Farmers Faire War-Steed Cosmetics

LOTRO Farmers Faire War-Steed Cosmetics - Preview all Faire War-steed Appearances before you buy.

While Farmers Faire War-Steed cosmetics may not be as numerous as those available for playable characters, LOTRO have included many options over the years. And, just because a festival is about food and fishing doesn’t mean we cannot dress our horses and ponies in nice outfits too! Sure, riding your trusty war-steed into battle wearing nothing more than a tablecloth may not invoke the pride of your allies, life is more than war. That’s true, even in war-time.

So, let’s have a look and see which cosmetics are available for you and your four-hoofed friend!

Where Do I Get Them From?

  • Caltha Tunnelly: Newest Mounts and War-Steed Cosmetics, and past Farmers Faire rewards.
  • Dill Goodchild: Past (Former) Summer Festival rewards.

When are they Available?

As the name suggests, these are only available during the LOTRO Farmers Faire event.

Farmers Faire War-Steed Sets

Here are those mounted combat appearances that can be obtained individually, or as part of a set. While some can be obtained for Farmers Faire Tokens, older ones may be for Mithril Coin Mithril Coins only.

If that’s the case, then the price is: 70×Mithril Coin per item. Newer sets, if you wish to purchase with Mithril, may be 70×Mithril Coin for the set. Read the tooltips before you buy!

A Preview of Older Cosmetics…kinda

Below I’ve given you a preview of all war-steed cosmetics, but if you want to see how the original whole horse looked then my Mithril Coins Mounts page may help.

Special thanks to @EldallethExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) for supplying some of initial screenshots to get this page up and running!

Blazing Firmament

This was new to the 2023 Farmers Faire and matches the Steed of the Blazing Firmament.

It features wheat sheaves, tassles and a delicate flower motif around the saddle and at the top of the tail.

Simple Tail, Decorated Naturally

The tail is definitely my favourite bit. It respects the colour set in the mane but is, otherwise, a natural tail. That is both in the literal sense, but also matching Simple TailExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)

Let your war-steed’s tail flow free and wild, the way it was meant to be.

It is natural and the flowers only enhance that, I reckon.

Dying this Cosmetic Appearance

You can only dye the seams and a few other bits of the Blazing Firmament outfit – and the same applies to your War-horse’s outfit too.

That said, you can utilise your steed’s hide texture and colours. And, of course, you can design your mount’s own outfits from any pieces you’ve unlocked. So, go for it!

Full Set (Undyed)
Full Set (Turquoise)

Green Grocer

Am I allowed to say I wasn’t a fan of this mount when it first came out? Well, I’ve said it. And it’s still true. But clothes, whether for you, your pet or your steed are a personal choice. For that reason, I’m glad I can put together libraries of war-steed cosmetics like this one, so you can “preview” them before buying.

It has its appeal and quirks, and probably my favourite bit is the accessory. Adding a vegetable basket and some also hanging off your horse could work for some role-playing scenarios or for riding around The Shire.

A Note on the Saddle

The Green Grocer Saddle shares and almost-identical appearance with the Saddle from the Entwining Blossoms War-Steed.

So, if you’re buying the items individually, you really don’t need both of these saddles.

Perfect Picnic

As the name suggests, the appearance and accessories are geared towards a vital quest: having lunch in the countryside!

It matches the Perfect Picnic Steed, which means the war-steed appearance is also minimalist. This is a good thing, not a criticism!

Thanks to @EldallethExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) for providing shots of both sides of the picnic supplies.

Shimmering Breeze

If you’re browsing this page before you’ve seen the Shimmering Breeze Tunic or the Shimmering Breeze Dress you may wonder whether the “shimmer” is!

For the war-steed appearance, there isn’t one. For your character’s cosmetics, there is some light, reflective plate metal on the torso segment. That is what gives the set its gleam.

Other Notes

The caparison dyes pretty well (hopefully I’ll remember to add a picture or two of this). The rest is kind of rustic, but I like that about this set. Well, I like that generally with both clothing and war-steed outfits.

The standard mount is the Steed of the Shimmering Breeze.

Summer’s Night

If I remember right, the year that the Steed of Summer’s Night came out, lanterns were a “thing”. This was true for war-steeds and player cosmetics too.

And although it was a “thing”, I like the concept – so long as your horse or pony is wearing a Caparison anyway. The Firefly Lantern had the fun quirk that you couldn’t see the Fireflies until night time. I think the same is true of the Lamp of Summer’s Night.

I forgot to check whether that was correct during the photoshoot. I’ll leave myself a note to remind me!

Note: the caparison does dye, but it does so from the gradiant where blue becomes white. So, when you choose your dye colour, remember that you’ll have one part that is a combination of your colour mixed with blue.


There are various accessories in the Farmers Faire War-Steed Cosmetics that depict you carrying some product or other to market. Or possibly, buying a trader’s complete stock!

The Sunflower Steed, shockingly, has a basket of… sunflowers!

But you don’t have to have the full basket to get the sunflower theme. You can see a small motif on the saddle, which is clear – but tasteful. And on the caparison, the sewn-in flowers are the only actual feature on the textured, blue material.


Not all new steeds have tail decorations or different styles. The Sunflower Tail is pretty unique compared to others I’ve seen. If you want some variety in your war-horse’s tail, then grab this. The style, I mean – don’t grab a horse’s tail!

Items Not in Sets

Not all Farmers Faire War-steed Cosmetics are part of a full set. Nor do they need to be. Customising your war-horse is great, but taking it into battle is totally different to a free-flying run through the countryside.

So, here are some items you can use alongside others – or not! These are all Caparisons, so I used a shortened form of the name to avoid boring you – and me – with repetition.


Price: 70 × Mithril Coin Mithril Coins

The Farmer’s Favoured

Price: 70 × Mithril Coin Mithril Coins

The Midsummer

Price: 70 × Mithril Coin Mithril Coins

This has no relation to the Midsummer Festival.


Price: 70 × Mithril Coin Mithril Coins


Price: 70 × Mithril Coin Mithril Coins

Summer Sea

Price: 70 × Mithril Coin Mithril Coins

Wedmath Celebration

Price: 70 × Mithril Coin Mithril Coins

The Yield

Price: 70 × Mithril Coin Mithril Coins

TL;DR Have Chill time with your mount and Farmers Faire War-Steed Cosmetics

Sometimes I see LOTRO Events from the perspective of my characters. The adventuring life isn’t easy – and at different points in the story it can be really stressful and life endangering to them. So a break from that to go fishing and eating is needed as much as a holiday – or at least downtime from work – is for us in the real world.

Working animals deserve care and attention too. So, dress up your stallion or mare with war-steed cosmetics from the Farmers Faire! Well, that was accidental rhyming! Make sure you in the real world also relax. Yes there is Legendary Item XP LI XP to get, Virtue XP Virtue XP to achieve and more – but it’s not meant to be work. If you aren’t “playing” in a festival, when are you actually “playing” in the game? Have fun in Middle-Earth!

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