The Ravaging of Cardolan Deed

LOTRO Ravaging of Cardolan Deed Guide | Before the Shadow

The final part of the exploration deeds in LOTRO’s Cardolan region is the Ravaging of Cardolan. This has a similar feel to Dwellers of Old Swanfleet in that you have to find some items.

But you can’t just ride around quickly and grab them all, oh no! All but one you can, so here are all the locations, information and minimaps to help. So let’s get cracking.

Ravaging of Cardolan Deed Locations

March 2023: after working to clear these deeds on my dedicated “Before the Shadow” character, I’ve made a few corrections. Do let me know if you spot others, though!

The Ravaging of Cardolan Deed Map

Put all the mini-maps together and here’s one large one to help you. Just remember the Scroll of Luilloth is a quest-chain, not a hit-and-run item.

Deed Rewards

  • LOTRO Points ×5 LOTRO Points
  • Title Seeker of the Vanished Realm
  • Virtue XP +1,000 VXP
  • Reputation +700 Dúnedain of Cardolan
LOTRO Ravaging of Cardolan Deed Log Entry

TL;DR The Shadow Falls with the Ravaging of Cardolan Deed

I kind of like the fact that LOTRO gated one of these items behind a quest chain. It stops you from just haring around ticking things off and engages you in the lore, history and stories behind this area. Because of the quest-related one, The Ravaging of Cardolan Deed might be the last one you finish of the exploration deeds here. Just remember to enjoy it, take time to “Stop and Stare”. There’s enough work in the world, don’t make gaming less enjoyable while deeding! Cyas later, LOTRO friends.

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