A Final Act – LOTRO Yule Festival Quest-Line

A Final Act: Assist the Rich or Support the Poor?Once you have completed the deed The More the Merrier a new Quest-line offers itself to you. This is available from almost all Quest-Givers in Winter-Home, but they send you to speak to Mara Sandydowns. This mini-story is called A Final Act. Once you accept the Quest you cannot pick up any other Yule Festival Quests until it is completed. Current quests in your log can be completed as normal. So let’s get to it.

Prerequisites and Limitations

You will not be offered the quest A Final Act until you have completed Tier 1 of The More the Merrier deed. After that you will only be able to complete it once per Yule Fest. Unless Yule Festival Encore happens to be after the Cool-Down timer.

A Final Act – Something Is Brewing (and it’s not just the Ale)

Although you have participated in the official Yule Festival events, the Mayor not impressed you have mixed with those ‘unsavoury’ folks. The time has come to decide who will you side with? Do you Assist the Rich or Support the Poor this year?

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Support the Poor: Self-Sacrifice

Self-Sacrifice: Gareth’s Plan

The Mayor doesn’t trust his workers and wants you to spy on them to see what they might be planning! While his workers can think what they like about the Mayor’s policies he won’t have them “stirring up trouble”. So he hopes you will betray them!

Under Self-Sacrifice you aim to dash his hopes when you go and speak to Gareth Rust.

Mr Rust himself believes the Mayor uses money from their low wages for himself and not to invest in Winter-Home. He has seen someone coming from a small fort out in Frostbluff collecting money each day and taking it away – so he sends you to investigate if this is true or not!

What Goes Down at Frostbluff Fort

With the evidence of the Mayor’s mis-deeds in-hand you can now confront him!

Giving the Poor Their Jobs Back

Remember those folks that you forced to move off, then gave them Yule Festival Tokens? During A Final Act, you discover they are poor and homeless because the Mayor sacked them. He didn’t have enough money to pay them. The Mayor tries to bribe you to keep people from finding about his abuse of money, but instead you can now go and give all those folks their jobs back!

Having done your good deed for the Season, you can go give the good news to Gareth Rust!

Self-Sacrifice Rewards

For supporting the poor you will gain:

  • Cosmetics: Fingerless Gloves, Shabby Leggings, Shabby Cap, Shabby stocking Hat. Also a choice of Shabby Tunic or Dress.
  • Yule Festival Tokens × 5
  • Title: The Blameless
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Assist the Rich: Gain and Glory

Gain and Glory: The Mayor’s Mishap

The Mayor freely admits that he put money into unwise investments when he first took the position. The reason the Yule Festival exists is to raise money for the town. He says he can’t give workers their jobs back until he gets himself out of debt first.

As the event is not as profitable as he had hoped he has to cut down on the workforce (again). So, as you want Winter-home’s finest garb, he wants you to dig up dirt on his workers so he knows who to fire!

Coaxing the Workers

Gareth Rust does not want to talk to you, presuming you to be a friend of the Mayor. So you’ll need to chat to Daley Utteridge instead. What follows is a series of emotes you’ll need to perform while Daley talks to you. After offering enough emote sympathy he finally opens up!

Under Gain and Glory, it is Gareth Rust who finds the piece of paper showing the Mayor’s unwise investments. While Daley does not want to believe it, he says you should speak with the Mayor. The dialogue for both can be found in the images below:

So now you need to head out to the Mustering Horn so the Mayor can summon his workers!

Gain and Glory: How Assisting the Rich Plays Out

Gain and Glory Rewards

For assisting the rich you will gain:

  • Cosmetics: Extravagant Festival Gloves, Hat, Cap. Also a choice of Extravagant Festival Robe or Dress
  • Yule Festival Tokens × 5
  • Title: Miser
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TL;DR – A Final Act

A choice with consequences! A final Act has consequences for Mayor Goodnough, his workers and your wardrobe! And you can always change the choice next year, if you have a change of heart!
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