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Rowan Raspberry is one of the Rotating Figments of Splendour Vendors in LOTRO. Such tradespeople sell cosmetic items for – guess what – Figments of Splendor Figments! But each has their own unique set of outfits, pets, decorations and other items. The reason they are “rotating” is that they’re only around for a certain length of time, before departing, or being replaced by another. So here are the current cosmetic clothing options offered by Rowan Raspberry, so you can window shop before heading out to spend those hard-earned Figments.

Is Rowan Rasperry Current in LOTRO?

From 15th November 2023, Rowan is visiting the usual places in Middle-Earth. She departs on the 21st March 2024.

Where is She?

  • Bree: by the Boar Fountain
  • Moria: in the Twenty-First Hall (5.9S, 105.1W)
  • Dunland: in Galtrev
  • Ered Mithrin: Skarháld

Work On-Going

This page needed completely rebuilding this year, so I still have prices to put in among other updates needing my attention. But all the stock should be accurate now!

Rowan Raspberry Cosmetics

As per the Update 38.0.1 Patch NotesExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab), Rowan’s stock has been reduced and given to the Curator. This actually means she only offers two outfit sets now.

Harmonious Outfit

The Harmonious cosmetic set was introduced to Rowan Raspberry in November 2023 and contains outfit pieces for nearly every visible outfit slot. Some bits seem to “fit” some races and body shapes better than others, so I think the robe suits my male Elf more than my female human, for example.

Here are the pieces of that set:

Harmonious Hood

Figments of Splendor 2,000

Harmonious Mantle

Figments of Splendor 3,000

Harmonious Robe

Figments of Splendor 4,000

Harmonious Gloves

Figments of Splendor 1,500

Harmonious Boots

Figments of Splendor 1,500

Harmonious Cloak

Figments of Splendor 4,000

Hooded Harmonious Cloak

Figments of Splendor 4,000

Hidden Peaks Cosmetics

Boots of the Hidden Peaks

Figments of Splendor 1,500

Cloak of the Hidden Peaks

Figments of Splendor 4,000


As happened with Filbert Fig, Rowan Raspberry had some of her stock moved to the Curator. So there are just two mounts to choose from – and the matching War-Steed Cosmetics are available as well.

Harmonious Steed

Figments of Splendor 5,000

Harmonious War-Steed: Figments of Splendor 7,500

Steed of the Hidden Peaks

Figments of Splendor 5,000

Hidden Peaks War-Steed: Figments of Splendor 7,500


Unlike LOTRO Festivals, the cosmetic pets available from Rowan Raspberry vary wildly in their price! As Figments are not quick to earn, usually, “window shop” below and decide ahead of time which creature companions you want to work towards.

Harmonious Falcon

Figments of Splendor 3,500

Big Blue Carpenter Bee

Figments of Splendor 2,500

Big Wasp

Figments of Splendor 4,000

Delving Nether-hound

Figments of Splendor 6,000

Friendly Egret

Figments of Splendor 4,500

Little Black Pig

Figments of Splendor 1,500

Little Pink Pig

Figments of Splendor 1,500


Figments of Splendor 6,000

Looking for Decorations?

If you want to see previews of all the housing decorations offered by Rowan Raspberry, then see Déco du Milieu’s dedicated pageExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

TL;DR Visit Rowan Raspberry While You Still Can!

As with the other rotating Figments of Splendor Figments of Splendour vendors, Rowan Raspberry is only around for a certain length of time. So clear some deeds, grab your Figments and head down to Bree while you can! Enjoy adventuring in Middle-Earth, friends.

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