. Their selection becomes Bound to Account as all event cosmetics have been for a number of years.

Carrying Torches

How to Drop a Carrying Torch

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I don’t collect kites in LOTRO (personal preference) – as I don’t think I’d use them much. Animal pets however, is a TOTALLY different thing! However, see below for screenshots of Kites.

Pets are not character-bound so you can obtain on one character and pass over to another if you want.

Festivity Token Pets

You can acquire the following pet using Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens:

Eagle Firework

New last year was the reusable Eagle Firework, which you can barter 40 Anniversary Tokens for. Here’s the video!

LOTRO Eagle Firework Consumable Anniversary Event
Play this video
LOTRO Eagle Firework Consumable Anniversary Event

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You can obtain two Fiddles at the Anniversary celebrations the Bardic Fiddle and Traveller’s Trusty Fiddle (a plucked Fiddle). Liliopal Magpie a while ago pointed out that both Fiddles are suitable for bands/groups, saying that the Traveller’s Trusty Fiddle is

…suitable for accent parts that may originally have been for a ukulele or mandolin.

Thank you for that helful info, Liliopal!

Bardic Fiddle

LOTRO Bardic Fiddle - Anniversary Musical Instrument and Cosmetic Weapon7 × Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens

More Info →

Homestead Decorations

As per usual, I do not feature homestead decoration available at the LOTRO Anniversary Event. Instead, I point you to Déco du Milieu‘s excellent website, where they specialise in decos!

View Anniversary Decos

Anniversary decorations can be viewed on Déco du Milieu's website

TL;DR No shortage of LOTRO Anniversary Celebration Rewards!

The annual LOTRO Anniversary Celebration has a lot going on! And with having been around for a massive fifteen years, there are tons of rewards you can earn too. Whether you want to do the event quests for Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens, or just collect Steel TokensSteel Tokens from battles, you can play how you want and still come away with prizes. Enjoy!


  1. If you have 150 tokens, you can clear the deed in an hour if you want to do it that way!

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