SWTOR Imperial and Republic Fleet Maps – a Guide for Beginners (and the Forgetful)

SWTOR Beginners Guide to Imperial and Republic Fleet, Services and Vendors. Includes Maps!When your character leaves their starter planets, the first place you come to is the Imperial or Republic Fleet. You may be tempted to run straight for the shuttle to Coruscant or Dromund Kaas, but if you’re a beginner to SWTOR, then you should take time to explore the main Space Station at least. The Fleets offer outfits, gear upgrades, mounts and much more. You will come back here often during your time in the Galaxy. What I have created is a Beginner’s Guide to Imperial and Republic Fleet, along with accompanying maps. I think I’ve included nearly everything important in this Guide! Let’s explore.

How to Use this Fleet Guide & Map

If you tap the link/button below you’ll see a list of features and services available on the Fleet’s space station. This enables you to quickly skip to the information you want. Both the map and this guide work roughly clockwise (on the Republic side) from the top of the map, so hopefully that’s useful for you!
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Quick Travel Points

If you get lost, both space stations have a quick travel point on the main deck (inner circle) and in the Cartel Bazaar too. So feel free to use those to reorient yourself!

Space Station Maps

The Republic Fleet (with Carrick Station) and Imperial Fleet (with Vaiken Spacedock) all have the same facilities. One major difference is in the orientation of the quadrants. So Number 1 on the Republic Map is at the top, but is at the bottom on the Imperial Map.

The only other obvious differences is that you can shuttle to Coruscant, Tython and Ord Mantell from Carrick Station, but to Dromund Kaas, Korriban and Hutta from Vaiken Spacedock.

Republic Fleet – Carrick Station Map

Imperial Fleet – Vaiken Spacedock Map

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1. Dark Side and Light Side Vendors

If you’re newly arrived to the Empire or Republic Fleet, then it may seem confusing that you have two types of Dark and Light Side vendors. If you’re a new player to SWTOR then you can happily ignore the “Galactic Command Light Side Vendor” and the Dark Side equivalent.

What These Vendors Offer

The Dark Side and Light Side vendors do not just offer items for Jedi, as alignment applies to all your characters. Depending on their Force alignment and level you can visit these vendors to purchase:

  • Gear to boost your combat stats. You can also use these in making outfits in SWTOR.
  • Stronghold Decorations: See the section on the Stronghold Quest-giver.
  • Stronghold Titles: Temple of Darkness, Jedi Academy
  • Pets: Interrogation Droid, Little Sand Crawler
  • Mounts: Praxeon Xeno, Praxeon Aero

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2. Companion Gifts Vendors

As well as how they react to your conversation options during the game, gifts is another way to improve companion influence. Thankfully both the Empire and Republic Fleet have a range of gifts to buy your crew!

Low-Quality Gifts

Teintonja (Republic) and Tahoota (Empire) sell low-quality, green gifts. Don’t underestimate the power of low-quality gifts for companions with a low influence. Do try different ones out before buying a stack though! Also bear in mind that gifts can drop as loot from defeated enemies, so you may not need to buy any of these at all.

The base game up to Corellia can be achieved with companions under Level 10 influence, so use your credits wisely.

Lastly, there are some legacy currecy gifts. To just show those that can be purchased with credits, change the “Show All” drop-down to “Show Affordable”.

High Quality Gifts

Luna (for the Republic) and Kaiza (for the Empire) sells blue and purple gifts. These are more expensive but usually increase your influence more. Do ensure you look at the tooltip to see what effect a gift has on your companion before you purchase it. And if two gifts of the same grade both say ‘Moderate’ or ‘Large’ – try one of each before committing to buying multiple!

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3. Speeder Vendor

Once you have trained Speeder Piloting at your class trainer, you can unlock speeders for your character. Speeders are one type of mount you can use to travel around the galaxy quicker than running. Speeder Vendors can be found on various planets (after your starter planet) but also on fleet. Here you can purchase mounts with credits, then right-click it in your inventory to make it usable by your character.

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4. Starship Upgrades and Space Mission Vendors

If you undergo Space Missions in your starship, then you’ll need to come here. Space Missions get increasingly difficult and how you update your starship could mean success or failure. See the Starship Upgrades vendor for your faulty hyperdrives! Better upgrades can be purchased once your character is above certain levels. And if your crafting profession is Cybertech then you can learn to craft some upgrades too.

Space Missions vs Galactic Starfighter

Just a quick note on this: Space Missions and Galactic Starfighter are two separate things. Space Missions are Solo content, and the upgrades apply to your class’ starship. Galactic Starfighter is PvP and has separate ships, crew and equipment.

Fleet Commendations Vendor

Successfully completing Space Missions grants Starship Commendations. These can be traded for a variety of items, including gear/outfit items and upgrades for Galactic Starfighter.

Republic Outfits Available

Imperial Outfits Available
You can acquire the three outfits above, and these two:

Reputation Vendor

In this location you can also find a separate vendor who sells legacy-bound outfit/gear shells. However you need at least Hero standing with Republic Hyperspace Amarda or Imperial First Mobile Fleet before you can buy them.
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5. Cargo Holds And Guild Registrar

Personal & Guild Cargo Holds

Personal Cargo Holds are storage containers for any items that you don’t want to carry around in your inventory. They are not enabled by default for Free-to-Play players of SWTOR, but can be purchased from the Cartel Market (Money store). You can find Cargo Holds in the GTN quadrant and also on the inner ring of your faction’s main Space Station.

If you join a Guild in SWTOR, you can also access the Guild Cargo Holds from here. Different Guilds may have different access requirements, so don’t automatically assume you can get anything from Guild storage! It may be a good idea for you to ask your Guild leaders before taking items.

Guild Registrar

If you and some other players wish to start your own Guild, you can do so at the Guild registrar. What access and features you have depend on your membership level. You will be required to find four other people to found the new Guild with you before you can register it.
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6. Galactic Trade Network (GTN)

GTN is the player-to-player market for buying and selling items with credits. If you are Free-to-Play you can list two items (or stacks of items, if they stack) for sale at any given time. You can use GTN to purchase anything from crafting materials, to outfits and gear to mounts, emotes, pets and titles. Pretty much anything that is not character- or Legacy-bound can be sold via GTN. As with all shopping make sure you compare prices before deciding who to purchase from.
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7. Mailboxes

Mailboxes can be found all over the main deck of the space station! There are about 8 before you even venture into the Cartel Bazaar or the other fleet ships. If you’re a Free-to-Play Player you will not be able to send mail. However if you purchase items from Galactic Trade Market, they will be delivered by the in-game mail system. As you progress the various stories within SWTOR, NPCs will also send you mail, which gives you insights into their lives that you may not get via cutscenes. Some NPCs will even send you gifts and credits.
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8. Outbound Missions Hangars

Via this turbo-lift you can can access various missions, most of them being group flashpoints. If you want to mix up your levelling a bit then see if you can get a group together for these ones.

Dropship Launch Hangar

  • Colicoid War Games
  • Cademimu
  • The Red Reaper
  • Hammer Station
  • Mandalorian Raiders
  • Athiss Station

Starfighter Launch Deck

  • Kuat Drive Yards
  • PvP: Normal PvP Arenas, introductory PvP Quests and Introduction to Starfighter. However, PvP is also accessible on the main deck of the Space Station.

Outbound Missions Hangar

On this deck are flashpoints relating to the Shadow of Revan expansion. So if you’re only recently new to SWTOR then you do not need to worry about these. When you get that far, these Flashpoints can be run Solo, or with a small group.

  • Assault on Tython
  • Korriban Incursion
  • Legacy of the Rakata

Interfleet Transport

If you take this lift for no other reason than to enjoy the ride, it will be time well spent!

Interfleet Transport takes you to the other ships in your faction’s fleet:

  • Republic Fleet
    • Gav Daragon:
      • Operations Training Dummies
      • Mailbox
      • Personal Cargo Holds
      • Cantina and Stims Vendors
    • Telos: There is a Personal Cargo hold here you can use, if you have that feature unlocked on your account. Flashpoints accessed from here:
      1. Taral V
      2. Other Flashpoints may bring you here once you accept their missions. That said if you want to group up for Flashpoints, it will be far easier to use the Activities Panel to join a queue.
  • Imperial Fleet
    • Ziost Shadow
      • Medical Droid
      • Operations Terminal
      • Various Flashpoints start on this ship
      • Stims Vendor (Command Deck)
      • Operations Training Dummies (Command Deck)
      • Personal Cargo Hold, Modification Station & Mailbox (Command Deck)
      • Museum Deck
    • White Nova
      • Stims Vendor
      • Medical Droid
      • The Foundry (Flashpoint, Solo-able)

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9. Equipment and Gear Upgrades

If you’re a beginner to SWTOR, then this will be one of your most frequently-visited areas of fleet: the Supplies Section. In the first three booths are vendors offering armourings, barrels, hilts, mods and enhancements to upgrade your gear as you level. If you mouse-over or single click a vendor, you will be able to see the minimum level needed to equip the items that vendor sells.

What Levels Can I Upgrade At from these Vendors?

The vendors in the Supplies section have minimum levels for their upgrades. These are:

  • 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30, 34, 38, 42, 48, 52, 56, 60, 65

From Level 70, you’re into Galactic Command upgrades and alternative places to find gearing. These include crafting, Ossus Weeklies, Operations or even loot drops from fallen enemies.

And whatever the new gearing system in Play Your Way is!

Adaptive Gear Vendor

This vendor sells whole items of armour, which can be upgraded later. This, as well as the planetery/class gear you get from purple missions, can be one of the first places you buy outfit items from.

A quick note on this:

  • Items Without a Shield Icon will bind to your character on pickup (i.e. once you confirm your purchase), so their appearance cannot be shared with your other characters.
  • Items With a Shield Icon: are bound to Legacy, so they can be shared with your other characters. This includes cross-faction.

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10. Level 70 Gear Upgrades (Galactic Command)

As this Fleet Guide is intended for beginners of SWTOR, I won’t cover any detail about this. In Summary, here is where you can go to further inprove your gear if you’re Level 70. This may change with Spoils of War and Play Your Way, so I’ll revise this as/when that happens! I have put the number on the map on a dark background so that more important parts of fleet stand out more.
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11. Light and Dark Side Vendors (DvL, Galactic Command)

Again, unless you are L70+ and a subscriber, then you can ignore this section altogether. You can only earn tokens for these vendors if you’re a subscriber with access to Galactic Command. If you’re Level 70 and a Sub, then you can come to these vendors for cosmetic gear and other rewards, dependant on your Force Alignment.
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12. Coruscant / Dromund Kaas Departures

Once you finish your starter planet, you’ll be sent to Fleet. From there you’re ferried to either Coruscant (if a Republic character) or Dromund Kaas (if an Imperial Character). In this departure section you can choose to take the shuttle straight to your faction’s capital planet, or to run a Flashpoint:

  • The Esseles (Republic Fleet)
  • The Black Talon (Imperial Fleet)

These are Solo-able Flashpoints and they reward a speeder upon completion. Both offer chances to increase your influence with your first class companion too. If you undertake these Flashpoints then, at the end, you have the option of heading to your faction’s Capital World or back to fleet.
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13. Item Modification Stations

Item Modification Stations allow you to update the Armourings/Mods (etc) in your gear. If your account does not let you do this anywhere in the Galaxy, then seek out one of these stations. The one thing no player can do without a station is add augmentation upgrades. You must have an augmentation kit and then use a Modification Station to complete the upgrade. But unless you are at level cap and roughly doing level-cap events or content, you should not need to worry about Augments!
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14. XP Boost Disabler (e.g. for Double-XP Events)

Sometimes SWTOR run Double XP events, which coupled with the effects of Level Sync, can mean you level really quickly! For some players that’s perfect, for others it may feel like a rush to the top. If you wish to disable XP Event boosts, then speak to this Gree Representative to acquire a White Acute Module. It’s free and legacy-bound.

When ‘used’ in your inventory, it gives you an entry in your Buffs to say that event XP is disabled. It has an 8 hour cooldown so be sure to check it’s active if that’s what you want.

Notes on XP Disabling in SWTOR

  • Just be aware, if you’re using XP-Boost consumables, the White Acute module does not counteract those. But I believe you can right-click the other buffs’ square to remove it if you wish.
  • This Gree vendor is only available during XP Events.

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14b (Oops): Skill Mentor: Change Your Trait Tree

If you want to change your class specialisation (discipline), you can do so at the Mentor. You can’t change your actual class – i.e. a Jedi Shadow cannot switch to Jedi Sage. However if you wanted to move from being Tank to DPS, or DPS to Healer (if available) for example then you can do so here.

Note: this service is free for subscribers, but will cost credits for non-subscribers.
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15. Class Trainers

While class trainers can be found around the Galaxy, you will always be able to find one on fleet. You will know if you need to visit a class trainer from your Ability Panel. And trainers who have abilities ready for you to train have a green light over their heads. Whenever you’re between planets, come back here to make sure you have all the skills and buffs you can get for combat as well as gear upgrades.

Each ‘base’ class has their own booth, which is why there are 4 marks on the map.
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16. Heroic Mission Terminal

Heroic Missions are daily-repeatable 2-4 Person Missions with higher difficulty than normal missions. But they also pay well in terms of credits and have a better gear reward, scaled to your level, too. Most Heroics marked as Heroic 2+ are, in theory, Solo-able with your companion. Though there are a few out there that are really difficult on your own. But many are do-able with just your companion too.

Although you can find heroics both from Quest-givers, and from Heroic terminals on planets, if you want to pick up a few to blitz them, then this is right terminal for you. Each Heroic Mission accepted provides an easy-to-use quick-travel item. This transports you very close to the start of the mission. If you don’t craft then running, say, the Coruscant Heroics at a higher level will give you upgraded gear.
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17. Other Missions

Other content you can access from the Combat Training quandrant of fleet are:

  • Uprisings: Level 70, I believe.
  • Operations: if the Operations Terminal has a yellow triangle above it, then you can join an Operation for your level.
  • Priority Missions: Introductory quests to: Crafting, PvP/Warzones and Introduction to Group Finder (Flashpoints)

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18. PvP (Player-Vs-Player) Vendors

If you decide to enjoy PvP – e.g. Warzones – then these vendors are specifically aimed at you. What you can purchase will depend on

  • Your Level
  • Valor Rating (a character stat that can only be increased by PvP)
  • How many credits you have.

Example items are

  • Moddable Weapons
  • Weapon Crystals
  • Pets and Mounts
  • Warzone Adrenals

If you reach the grand target of ranked PvP then there are special rewards available to you from the Hutt and his assistant!
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19. Crafting Trainers and Crew Skills Trade Vendor

When you first arrive at Imperial or Republic Fleet, that is the perfect time to decide if you want to do crafting. From Coruscant and Dromund Kaas, gathering ‘nodes’ appear on the map allowing you to collect crafting materials. If you want to craft head to this section of fleet.

Notes About Crew Skills Trainers

  • You will want to right-click on all the crafting/crew skills trainers on your first visit. Doing so gives you XP as it unlocks a Codex Entry explaining each crafting profession.
  • Read those Codex Entries to see which Crew Skills accompany your chosen crafting profession.
  • As you progress your crafting, more schematics will become available to purchase (with credits). So come back regularly to ensure you have the latest schematics.
  • The first booth contains the actual making professions. The second booth is for the gathering missions you can send your companions on to aid your crafting.

Crew Skills Trade Vendor

At this vendor you can purchase (with credits) ingredients and components that may be needed for your crafting. These can often be acquired through relevant Crew Skills (companion missions). However, if you’re F2P, or in a hurry, then you may need to visit this vendor.
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20. Guild Flagship Services

If you run a guild, you may wish to unlock a guild flagship as well as a guild stronghold. There’s no scope to go into this in detail here, sadly. However, guilds can work together to win Conquest objectives and flagships play a part in that.

Facilities in this booth are:

  • Flagship Directory: to purchase your guild flagship
  • Guild Cargo Hold
  • Conquest Equipment Vendor
  • Decorations Vendor so you can decorate the inside of your flagship
  • Conquest Rewards Vendor
  • Flagship Commissioner: enables you to unlock expansions on your flagship.

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21. Class Starship Hangars

Once you complete your faction’s capital world’s class story (Coruscant and Dromund Kaas), you will receive your starship. On both Imperial and Republic Fleet, each base class has their own hangar which you can easily access from the inner ring of the Space Station. If you take the wrong door it doesn’t matter! The hangar deck is also circular so you can run to the correct hangar.

Priority Transport Terminal

Just outside your class’ hangar is a Priority Transport Terminal. As you progress through content travel locations will unlock on this terminal. There is no cost in credits for using these terminals, so take advantage of them to save credits in SWTOR.

22. Starter Planet Shuttle Services

If you don’t have your starship yet (which you receive at the end of your class mission on Coruscant or Dromund Kaas) then you can use the shuttle service to get back to the starter planets.

  • Republic: Tython and Ord Mantell, on the left of the map.
  • Empire: Korriban and Hutta, on the right of the map.

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23. Security Key Vendor

If you have added a SWTOR security key to your account, then this vendor is open to you. You can also find Security Key Vendors on Coruscant and Dromund Kaas.

There are a selection of items open to you:

  • Companion Customisations (Requires: Crew Member Appearance Unlock)
  • Mounts
  • Single Use Fleet-Passes
  • Stronghold Utilities
  • Pets
  • A Title (Requires: Display Character Title Unlock)
  • Female-Character Dancer’s Outfit
  • White and Deep Red Dye Module

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24. Medical Droid

At this droid you can sell your trash items and get repaired. You can also pick up some basic medpacs and stims.

But, if the Rakghoul Resurgence Event is on, then you can get Rakghoul Vaccine here. To protect yourself from getting infected by other players (yes that’s a thing) or to stop the plague getting worse if you are infected, then get to this vendor quickly!
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25. The Cartel Bazaar

The Cartel Bazaar offers a wide range of services even when events are not running! You can also find facilities here that exist on the main deck, but may be quieter except when Bounty Contract Week is live.

Cartel Bazaar Facilities

A summary of vendors and facilities is:

  • Bounty Contract Week quest terminals and turn-in dropboxes.
  • Galactic Trade Network kiosks
  • Personal Cargo Holds
  • Mailbox
  • Quick Travel Point
  • Jawa Scrap Peddlers: if you obtain Jawa scrap, you can trade them here for crafting materials and companion gifts. Scrap is granted if you reach your Conquest target, can drop in COmmand Crates (Level 70+ and subscribers only), and I think some remnant Cartel Market packs too.
  • Reputation Vendors: you can acquire gear, decorations, mounts, cosmetics etc from these vendors. Whether you can buy them will depend on your reputation level with the various groups and how much of a specific non-credits currency you have.
  • Companion Customisation Vendor (Requires: Crew Member Appearance unlock)
  • Droid / Creature Companion NPC: If you acquire a license for a droid or creature companion, you’ll need to visit the Cartel Bazaar to collect them.
  • Pets: I’d not noticed before, but the droid next to Basuda the Hutt sells two pets for credits (no reputation requirement and no special currency).

Appearance Designer

Appearance Designer lets you change pretty much everything about your character’s look, including race! However this can only be with Cartel Coins. The sum total of changes is shown at the bottom before you confirm your choices. That’s good, because on my F2P Account, changing race costs 1200CC!

26. Strongholds & Stronghold Decorations

Strongholds are player/character housing in SWTOR. From this section of Fleet, you can purchase Strongholds on various worlds and also acquire decorations.

Strongholds cost from a few credits (or free for Subscribers) for Dromund Kaas and Coruscant, up to 3 million credits for Rishi! You can also unlock extra rooms, areas or wings from within your Stronghold for additional credits.

If you take up crafting you can create “Prefabs”, which are exchanged at the droids in this area, and convert these to decorations.

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Missions/Flashpoint Quest-Giver NPCs

Dotted around both fleets are quest-givers that begin certain missions. Some are Flashpoints (which may be solo-able or group only), some unlock daily areas and others start whole new quest/story content. I’ve given alphabet letters to these to help you locate specific quest-givers.

Republic Fleet Missions

  1. Oricon (Story plus Dailies)
  2. Kaon Under Siege (Flashpoint)
  3. Directive 7 (Flashpoint, Soloable)
  4. Czerka Corporate Labs (Flashpoint)
  5. Macrobinocular Missions (Mostly Solo, exploration missions)
  6. Seeker Droid Missions (Mostly Solo, exploration missions)
  7. Strongholds Introductions (Unlocks at L15, grants free, basic decorations and Legacy Cargo Hold)
  8. Shadow of Revan (Expansion) Intro – All story is Soloable, except when repeating the Flashpoints.
  9. Ilum (All Soloable with final flashpoints being Solo or group)
  10. Holonet: Starts the Black Hole (Mini-Story to unlock Daily area)
  11. Taral V (Flashpoint, Soloable)
  12. Section X (Mini Story, leads to Section X Daily Area): Requires: Subscription or Cartel Market Unlock

Imperial Fleet Missions

  1. Oricon (Story plus Dailies)
  2. Kaon Under Siege (Flashpoint)
  3. Directive 7 (Flashpoint, Soloable)
  4. Czerka Corporate Labs (Flashpoint)
  5. Macrobinocular Missions (Mostly Solo, exploration missions)
  6. Seeker Droid Missions (Mostly Solo, exploration missions)
  7. Strongholds Introductions (Unlocks at L15, grants free, basic decorations and Legacy Cargo Hold)
  8. Shadow of Revan (Expansion) Intro – All story is Soloable, except when repeating the Flashpoints.
  9. Ilum (All Soloable with final flashpoints being Solo or group)
  10. Sergeant Karloss: Starts the Black Hole (Mini-Story to unlock Daily area)
  11. Boarding Party (Flashpoint, Soloable)
  12. Section X (Mini Story, leads to Section X Daily Area): Requires: Subscription or Cartel Market Unlock

N. News Terminals

When events are live (which is most weeks these days), the News Terminals offer the intro stories related to those events.

These Events are (Links to external sites to help you discover more):

Both Relics of the Gree and Dantooine Incursion have minimum level requirements.

TL;DR – What Can You Do at Imperial and Republic Fleet in SWTOR?

In short: Many, many things! You can upgrade your gear, find new outfits, trade with other players, train new combat skills and buy strongholds and decorations for them. So I hope this guide to both Imperial and Republic Fleet has been useful. If you feel I’ve missed anything important, please let me know so I can ensure the guide and map are as accurate as possible. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “SWTOR Imperial and Republic Fleet Maps – a Guide for Beginners (and the Forgetful)

  1. Great guide, FJ! Too bad the fleet is undergoing big changes in 6.0 so you’ll likely need to make some major updates soon.

    Just some small comments:

    – There are quick travel points on the Telos/White Nova and Gav Daragon/Ziost Shadow too.
    – The free speeder from the Black Talon/Esseles: Have you tested that recently? Just wondering since I didn’t get one last time I did that on a new character and when I googled it I found comments saying that it had been removed with 4.0 or 5.0.
    – The Telos also gives access to Maelstrom Prison.
    – The White Nova also gives access to Boarding Party.
    – The combat section doesn’t really give “access” to operations, the terminal there just hands out repeatable weekly quests for them.
    – You sort of mention that there Is more on the Gav/Ziost – considering the high detail in the rest of your guide, why not lay it all out? πŸ™‚ The flashpoints there are D7, Kaon and Lost Island and you can access the operations Eternity Vault, Karagga’s Palace, Explosive Conflict, Terror From Beyond and Scum and Villainy. For the latter there are also one-time quest givers for each ops.

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Shintar – and I must have missed the memo about major changes to fleet come 6.0. Darnit! Oh well, it’s still valid for a month.

      1) Free Speeder: I haven’t run it for a bit, but I’ll do so this week, hopefully and check that. Bit of a strange thing to remove if they did. I’m pretty sure I see lowbies riding that model of speeder. But I’m happy to check.
      2) I’ll add extra detail for Gav/Ziost then. I think after nearly 2 weeks of working on it I wanted to get version 1 out! But these kind of guides are rarely a done-once-and-leave-it deal anyway.

      Will have a look at these updates later this week!

      1. The free speeder does seem to be gone. Playing Talon/Esseles in story mode will get you a decoration object; however, as a tip for your readers, they’ll almost always want to play it in Veteran mode. Since Talon/Esseles is a 2-man for like level 10, it can easily be done on veteran mode even solo, and will drop purple gear from bosses that it won’t in story mode. Better XP too. Warning, though–the bonus on Esseles can’t be soloed in veteran mode, because the unlock requires 2 players to click terminals on opposite sides. I’ve never been able to click both myself.

  2. Another tip for social players. If you’re in a group, you can enter another player’s ship using the fleet hangar bay. Why enter group members’ ships? Well, a player with access to Zakuul can take another player along who hasn’t unlocked the planet yet. Or if a player wants some extra help on a class-specific mission, a group member from a different class can tag along.

    Both players need to have “allow access to same class/personal phase” selected in Preferences > Social. If a knight wants to join another knight’s phase (for example), an option will pop up to “create” a new personal phase or “join” the other player’s; select join. Otherwise, a smuggler (for example) can enter a knight’s phase and join him on his ship. You can always use the ship’s escape pod to leave.

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