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LOTRO Corsairs of Umbar Ultimate Edition Unboxed - see all the cosmetics, shoulder parrot, emote and much more here.

The Lord of the Rings Online is due to launch its much-anticipated Corsairs of Umbar expansion in November 2023. As is often the case, you can pre-purchase various packages to enjoy some goodies before the content itself goes live. Here I’ll go through some aspects of what to expect with the Corsairs of Umbar, and unbox the Ultimate Fan Bundle too.

Let’s dive in like our ship’s on fire! Wait, maybe not that. Moving on…

Corsairs of Umbar Release Date

This LOTRO expansion is scheduled for 8th November 2023.

Note the word scheduled. Nearly everything in life is subject to change so consider this date draft. It’s not set in stone, not even a Standing Stone.

Also, from the small print:

  • In the event of delay, you will receive the initial expansion content and items no later than December 1st 2023
  • and the instance content no later than March 2024.

What does the Expansion Include?

Whichever bundle or package you buy, there are things they all include. I have tried to summarise those here:

New Story & Quests

Our first foray into Umbar leads, naturally, to excellent LOTRO storytelling, world design and quests.

SSG have been great at giving us previews ahead of time, and had a Bullroarer sessionExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) recently. So either to the right, or below, you can see LOTRO’s Casual Stroll through Umbar, which includes previews of the new zones.

LOTRO Casual Stroll Through Umbar
Play this video
LOTRO Casual Stroll Through Umbar

Mariner Class

I suck at learning new things, so I’m still trying to get used to my lowbie Mariner. Around making other content, festivals and working on my main character’s LOTRO journey!

The Mariner dual wields with a sword and dagger and has various types of attacks, some physical and some by singing Shanties. It also has a unique “balance” gauge, so you have to balance yourself between stepping forward offensive moves and backstepping defensive ones.

And all races – except Beornings – can be a Mariner, including the recently-introduced River Hobbits. Though I guess that technically makes them “Ocean Hobbits”.

Level Cap

Once the Corsairs of Umbar expansion is released, there will be a new level cap of L150 too.

Crafting Changes

And lastly (for now), regardless of whether you own the expansion or not, the LOTRO Crafting System is being changed. The aim here was to “decouple” crafting skills (e.g. Forester, Jeweller, Cook) from the existing professions.

This means you should be able to choose three different crafting skills, regardless of whether they used to be in a group or profession before.

Umbar Packages and Bundles

Normally, it would be logical to say what is in each package. But I find it more helpful to group the types of items together.

In theory, this should help you zero in on the goodies you’re most interested in, and then you can find out which packages include those things.

Suffice to say, if you’re buying any bundle The Corsairs of Umbar, then you’ll get the zone and all its quests!

Mariner Class and Character Slot


Yep, all packages give you the new Mariner class and another character slot. This conveniently lets you try Mariner without deleting an existing character. Sneaky!

Character Frames


I decided to put this aspect in next because you get at least one frame with all bundles, including the Standard Edition.

Each frame is named after the cosmetics and mounts found within the same package.

Fleet Merchant’s Frame


Tide-breaker’s Frame


Swashbuckler’s Frame


Shoulder Parrot


Why did I feel a need to make a whole section about the Tide-breaker’s Shoulder-riding Parrot? Well, because it’s awesome but also needs a little explaining too.

You Must Equip It

Currently, you must equip your shoulder-parrot “cosmetic” as gear.

To state the obvious, it goes in your “shoulder” slot. The tooltips do say this clearly, but as its icon is clearly cosmetic, you could miss it too.

It’s Alive, It’s Alive!

This is not a plastic parrot attached to your shoulder. It moves, cleans itself and scratches around your head. But it is also not the Parrot pet.

A seriously neat feature is that, when you’re in combat, the Parrot flies off. Once you’re no longer fighting, it flies back to your shoulder!

With Shoulder Cosmetics

What is not apparent is that you can use other shoulder cosmetics in your Outfit tabs.

Unlike other gear slots whose appearance is completely overwritten, your (gear) Parrot will appear over your (cosmetic) shoulder item.

I hope they find a way around the need to equip a parrot as gear. Some of you may be relying on every piece of gear but still want your Parrot with you!

Cosmetic Outfits

Technically, there are two cosmetic outfits that are part of the Corsairs of Umbar expansion. In reality, there are three – because you also get the Mariner’s initial armour appearance too.

So, all you need to do is start a Mariner, get them to a point where you can access your Wardrobe and bam! All your characters can use Mariner appearances.

As I have not yet added these to my cosmetics tool, you can find the upper body pieces on a couple of different body types for you.

Mariner Starter Gear


Fleet Merchant Cosmetics


Tide-breaker Cosmetics


The last time I checked, there was still a minor error on the name of the shoulder-guards. They were being labelled Shoulde-guards. But they look and work fine, and that matters the most.

Tide-breaker’s Weapon Aura


The Tide-breaker’s Weapon Aura is kinda murky – and maybe that’s what LOTRO were going for.

On narrower weapons, it appears as subtly-flowing black and dark blue water. But, once you see it on a shield, there is a lot more going on!

Have a look here on my YouTube video. I’ve shown it on a few weapons and… a spade. Because reasons.

Which Pack has the Aura?

As with all the other Tide-breaker’s Cosmetics, the Tide-breaker’s Weapon Aura is from the Ultimate Fan Bundle only.

The above video is a bit of an experiment, if the Humix versionExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) has issues, feel free to skip to the YouTube versionExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)!



As ever, LOTRO are not shy at bringing new expansion-themed mounts. Which ones you get depend on the bundle you purchase. It also corresponds with the cosmetic outfits of that pack.

Fleet Merchant’s Steed


Tide-breaker’s Steed


War-Steed Cosmetics

Each of these mounts comes with a set of related War-steed Cosmetics.

You don’t need to “use” the items, they are just unlocked upon opening your bundles.

Cosmetic Pets

I love the pets that come with the Corsairs of Umbar packs! One is super-cute and the other confused me. So I’ll unravel why to help you avoid that confusion!

Parrot Pet


This large, striking parrot will certainly draw attention your way. And I do really like it.

However, I got confused before I looked at the tooltip for the Shoulder Parrot.

Unlike another game, the parrot pet, does not land on your shoulder.

Your shoulder-riding one is a smaller version and is a cosmetic/armour item. Hope that helps!

Fennac Fox


The Fennac Fox is so cute, with its giant ears and soft-looking fur.

I found it a bit tricky to get an eye-level view of it. But I’ll try dualboxing and make a new shot soonish.

Swashbuckle Emote


LOTRO Swashbuckle Emote Corsairs Of Umbar Expansion
Play this video
LOTRO Swashbuckle Emote Corsairs Of Umbar Expansion

In a particular show of flair and attitude, The Corsairs of Umbar comes with a very fancy emote.

Though to call it an emote is probably understating it. Using preset weapons, your character initially performs a couple of fighting moves. It ends with a pose with attitude!

My only gripe is that, again, if you have valid weapons equipped, they’re not used.

But I am still thoroughly impressed and love this kind of pose. I hope to see more of this from LOTRO.

XP Accelerating Gear


The Fleet Merchant’s Earring is a special item of jewellery that increases your XP from defeating enemies and quest-turnins. It does this up to Level 140.

It also scales up stats according to your level so that you don’t lose out on gear stats to accelerate your XP.

Level 140 Level-skip


As is often the case, LOTRO have included an insta-Level item for you. This one takes you to Level 140, the starting one for The Corsairs of Umbar.

If you are new to LOTRO, bear in mind there is a lot of great content before this expansion. If you boost one character to experience this expansion, consider using another one and enjoy the world, stories and characters before it.

Other Items

The Collectors and Ultimate bundles come with various extra items.

Collector’s Edition

  • Large Reputation Acceleration Tome Reputation Acceleration Tome × 5
  • Virtue XP Acceleration Tome Virtue XP Acceleration Tome × 1
  • XP Accelerators × 5
  • Rare Crafting Component × 5

Ultimate Fan Bundle

Everything from the Collector’s Edition, plus:

  • Virtue XP Acceleration Tome 15,000 Virtue XP
  • Virtue XP Acceleration Tome Virtue XP Acceleration Tome × 4
  • Carry-all Selection Box (You can choose any currently-available Carry-all).

Corsairs of Umbar Bundle Prices and Comparison

Here is a quick overview comparison of the different packs/bundles.

Standard Bundle

Price: £30.99

Collector’s Bundle

Price: £62.99

Ultimate Fan Bundle

Price: £101.99

In case I’ve missed a detail here or there, remember to check out the official expansions pageExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) for more details.

TL;DR Tons of Features in the Corsairs of Umbar Bundles!

Yet again LOTRO have created a huge amount of features for their bundles. And, I feel, in some aspects they’ve really upped their game again. The new emote, the shoulder-riding parrot and a new class all push boundaries for SSG. And that’s before we get into the new region, quests and stories.

Umbar has a lot of history from a LOTR sense. So, whether you’re always waiting for new content or, like me, you’ll eventually reach it, there is plenty to look forward to. Which bundle you buy is up to you, hopefully this overview will help you to make an informed decision.

Enjoy Middle-earth!

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