Sage in the Dark – Black and Red Jedi Consular SWTOR Outfit

Sage in the Dark - Female Chiss Jedi Consular Outfit for SWTORNot all Jedi are do-gooders, at least by the Jedi Code description anyway. This is the case with my Chiss Jedi Sage, core name Khalida, which incidentally means “eternal“. She’s aggressive, a little arrogant and loves to hit foes hard in the face with rocks. Who wouldn’t? And yes, she falls to the Dark Side during the class story. If I remember the first time I rolled Khalida I think it was Felix Iresso who “loved her back to the light” later on. So here we have her primary SWTOR outfit, which has been put together from a few sets and designed to complement the Chiss colours in her appearance. I’ve called it Sage in the Dark.

Sage in the Dark Screenshots

In order to not put too much pressure on myself, I’ve not done many in-action screenshots here. Instead I’ve just selected some from questing or from Jedi Consular class story cutscenes, enjoy!

/menace Emote for the Dark Jedi Look

A number of years ago, SWTOR phased out Light/Dark Side relics that you could acquire at Fleet. These used to have neat effects like this one:
Old style Dark Side Relic Effects from SWTOR

That’s from a previous iteration of Khalida that I deleted a few years ago when I took an overdose of Knights of the Fallen Empire!

So, instead, I sought out the emotes and you can get a temporary effect by using the /menace Emote, which used to be in Cartel packs (per Gamepedia SWTOR Wiki), so I’m unusure whether it’s still Cartel Market. I acquired mine from GTN I believe.

Khalida showing the SWTOR Emote - Menace

How to Make This Chiss* SWTOR Outfit

* Chiss is optional, but desirable!

  • Head: Nothing
  • Chest: Tund Sorcerer Upper Robe
    Dye: Black and Deep Red Dye Module
  • Hands: Satele Shan’s Gloves
  • Wrists: Force Veteran’s Bracers
  • Waist: Lana Beniko’s Belt
  • Legs: Lana Beniko’s Pants
  • Feet: Satele Shan’s Boots
  • Weapon: Instigator’s Lightsaber
  • Weapon Crystal: Purple-Black (Indestructible) Crystal
    Note: This is not the “Black-Purple Striated” crystals which were a subscriber reward a few years ago.

Dying If You’re F2P/Preferred

If you do not have the “Unify Colors” feature enabled, you will need to dye the individual components to get the same effect. However you only have to dye:

  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Boots
  • Gloves

Lightsaber Used

Since taking the initial screenshots I changed the weapon Khalida was using. After scouring GTN I finally decided on the Instigator’s Lightsaber for it’s pointy/angular look.

More SWTOR Outfits

You can find my other creations on the SWTOR Outfits landing page! If you would also like to contribute a design of your own, I’ll happily consider it, just get in touch via Twitter or message my Facebook page. May the Spoons Be With You.

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