Wistmead – Where Halloween and Harvest Festival Meet in LOTRO!

Wistmead - where Halloween meets Harvest Festival in LOTRO - Guide to Quests and Wheat Maze

Since the 2018 Fall Festival, SSG created a new quest area called Wistmead. Here, all things spooky can be found, along with a Wheat Maze to navigate! There are a bunch of new daily, repeatable quests for earning more Fall Festival tokens. So let’s jump in and see what’s on offer at Wistmead! As with […]

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LOTRO Explorer of Ered Luin Deed Maps – 20 LOTRO Points
Explore Rath Teraig, Find the Elf Ruins, Places of the Dwarves and Scout the Dourhands!

LOTRO Explorer of Ered Luin - Deed Maps and Guide

Ered Luin (the “Blue Mountains”) is one of the starter zones for new players and new characters in LOTRO. It has a varied landscape with multiple influences. The Dwarves, for the most part, inhabit the North among the snowy mountains and hills. The Elves live mostly in the South where it is warmer and Spring […]

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Beyond the Brandywine Bridge – Caethir – LOTRO FanFiction

Beyond the Brandywine Bridge - Caethir LOTRO Fanfiction

The rest of the evening, which turned out to be shorter than Caethir had expected, they spent in generally amicable small-talk. The Elf had eaten enough to be deemed polite by Lobbo Lovelight, but had enjoyed the ale and pipe-weed that had followed much more. “‘course pipe-weed supplies are getting lower since the Brigands moved […]

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