The Ghiran Legacy on SWTOR

The Ghiran Legacy on SWTOR (Shadowlands)I thought I would start to give a bit of background to various creations I have on SWTOR. I will also begin to add Character Biographies over time. So, I will start with The Ghiran Legacy, which is on the Shadowlands USA Server.

How the Ghiran Legacy Started

While other legacies are based on family lines and blood ties, the Ghiran Legacy was formed more as a clan of like minds. When clan leader, Zav-Yun Ghiran, was forced to ally with Imperial Forces on Hoth against the Hailstorm Brotherhood, it opened his eyes and changed his views on those he had originally seen as enemies.

With that thought, he saw those who allied with the Sith Empire less as objective ‘foes’ and more as sentients trying to make their own way in the Galaxy. Starting with non-humans within the Empire, he was surprised to find Light Side Sith, and friendly Bounty Hunters who he had more in common with than some of his strict Masters on the Jedi Council.

So that started the wheels in motion, and a base of meeting was set up in the caves of Voss where the Ghiran Clan would arrange to meet, to discuss and to enjoy each other’s company. While they would not be able to openly work together, finding an understanding across the Great Divide of the war gave them all strength and motivation to forge their own path.

Jedi Master Zav-Yun Ghiran

Jedi Master Zav-Yun Ghiran
Born to a Twi’lek mother and a Togruta father, Zav-Yun inherited his mother’s skin colour but his father’s Togruta appearnace genes. Light Side, but practical, Zav-Yun knows that compromises need to be made to keep things in order. A Master of Dual Lightsabers, he used practice and actual battles to work out inner tension, while not giving into the Dark Side. When he finally realised, through Kira Carsen, that denying emotions made a Jedi weaker and not stronger he married his former Padawan. Zav-Yun and Kira have been enjoying a Sabbatical from official Jedi Duties, roaming the galaxy and helping communities out – simply doing good. He is, however, seen as the ‘leader’ of Clan Ghiran, as far as leadership is needed in a family this diverse!

Gunslinger Caethir ‘Ghiran’

Gunslinger Caethir Ghiran
No-one knows Caethir’s birth family name, except for himself and Risha Drayan. Adopting the clan name, which was not on any official record, only further enhanced this Smuggler’s anonymity. Caethir splits his time between working with the Alliance against the Eternal Empire and delivering goods between Republic and Empire clan members. Cocky and self-assured, Caethir and Sjana (below) make a humorous dynamic duo during Clan Gatherings. Although he sees the Force in action, he doesn’t pretend to understand it – nor does he particularly care. So long as the credits roll in, he’s not picky on who is customers are.

Sith Sorcerer Myrt’n Ghiran

Myrt'n Ghiran - Sith Sorcerer
Myrt’n, a Cathar Sith Sorcerer left behind the Dark Council many years ago. Despite Darth Marr giving him the “Darth Imperius” title, almost with gritted teeth, the title of Darth never suited this Light-Leaning Force User. Having been taken from his birth clan while still a cub, to be trained at the Korriban Academy, Myrt’n survived by not drawing attention to himself. He learned to use the Dark Side as a tool, without it affecting his identity. It was only when partnering with impetuous Jedi, Ashara, did he finally have someone he could entrust with his true loyalties. A staunch Imperial, but holding no value to the Emperor, Myrt’n is now forging his own path in the Galaxy, providing insights into the Force to the Ghiran Clan.

Clan Saber Trainer ‘Joix’ Ghiran

Joix Ghiran
Delighted to have found Myrt’n, Joix (as known to the wider galaxy) also shunned the Dark Side, in favour of channeling Light Side power in battle. Vicious when called for, Joix’s skill with a single blade has made her the melée trainer of the clan. Having mastered a balanced form, she has been able to assist Zav-Yun in defencive Lightsaber techniques. A quiet, unassuming, Cathar, one might mistake her silence as weakness or timidity, but she can prove to be the complete opposite when challenged.

Intelligence Mercenary Qan’luga Ghiran

Mercenary Qan'luga Ghiran
Qan’luga was invited to be part of the Ghiran Clan as she takes contracts from both sides of the war. This allows her, at a slight premium to the clan, to provide valuable intelligence to the Ghiran Family. Such intelligence helps Light Side Sith to continue to evade capture, allows the Smuggler’s to profit from roaming trade ships, and allows the Jedi to understand Imperial movements to pass to the Jedi Council. Although she does profit from it, she enjoys being part of this clan, alongside her Mandalorian ties. She has also found a surrogate brother in Caethir, and they often take trips to Nar Shadaa to let their Lekku down and to properly relax.

Medic Shadow Jedi Makayla

Shadow Jedi Makayla Nicole
Complimented on her ‘rare gift’ by Satele Shan, Makayla exemplifies balance in the Force. Her aggressive Double-Bladed Lightsaber technique but her calm exterior has confused many an opponent. Don’t take her pretty face for granted, if the rational choice is an elimination of a surrendered enemy, that’s exactly what will happen. Currently the ‘darkest’ Force User of the clan, she has surprised the Light Side Sith with her council. Her most tender side however, is providing medical support to the clan. She is skilled combining ingrediants found in the wild, into salves or stims. When clan members come back from battle with wounds, she tends to them. She may be fierce, but she is also fiercly loyal to those closest to her.

Master Sage Dzak-Jhan

Master Sage Dzak-Jhan
Where Makayla applies healing with practical solutions, Dzak-Jhan is a counciller, encouraging and uplifting people in the clan. A Master of mystical lore, he uses the Force to control the elements around him to both protect his allies, and to harm his foes. An unusual Jedi, Dzak-Jhan is pure Light Side, but won’t pass up on an opportunity to pass a comical line against a foe. His view is “if you’re going to war, you may as well do it smiling”. Calmly spoken, but holding strong opinions, he always listens to those who hold different opinions, which means he is respected at Clan Gatherings.

Drinks Master Sjana

Drinks Master, Smuggler Sjana
What Ghiran Clan Gathering would be complete without Alderaanian Brandy, or Corellian Ale? Not always paid for, but always high quality, Sjana has got away with more crimes than the average Smuggler. She pulls this off by managing several legitimate contracts with both the Empire and the Republic. Unwilling to be tied down, the pretty Mirialan refuses to be caught in a marriage scenario, which confounds male suitors from Coruscant to Abregado-Rae. She is more open to understanding things of the Force, especially since she crossed paths with fellow Mirialan Dzak-Jhan, but knows that a few blaster shots work far better than historic rhetoric.

Guardian Kyi’Yun

Jedi Guardian Kyi'Yun
Guardian Kyi lost his original Master when the Empire invaded Tython during the Revanite Conspiracy. The experience hardened his resolve, protecting his emotions from outside influence. When Zav-Yun saw potential in the young Padawan, he took him under his wing, and allowed him to part-share his name. That gave him a sense of belonging. Since becoming part of the Ghiran clan he has been part-trained by Joix in the art of Single Blade Lightsaber combat. His role in the clan is still developing but he is often seen around a Holo-terminal with Qan’luga looking at ways to protect his new family from those who might discover their cross-faction alliance.

Slicer Surah’lynn

Agent Surah'lynn
Since the dissolution of Imperial Intelligence, the former Hand of Jadus, cut ties with the Sith completely. Her aim in life is to be aimless. Wandering star systems for exploration, but mostly for profit, she sells data, via her various connections, to the highest bidder. Using her disturbingly similar appearance to Anarchist Kaliyo Djannis, she’s been able to live new aspects of life without personal repercussions. She sees the Ghiran Clan as something she can use for her own advantage, but once she committed she realised she would lose much more if she once again cut ties. Her role within the clan is to provide encrypted transmissions via her off-the-books stealth fighter. Orbiting city worlds for no more than one hour per day, the clan have enjoyed each others company by Holotransmitter when face-to-face meet-ups were impossible.

More from the Ghiran Legacy

More mini-bios from the Ghiran Clan to follow!

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