SWTOR Hoth GSI Missions Guide, Walkthroughs and Videos

SWTOR - Hoth GSI Missions Guide - includes videosWelcome to the back of beyond – also known as Hoth! Even on this snowball, Galactic Solutions Industries has research to do. And, of course, you’ve been coopeted to do that research. So here’s my SWTOR Hoth GSI Missions Guide! I’ve included notes, screenshots and a couple of videos to help guide through the icy wastelands.

Using this Guide

Below is a menu so you can skip to particular missions, if that’s what you need. All screenshots can be clicked/tapped on to display a larger version. They’re kept small to help the page to load quicker for everyone, but especially our mobile users.

Picking up the GSI Missions

Once you arrive on the surface of Hoth from the Space Station, you’ll need to locate the GSI Missions Terminal. Remember its location, because you’ll need to use the GSI Dropbox next to it to complete some missions.

Imperial: Inside Dorn Base

For the Empire, the GSI Terminal is right near where you properly start the Hoth story arc.

Republic: Near the Exit of Aurek Base

For the Republic faction, the Terminal and dropbox are found right by the TaunTaun vendors.

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Quick-slotting the Seeker Droid and Macrobinoculars

If you haven’t completely finished The Shroud and the Dread Seeds questlines, you can find your Seeker Droid and Macrobinoculars in the Quest Items tab of Inventory. You’ll find GSI missions easier if you just quick-slot these, rather than keeping the Inventory UI open.
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Some of the Hoth GSI Missions inter-link. This means you can often progress two of them at the same time. I’ve tried to remember to note down where this is the case to cut down travel time.

Crash Courses (DAILY)

Hoth has, apparently, a particularly strong gravitational pull. This has led to a number of starship wreckages scattered across the planet. For reasons we probably don’t want to know Galactic Solutions Industries want to figure out how to replicate the effect. The mission involves scanning wreckages and downed escape pods so GSI can reverse engineer the effect.

Crash Courses: Notes

Mission: Scan Crashed Ships or Escape Pods x 4
Region: Clabburn Tundra, one in Crescent Canyon

  • If you’re playing an Imperial-faction character, the wreck at -3984,540 (Wreck 2 in the video below) is surrounded by Republic soldiers and the occasional Talz. You may need to clear a few out to scan it without being attacked.
  • If you’re playing a Republic-faction character, the wreck at -2522,-465 (Wreck 4 in the video below) has Imperial mobs on the approach to it. Because of a dip in the snow you can’t really scan it from afar, so defeating some Imperials will be necessary. But I’m sure you won’t mind: there is a war going on, after all!
    Note: this wreck is en route to one of the sites for Picking up the Pieces so it make sense to complete this mission at the same time as Crash Courses.

Crash Courses Video

Mission Rewards (Assumes L70)

  • Credits: 14,220
  • CXP: 75 (before Legacy Boosts)
  • Reputation: Repair Toolkit (Small Galactic Solutions Industries gain)

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Picking Up the Pieces (DAILY)

Despite extensive funds and influence, the White Maw Pirates had made off with research data from GSI’s Superweapons Division. Data breaches are not just our galaxy’s concern! GSI want that data returned.

Thankfully (for GSI at least), the pirates’ ship crashed into Hoth, presumably thanks to the gravitational pull mentinos in Crash Courses.

Mission: Scan and Recover Crashed Ship Parts

Regions: Clabburn Tundra, High Mount Ridge and Glacial Fissure

This is one of those GSI Missions with the random element in it. There are five possible locations where the research data may have crashed. The mission will not complete until you’ve found the specific crashed ship containing it. But the “correct” ship may differ each time you do Picking Up the Pieces.

Site 1: Crescent Canyon (Clabburn Tundra)

This wreck is near the most Northern point of Crescent Canyon. It is filled with Imperials and the occasional Wampa.

Site 2: Highmount Road (Highmount Ridge) -1635,471

Road! Ha! Please note this coordinate is not in the tunnel-like section lower-down but up on top. If you can see this view, you’re in the wrong area.

Apart from the occasional Ice Cat, nothing should bother you here.

Site 3: Highmount Bluffs (Highmount Ridge) -740,1607

This crash site is South of Leth Outpost (Imperial). The path South is patrolled by White Maw Pirates and their droids. Further South are Ortolans and Talz (Republic allies). Once you’ve passed the Ortolan camp, the path is easy to the next wreck.

Site 4: Eruption Impasse (Glacial Fissure) – 620,386

This crash site is in the same area (and on the same level) as the volcanoes for Forged in Fire. So if you haven’t found the GSI data yet by wreck 4, do Forged in Fire at the same time.

Site 5: Northern Whitelands (Glacial Fissure) – 900,-862

If you have yet to complete Warped to the Core, then the Ambria’s Fury is just a short distance from Wreck 5. Aside from the occasional Talz (Republic allies) and Ice Cat, you should be fairly safe from interruptions while scanning this wreck.

Picking Up the Pieces Rewards (Assumes L70)

  • Credits: 14,220
  • CXP: 75 (before Legacy Boosts)
  • Reputation: Repair Toolkit (Small Galactic Solutions Industries gain)

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Beneath the Spires (DAILY)

Crashed ships of recent origin are one thing. Ancient starships buried under many centuries of ice and snow is a totally different matter. Galactic Solutions Industries believes unearthing (or un-icing?) these starships would be valuable to their research.

FJ’s Note: despite the Seeker Droid seeming to just scratch the surface when it “digs”, apparently that cable can excavate starship parts from under many layers of snow and ice!

Mission: Dig Up Ship Components Near Ship Debris x 3

Region: Jagged Plains, Clabburn Tundra
Health Warning: World Boss Gargath may be wandering around here. He was there when I was! Aside from that there are plenty of Whitefangs lurking around here too.

All you need to do is locate 3 x Ship Debris (see screenshot below). Then excavate them with your Seeker Droid. You can hover your cursor over scrap metals. The hover text will then confirm if it’s ship debris.

Then turn them in at the GSI Dropbox at Dorn Base (Imperial) or Aurek Base (Republic).

Beneath the Spires Rewards (Assumes L70)

  • Credits: 14,220
  • CXP: 75 (before Legacy Boosts)
  • Reputation: Repair Toolkit (Small Galactic Solutions Industries gain)

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Forged in Fire (DAILY)

If you’ve wandered SWTOR’s rendition of Hoth (on a day you don’t have a headache, or didn’t before you landed on Hoth) you will have noticed some small volcanos. These volcanoes (which are pretty small) yield metallic ores that are instantly cooled by Hoth’s rather cold climate.

GSI have called this “Embersteel” that it believes only occurs near these volcanoes. Your research could assist the Empire (or Republic) with state-of-the-art plasma cannons.

FJ’s Note: Of course, your research will only give you a small discount on such amazing tech. Available exclusively from GSI, naturally!

Mission: Dig Up Embersteel Ores inside Volcanoes x 3

Region: Eruption Impasse (Glacial Fissure)

  • If you have not completed Picking up the Pieces, then Wreck 4 is in the same area as the volcanoes.
  • The area contains groups of Hailstorm Brotherhood mobs, aggressive to both Republic and Empire factions.
  • Use your Seeker Droid on volcanoes to see if any Embersteel is contained inside. I think you need to scan near the top. But you don’t have to be near the top – molten rock will hurt you a bit!
  • If your droid returns and you have a red ring about you, pick a volcano a fair way from where you were stood.
  • There are a lot of volcanoes in Eruption Impasse/Southern Crevasse, so this mission requires patience!
  • The precise point you need to dig on a volcano may take a few attempts. If you get a green circle around you after a failed dig attempt just adjust the area you’re digging slightly. Move in the direction of the solid green segment of the circle.

Eruption Impass from Above

Seeker Droid Digging Into a Volcano

Red and Green Circles After a Dig Attempt

Once you have three samples, you’ll need to dump them in a GSI Dropbox. This is next to the GSI Mission Terminal at Dorn Base or Aurek Base.

  • Credits: 14,220
  • CXP: 75 (before Legacy Boosts)
  • Reputation: Repair Toolkit (Small Galactic Solutions Industries gain)

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Warped to the Core (HEROIC 2+)

Health Warning: This GSI Heroic is by far the hardest of all those available for Galactic Solutions Industries. There are multiple factors at play and it is timed. Timed missions are really bad for my Fibromyalgia, which is one reason I’ve taken so long to psych myself up to write this SWTOR Hoth GSI Guide!

Back Story

GSI are really interested in one particular downed Imperial ship – the Ambria’s Fury. They believe its reactor core has been affecting the ship’s durasteel hull. They intend to use this effect to help build new thermonuclear weaponry.

Yes, you’re going into an enclosed nuclear radiation box! So GSI recommend (!) finding and using any protective gear you find.

Mission: Investigate the Ambria’s Fury

Instead of doing screenshots of the mission, I’ve recorded it below. But these are a few key notes.

  • The Ambria’s Fury is surrounded by groups of White Maw Pirates (aggressive to both factions). No doubt they’re hoping to find some components to sell, or to improve their own arsenal.
  • Pick up the Protective Headgear!
    Your first thing is to find and loot the piece of headgear from the highlighted crate. This can be done immediately from entering the phase. The protection lasts 15 minutes maximum. There is no timer in the quest but you can hover your cursor over the buff to see time remaining.
  • A couple of doors need clearing by destroying the barrels stacked in front of them.
  • Look out for (and avoid!) pools of flowing radioactive liquid.
  • You need to make it to the very far end of the Ambria’s Fury, as this is where your Irradiated Durasteel Samples can be found. This area is guarded by a Champion-class Wampa.
  • Once you’re done, use Quick Travel to exit the phase. If your Quick Travel is still cooling down, run out as fast as you can. You will have cleared all mobs so the route out should be straightforward.

Warped to the Core Walk-through Video

Warped to the Core Rewards (Assumes L70)

  • Credits: 22,182
  • CXP: 75 (before Legacy Boosts)
  • Reputation: Energy Field Monitor (Medium Galactic Solutions Industries gain)

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TL;DR The SWTOR Hoth GSI Missions Summary

From data retrieval and digging samples from volcanoes to taking on a radioactive Wampa, the SWTOR Hoth GSI Missions have a wide variety of tasks to undertake. Some can be done without defeating any enemies at all. So dust off that cold-weather gear and go do something more interesting than stringing out a pointless Empire vs Republic battle!

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