LOTRO Deeds of Cardolan

LOTRO Deeds of Cardolan - the Complete Guide

To make the most of any region of The Lord of the Rings Online, SSG gives us many deeds to complete. Very often, some of the places you need to go to complete a deed are those not contained within quests. And I think that is intentional – to ensure you take in the world they have created for us. Today, we will be looking at the Deeds of Cardolan and where I have created them, making it easy for you to go deeper into individual deeds. Enjoy!

Quests of Cardolan Deed

Gaerion in Caranost is one quest-giver. Complete plenty to check off the Tales of Cardolan deed.

This is the one related to the number of quests you have completed in the region. Now I have completed all the LOTRO Deeds for Cardolan, I can say there are more quests than you need – and that’s excluding any missions.

Quests of Cardolan is broken down into three stages of Tales of Cardolan.

If you’re wondering where the quests in this region are, then the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) has a complete list.

If you're new to LOTRO, then the number of quests is the total you have completed in the zone. So, the advanced stage requires 20 more than the first one.

Stage 1

20 Quests



40 Quests



Complete 70 Quests


More on the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)

Explorer of Cardolan Deed

Get ready to roam around Cardolan in LOTRO! The items under the Explorer Meta-Deed take you to most edges of the map and into places you may miss even if do you do all the quests.

There are four parts to the Explorer deed:

Inhabitants of the Vanished Realm

LOTRO Inhabitants of the Vanished Realm Deed Guide and Maps

Due to the tumultuous history of Cardolan, and present-day dangers, the people living in the region are few.

Head to the locations in this deed to meet the remnant people and hear their tales.

The Ravaging of Cardolan

LOTRO Ravaging of Cardolan Deed Guide | Before the Shadow

More than just an exploration deed, the Ravaging of Cardolan sends you to discover historical points of interest and complete a lore-filled questline too. Couple this with the Epic and you’ll learn a lot about the history of Cardolan.

The Perils of Cardolan

LOTRO Perils of Cardolan Deed Guide and Map by FibroJedi

The dangers facing those that have chosen to inhabit the land are wide and varied. Go and explore various strongholds of the Enemy as well as a field of sickly boars.

You would do well to pair this with the Slayer of Cardolan Deed.

Deed Rewards

Slayer of Cardolan

LOTRO Slayer of Cardolan Deed Guide and Map by FibroJedi

This is one of your traditional LOTRO slayer deeds that are available across Middle-Earth. But, what I have noticed on newer, smaller expansions, is that the list of enemy types is not quite as epic as some older ones. The Slayer of Bree-land has loads in it!

The Slayer of Cardolan Deed just has: Orcs, Half-Orcs, Goblins and the Dead.

Deed Rewards

Completing each group of enemies also has its own rewards. So these are the rewards for completing the Meta-Deed:

Trophy-Hunter of Cardolan

LOTRO Trophy-Hunter of Cardolan Deed Guide by FibroJedi

Cardolan faces many dangers and, obviously, you’re the one to face them! But what good are deeds if no one knows about them?

Selflessness and Charity aside, the Trophy-hunter of Cardolan deed involves you taking proof of your kill to one of the Dúnedain. Lovely. Read his varying reactions to what you present to him!

Deed Rewards

  • Reputation +900 (Dúnedain of Cardolan)
  • Virtue XP +2,000 Virtue XP
  • Title Title: Trophy-hunter of Cardolan

Deeds of Cardolan Rewards

TL;DR Three Reasons You Should Complete the Deeds of Cardolan

The Deeds of Cardolan are very much worth doing. Firstly – and most importantly, in my opinion – you read about a lot of great Lord of the Rings lore and history. LOTRO have made it accessible through quest text, dialogue and tooltips. Soak it all up! My second reason is so that you see all that the region has to offer. It’s more varied than Swanfleet, so don’t just make this a “tick box” exercise. Enjoy it. And lastly, your efforts are well-rewarded. The mount for completing the Deeds of Cardolan is lovely and is one my Hobbit will definitely use. See you soon, LOTRO friends.

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