LOTRO Yule Festival War-Steed Cosmetics

LOTRO Yule War-Steed Cosmetics

LOTRO Yule Festival War-Steed cosmetics let you outfit your Rohan-bred horse or pony in the latest wintry attire. During a previous year’s event, a player asked if the standard Yule Mount came with “all the decorations”. Their reason for asking was seeing the separate components of that year’s mount’s outfit at the vendor.

I explained these were for War-Steeds, but that standard mounts always came “fully outfitted”. It made me realise how some things are still not as obvious to newer players as we might think.

So, if you have unlocked mounted combat and are ready to give your new horse an outfit, here are all the pieces available during Yule Festival!

Yule War-Steed Cosmetics

I have organised these into (hopefully) helpful groups: the latest appearances, by “gear slot” and by set name. I’m working on something to integrate these better, but that won’t be ready for some time.

If you’re on a larger screen, the groups will appear as tabs. For smaller screens they are sections.

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Newest War-Steed Cosmetics

Here are the latest (2023) Yule Festival War-Steed Outfit items. It is in keeping with the Icy Expedition Coat and set.

How Much Do Yule Festival War-Steed Cosmetics Cost?

  • Icy Expedition Caparison: Yule Festival Token × 70 Yule Festival Tokens
  • Icy Expedition Head-piece: Yule Festival Token × 50 Yule Festival Tokens
  • Icy Expedition Saddle: Yule Festival Token × 40 Yule Festival Tokens

Yule Festival War-Steed Outfits by Gear Slot

Here you can see all the items available to clothe your combat steed, organised by their gear slots.




This is the only Winter Festival tail available. It matches the Steed of Winter’s Light, which dresses up your horse as a deer! So yes, you can have a bobble-tail if you wish!


These hooves also are the only ones at Yule, as far as I can see. As with the Tail, relates to the Steed of Winter’s Light. These fluffy hooves respond very well to the colour you set for your War-Steed’s mane.


This is the same lamp that features on the Herald of the Northern Star, one of the Yule Festival mounts.

Yule War-Steed Cosmetics by Set

As with all Yule Festival mounts, the War-Steed equivalents are organised in-game by the same set’s name. Those that are only caparisons can be found in the other section.

Icy Expedition | Snow-Strider | Shire Holly | Yule Gala | Ice Flower | Northern Herald | Winter’s Light | Other

Icy Expedition


Shire Holly

Yule Gala

Ice Flower

Northern Herald

Winter’s Light


The following War-Steed Caparisons are not in sets, but are just offered individually for Mithril Coin Mithril Coins.

How Do I Unlock War-Steeds / Mounted Combat?

Once you reach Level 70s, you can travel to Rohan. Ideally, you should be L75 and geared as such due to the enemies in the region.

There you’ll need to complete a questline that commences with the quest “The WoldExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). You’ll need to complete the whole questline, which will lead to unlocking your war-steed!

See the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) for more information.

TL;DR Customise Your War-Steed with Yule Cosmetics!

This event brings with it many different options for customising your war-steed’s appearance. Bear in mind, all these are in their default colours. You can unlock more colours in the LOTRO Store. While these can be pricey, they do on sale occasionally, so keep your eye out (not literally!) for them. Enjoy Yule Festival, folks!

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