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LOTRO Deeds of Swanfleet Guide - How to clear all the Swanfleet Deeds

The first region in LOTRO’s Before the Shadow expansion is Swanfleet. This beautiful zone combines rugged hills, Stoor villages, Orc camps and pristine farms. And that’s just a hint of what you can discover here. It is here you begin your journey if you started in Before the Shadow. Let’s have a look now at the Deeds of Swanfleet, how to complete them and the rewards you receive for doing so. But do remember to enjoy the journey, alright?

Quests of Swanfleet

So, as we saw with Quests of Cardolan, Quests of Swanfleet is made up of three Tales deeds.
Enjoy the side-quests in the region, unearth history and aid the locals. If it’s not the Epic, it counts! Note: the number required is cumulative – how many local quests you have done in total.

Tales of Swanfleet
(Stage 1)

10 Quests


Tales of Swanfleet

30 Quests


Tales of Swanfleet

60 Quests


Quests of Swanfleet Rewards

Explorer of Swanfleet

If there’s something I will insist upon every player of The Lord of the Rings Online doing is taking in the sights. Sometimes, when we’re completing deeds, the temptation is to get through them as quickly as possible. This is great for achievement, but at the cost of your experience while doing so.

Take Your Time

The Explorer of Swanfleet Deed is broken down into four sections. These take you to friendly locations to meet different people-groups, to enemy strongholds and dangerous places and to find places of historical interest. Even then, you get to venture into other far-flung corners of Swanfleet in search of treasure. While guides such as mine help you to clear deeds efficiently, remember to Stop and Stare, please.

Dwellers of Old Swanfleet

LOTRO The Dwellers of Old Swanfleet Deed Map and Guide | Before the Shadow
You may be forgiven for thinking that Dwellers of Old Swanfleet involves meeting people. But it’s about how Swanfleet used to be. From notes and engravings to poetry and old weapons, you’ll find personal anecdotes from residents from a bygone era. Make sure to read the tooltips of the items – but also those in the deed log too. Read Guide →


The Many Folk of the Glanduin

LOTRO The Many Folk of the Glanduin Deed Map and Guide - Swanfleet | Before the Shadow
Okay, now this deed is about meeting the locals in the present age. If you follow the epic and side-quests, you’ll eventually tick off all these places anyway. By tick-off, I don’t mean the idiom of “annoy”! It’s the sheer variety of living environments in this part of the Deeds of Swanfleet that makes it so interesting. You have an established town, Stoor-Hobbit villages, Wild Folk marshes and Elven ruins. Many Folk of the Glanduin isn’t just a measure of quantity. Make sure you have a good look around! Read Guide →


Perils of Swanfleet

LOTRO The Perils of Swanfleet Deed Map and Guide by FibroJedi
Swanfleet is a beautiful region. It can almost lure you into thinking it’s peaceful. And that’s how some Stoors live. But look under the surface and there are tensions and worries. The Before the Shadow name is a constant reminder of what will follow, such that, in Archet, Strider will say:
Alas, for peaceful folk everywhere!
The Perils of Swanfleet deed is a wide-ranging one. You explore warg dens, orc and brigand camps and elven ruins now inhabited, not by Elves, but their enemies. Read Guide →


Treasure Swanfleet

LOTRO Treasure of Swanfleet Deed Guide and Map by FibroJedi
Welcome to the Swanfleet Deed that makes sure you experience the region: Treasure of Swanfleet. There are ten caches to find in total, spread pretty much across the whole map. Even if you take taxis and speed-boost your mount (“Well Fed” can be applied to non-war-steeds), it will still take time to complete. Make sure you remember to enjoy the journey as well as the ten destinations! Read Guide →


  • Title Title: Treasure-seeker of Swanfleet
  • Virtue XP +1000 Virtue XP

What, no LP?

Nope, and that’s been true for a lot of deeds since either Yondershire or the Wildwood of Bree-land. At least for the Swanfleet treasure deed you have the chance of loot, which can sometimes include some nice gear pieces.

Trophy-Hunter of Swanfleet

LOTRO Trophy-Hunter of Swanfleet Deed Guide and Map by FibroJedi
Oh, if only Trophy-hunter of Swanfleet meant looking for buried rewards, like from a vegetable competition or fishing contest. But it doesn’t! You’re after targets with virtual “wanted” posters. Not all dangers come in groups, after all. Unlike the Trophy-hunter of Cardolan, all those in Swanfleet are creatures. You don’t get the quest for each one until you defeat it, so use your deed log as a kind of quest wrapper. Kill your target and take a…piece of it to a Stoor for his…eclectic collection! Lucky him. Or something. Read Guide →


  • Title Title: Trophy-hunter of Swanfleet
  • Virtue XP +1000 Virtue XP

Slayer of Swanfleet

LOTRO Slayer of Swanfleet Deed Map and Guide by FibroJedi
What zone would a complete without one of the LOTRO slayer deeds? What is unlike other starter regions is that the Slayer of Swanfleet only has three types of enemy in it. You can also couple this with Perils of Swanfleet as there are some overlaps. Now go kill sentients in the name of the Free People! Read Guide →


Deeds of Swanfleet Rewards

Note that there’s no reputation faction in Swanfleet. It’s only when you move to Cardolan that deeds start granting reputation with the Dúnedain there. But you will reach kindred well before you run out of quests even if you haven’t quite finished the Deeds of Cardolan.

TL;DR Take in the Sights while you clear the Deeds of Swanfleet

And that’s a wrap! The regions of Before the Shadow are beautiful, drenched in tons of wonderful LOTR lore and well voice-acted where it’s included. There is much to do to clear the Deeds of Swanfleet. But there is no need to rush. Normal life goes by fast enough,without hurring our gaming time too. Have fun in Middle-Earth, folks!
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