LOTRO Trophy-Hunter of Cardolan Deed

LOTRO Trophy-Hunter of Cardolan Deed Guide by FibroJedi

The Trophy-hunter of Cardolan Deed sees you track down wanted targets in the West and East of the region. You have to take something as proof of the deed; it could be something innocuous like a quiver, or a cut-off paw. Whichever delightful piece of evidence it is, I’ve given you information about each target, maplets of their location and also a complete deed map below. I hope you’re ready, because there are nine to track down!

How Does the Trophy-Hunter Deed Work?

If you have done the Trophy-Hunter of Swanfleet Deed, then the Cardolan one works exactly the same.

1. Find and Defeat the Enemy
DrugodechHave fun tracking them down!
2. Use the Quest Item
Example quest bestowed from trophy itemThis opens up the new quest dialog. You will also receive an in-game notification about the quest item.
3. Give it to Gaerion
For Carolan, give Trophy Hunter items to Gaerion in Caranost (Sírlond)The relevant NPC in Cardolan is Gaerion, who is in Sírlond near Caranost.

Areas, Not Locations

While I have tried to be as accurate as possible with the deed maps for Trophy-hunter of Cardolan, the dots are still approximate. This is because the targets are wandering. They tend to stay within a certain radius, though, which is why I’ve put such large map markers in.

Trophy-Hunter of Cardolan Targets










Suggested Order

The order of the deed is not efficient, especially if you’re trying to clear it in one run. Here’s a suggested route, which starts at the Andrath Stable-master near to Sarch Vorn.

You can click/tap each of the names in this path to skip to that enemy. To return here, hit “back” on your browser (or whichever swipe performs that action).

(5) Crúgaul(7) Agerbrath(3) Withergrip(8) Penthúl(9) Drugodech(1) TarangarnTaxi from Herne to Caranost(4) Skrizug(6) Borhashat(2) Turch

Suggested Route Map

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