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LOTRO Durin's Day Event Guide

If ever an occasion was purely about the experience and not the reward, then the LOTRO Durin’s Day event ranks highly indeed. While this one takes place in a L115 Zone, you can – maybe with a bit of help from another player, come and experience it for yourself. This post will be super-short, and mostly filled with wonderful LOTRO world building artwork, so enjoy!

What Is It? When Is It?

Durin’s Day is a key event in Tolkien’s work, The Hobbit. Firstly, it is an annual celebration for Dwarves. It took place on the day marked as the one which passes from Autumn into Winter.

The Fandom WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) references it being the “last moon of Autumn and the first sun of Winter.”

But secondly, it is when Thorin Oakenshield’s company passed into Erebor. It was the “last light” of the day which illuminated the key-hole that opened the way.

When is the Next/Current Durin’s Day?

The current Durin’s Day event runs from the 17th October to the 23rd October 2023.

How to Get There

The “start point” is actually called the “Old Side Door”, which does have a flag on LOTRO’s map once you have discovered it. It is nestled in the hills around Erebor.

Get to Eryn Lasgalen

Technically, you need to get to Erebor. But I actually found reaching the hidden door easier from Dale. But, having made the route map from Erebor, I wonder how that was the case!

If you are well under L115, then click/tap here for safer options.

Reaching the Pass

Go North-West from Dale, or West from Erebor.

Once you are around 29.4N, 28.5W you’ll find the entrance to the pass.

Actual Event Location

Once you’ve nearly reached the end of the passage, you will receive an auto-bestowed quest. This is called Quest (Normal) Durin’s Day Upon Erebor.

Your next point of interest is this Dwarf statue and “seemingly-blank” plaque.

One of those maps was made possible by one of the LOTRO Plugins called TerrainMapExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

I’m only Level (…), How Can I Do Durin’s Day?

If you have additional ways, or corrections, I’m open to fixing it up so it’s as good as possible for the LOTRO community.

I see this in chat, and it’s because I didn’t follow my own advice I give here, that I’ve only just run this event for the first time.

On Foot (Kinda)

Although there are Stablemaster Routes, they may cost Mithril Coin Mithril Coins. There is a quicker – and cheaper – way.

Mission RecruitersExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab), near normal stables, have swift-travel to the HQs of their related factions. Both Erebor and Gabil’akka Missions take you to…shockingly, Erebor.

You can then leg it, or hoof it, to the Old Side Door.

If you're still uncertain, ask in World Chat. You can be summoned to the area, or someone may offer to escort you. Be nice about asking and it's a viable option!

Stablemaster Route

Route 1

  • Bree-land: South Bree (31.9S, 50.4W)
  • Ered Mithrin: Skarhald (34.7N, 45.4W)
  • Eryn Lasgalen: Erebor (29.1N, 25.7W)

Route 1

  • Bree-land: South Bree (31.9S, 50.4W)
  • Eryn Lasgalen: Dale (24.0N, 26.1W)

Join a Kinship

On my Facebook postExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab), someone pointed out that joining a Kinship is a great way to enjoy the event at any level.

A Kin can organise a group to go, or at least find someone to help you. Different kins have different entrance and/or activity requirements, so check a few out before deciding which is a good fit for you.

'Or join a kinship and ask higher-level kin-mates to escort you there. One of my kinnies did that last year, and we're organising another expedition later this week so anyone who wants to can go, even at lower levels.'
R. M. on Facebook

Will I Get Attacked?

While I was attacked by a L115 wolf, that was because I didn’t look where I was going. I believe it is possible to get to the gate without drawing any enemies to you. Just be patient and give red dots on your mini map a very wide berth.

What Happens at Durin’s Day?

To avoid spoilers: click/tap here to jump to Deed & Rewards.

The area at the end of the passage is in “suspended animation”. No matter what the in-game time is, you arrive at the “last light of Durin’s Day”.

When a player uses the plaque, a beam of sunlight streaks across the valley towards the plaque.

While the beams are there, Dwarven lettering appears. LOTRO-WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) has the translation.

Note: if you miss the lettering, and there are other players around, then this will occur for others too. This gave me opportunities for other screenshots, plus it was a shared experience, which was lovely.

Deed & Rewards

If this is the first time you do this mini-event, then you’ll receive the following on completion:

  • Title Title: Observer of Durin’s Day
  • LOTRO Points LOTRO Points × 5
  • Legendary Item XP Legendary Item XP

Other Titles

@ZennieCat told meExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) there are, in fact, three titles. The other two are:

You unlock the second and third by enjoying Durin’s Day on a second and third year.

TL;DR – Durin’s Day, the one time seeing the Last of the Light is a good thing!

Decorative bar of the 'last light'.

I am so glad I finally decided to experience Durin’s Day. With being distracted by both Fall Festival and the Combe Forester Event, I very nearly didn’t.

Whether you get there alone or with help, do go an experience this key moment from The Hobbit. And enjoy the last light of Durin’s Day.

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