Slayer of the Misty Mountains Deed

LOTRO Slayer of the Misty Mountains Deed - Bears, Wargs, Snow-beasts and Worms. Also includes: Giant-Slayer (Misty Mountains) and Troll-Slayer (Misty Mountains).

The LOTRO Slayer of the Misty Mountains Deed takes sees you face off with wild and dangerous beasts. You’re tasked with “population control” for Bears, Snow-Beasts, Wargs and Worms in an area where even the Wargs have their own stronghold.

In this deed guide, I’ll show you where best to hunt and I include maps and some suggested routes you can take to clear them, too.

And, while they’re not necessary for the Misty Mountains Slayer, I’ve included Giants and Trolls here as well. Let’s get hunting!

Optional Slayer Deeds

This region actually contains six sets of slayer deeds. However, only four of these count towards the Slayer of the Misty Mountain Deed.

Giant-slayer and Troll-slayer are not included. I have included them in this guide, because I didn’t see the point in making standalone pages for each of them at this stage. I am not the Wiki, the Wiki is the Wiki.

But I think you should clear the “optional” ones. There are neat titles, LOTRO Points LOTRO Points and Virtue XP Virtue XP up for grabs. And it’ll also mean you don’t have two deeds left undone just when you thought you’d finished them all!

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Alternatively, if you only want the optional deeds then here are the links:

Bear-Slayer Deed

For the Bear-slayer Deed, there are two types: the Large Snow-bear (brown) and the Huge Snow-bear (white).

The brown ones are mostly in the West (not like the West!), but the white ones are in central and southern areas.

I have given you focus areas, but you can go beyond them for more bears. This is especially true for High Crag and Giant Halls.

Key Locations

The first two areas here are very close to stable-masters. You can swift-travel from Glóin’s Camp to High Crag too. So varying your target area is pretty easy to do.

  • Western Bruinen Source:
    Look for the darker patch of ground around 23.0S, 3.3W.
    → Then if you go a bit further West, there is another cluster around: 23.2S, 4.2W.
  • High Crag:
    South-West of Hrithur’s Haven (24.9S, 1.9E). The area is around 25.2S, 0.5E
  • Giant Hall:
    Has loads in too, so you could progress Giant-Slayer, Troll-slayer and Bear-slayer all at the same time.

Please Rotate Areas

I often saw people doing the bear-slayer deed only in Western Bruinen Source. There was a Warden doing just that while I was making the map. But there are quests that require bears in the Misty Mountains too (e.g. Bears of the NorthExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)).

So please rotate your focus region – even if you just use two, rather than three. It gives you more variety and provides a chance for other players to progress their deeds or quests.

Alternatively, bring up the social panel and search for “Misty Mountains”. If no one else is questing here, then go ahead and pillage. Though, I would argue, using different areas makes the Slayer Deed less grindy.

Bear-slayer of the Misty Mountains Deed Rewards

Stage 1

Bears Required: 80

  • LOTRO Points LOTRO Points: × 5
  • Title Title: Bear-Wrestler
  • Reputation Reputation: +500 (Elves of Rivendell)


Bears Required: 160

Snow-beast Slayer Deed

There’s no beastness like Snow-beastness. Sorry, I had to!

Snow-beasts are these wonderfully, beauteous critters and they cover an enormous area. Not because they’re huge or anything, just because there are so many. You really have no challenge with finding them!

You can hunt them down in the Western and North-Western areas of the Misty Mountains.

Suggested Route

People trying to clear the Snow-beasts part of the Slayer of the Misty Mountains Deed seem to focus on Iskeld’s Lookout (24.6S, 4.5W) and Snárskrith Dell 23.1S, 4.6W.

That’s because you can find more Snow-beasts closer together. But honestly, you can see how big a geographical area they cover! Why not enjoy some of the region and do a huge loop of destruction?

You can progress Worm-slayer and Bear-slayer in the same area, too. So, it may feel less grindy to work on those three at the same time.

Snow-beast Slayer Deed Rewards

Stage 1

Snow-beasts Required: 100

  • LOTRO Points LOTRO Points: × 5
  • Title Title: Beast-hunter
  • Reputation Reputation: +500 (Elves of Rivendell)


Snow-beasts Required: 200

Warg-Slayer Deed

In the North of the Misty Mountains you’ll find a shedton of goblins and many Wargs.

As you can see from my nearby map, the Wargs are kinda all over. However, there are two locations you can focus on.

  • Starkhath: While there are plenty of Wargs on the ground, their stronghold in the Misty Mountains, Starkhath, is above ground as well. You begin the ascent at 20.9S, 8.4E.
  • Caldwell Pool: If another player is questing or deeding at Starkhath, then there’s another place worth hunting: Caldwell Pool around 22.6S, 1.2E.

Be Aware

Be aware that you’ll find two kinds of Wargs – the ones you can see all the time (e.g. Tempest Warg) and the stealthed one (e.g. Tempest Stalker).

Sometimes the hidden ones engage you in combat because you were close to them while fighting a non-stealthed one. If you’re an on-the-move style fighter (e.g. Hunter), be careful how far you venture so you don’t get overwhelmed.

I’ve marked the ones higher up with a white, upwards-pointing triangle.

The Route Up at Starkhath

Grinding the Deed at Starkhath

Follow the path all the way to Dómstoll at the top. It’s a dead-end, so you can work your way back down, taking out any wargs that have respawned during your climb.

Or head to the bottom and work your way back up, depending on how quickly you’d defeated them in the first place.

Warg-Slayer Deed Rewards

Stage 1

Wargs Required: 100

  • LOTRO Points LOTRO Points × 5
  • Title Title: Warg-hunter
  • Reputation Reputation: +500 (Elves of Rivendell)


Wargs Required: 200

Worm-Slayer Deed

Worms are only found in two general areas of note in the Misty Mountains.

Northern Bruinen Source

Nearest Milestone: Glóin’s Camp

  • North to South:
    from 22.4S, 2.8W to 19.5S, 2.3W and
  • West to East: from 20.6S, 3.3W to 20.6S, 1.4W

South High Pass

Nearest Milestone: Vindurhal, or Hrimbarg for Hunter GuidesExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) and Warden MustersExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

  • Writhenbores (26.6S, 9.0E)
  • The “woods” North of Northtarn (26.7S, 7.2E)

In case you’re real quick at defeating all the worms in the Writhenbores, I have suggested a back-and-forth route for you. Alternating between these location should reducing your waiting time for respawns.

Worm-slayer Deed Rewards

Stage 1

Worms Required: 100

  • LOTRO Points LOTRO Points × 5
  • Title Title: Worm-bane
  • Reputation Reputation: +500 (Elves of Rivendell)


Worms Required: 200

Slayer of the Misty Mountains Deed Rewards

Once you have cleared both stages for the above target types, you will automatically complete the Slayer of the Misty Mountains Deed.

This grants you the following extra rewards:

  • Marks Marks: +100
  • Virtue XP Virtue XP: +2,000
  • Reputation Reputation: +900 (Elves of Rivendell)

Click/tap to see the full deed log image.

Optional Deeds

Well, I suppose all LOTRO Deeds are optional! But here I mean “not required to complete the meta-deed“.

Neither Giant-Slayer nor Troll-Slayer are required, not even for the overall Deeds of the Misty Mountains. But you can clear them for extra rewards. There are also bears nearby, so you can hit two giants with one stone. Ah, that analogy doesn’t really work, does it?

Ahem, back to the deeds!

Giant-Slayer (Misty Mountains)

Giants can be found pretty much throughout Giant Halls (obviously). The highest concentration is the settlement of Iorbar, which is far bigger than the little flag marker implies.

However, Iorbar is a bit of maze, so you may find it less frustrating being methodical with the general landscape giants.

Consider doing a route to/from the Trolls. Or couple Giant-Slayer with Bear-Slayer.

Giant-Slayer Deed Rewards

Stage 1

Giants Required: 50

  • LOTRO Points LOTRO Points × 5
  • Title Title: Bane of Titans
  • Reputation Reputation: +500 (Elves of Rivendell)


Giants Required: 100

Troll-Slayer (Misty Mountains)

Troll Locations

You can find Trolls in the very South-West corner of Giant Halls.

The place is Imlad Norn (31.7S, 0.6E), but the map flag is at its southernmost point.

Suggested Route(s)

1. Take a “tear-drop” shaped route
Start at the Eastern path from High Crag. Then do a loop around the rocks in the bottom-left of the map, and return to your starting point.

2. Alternate with Giant-Slayer
After clearing out the trolls in the corner, head East towards Iorbar. Clear some giants, then return to Imlad Norn.

Troll-Slayer Deed Rewards

Stage 1

Trolls Required: 50

  • LOTRO Points LOTRO Points × 5
  • Title Title: Vanquisher of Trolls
  • Reputation Reputation: +500 (Elves of Rivendell)


Trolls Required: 100

Slayer of the Misty Mountains Deed Map

Here’s my complete map for all the slayer deeds in this region. I have included Giants and Trolls for completeness, and because of the bears in Giant Halls.

I have not included Wargs found in Goblin-town because there ain’t nobody going in there just for the Wargs!

TL;DR Demystify the Misty Mountains Slayer. See what I did there?

If you just want to clear the Slayer of the Misty Mountains Deed, then you can ignore Giants and Trolls. But then you’d go without rewards, and where’s the fun in that?

As always, if you have any additions or corrections, then please let me know. It is better to improve it so the community benefits more from it.

Enjoy your time in Middle-Earth, friends!


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