Golden Gun – SWTOR Chiss Bounty Hunter Outfit

Golden Gun - SWTOR Chiss Bounty Hunter OutfitIn this, the second of my SWTOR Outfits, I wanted to feature a challenge set to me by a friend: to create an outfit for a Chiss based on colours from Chiss culture. So this is my Bounty Hunter Sojourna (Darth Malgus server). Historically I have played it easy creating outfits based on muted browns, greys and blacks. In honesty, there are a lot of truly horrible dyes in SWTOR! However, there are also some fabulous ones too. It took me some time to put this outfit together but I am pleased with the result. So here’s my first Bounty Hunter outfit – enjoy!

Chiss Colours | In Action | In Story | Make It

What Colours are Associated with the Chiss?

The depth of analysis of this question is not the place of a post helping you to discover new SWTOR attire. However I found some helpful background on SWCombine. To summarise, for various classes and roles in society, these are the colours:

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red

White appears to be reserved for those of high military status and black likely for those in the military. So for this Chiss outfit, a Bounty Hunter, black and white are out.

The Golden Gun – Chiss SWTOR Outfit in Action

I have personal aversion to Blue-and-Red and Blue-and-Yellow combinations in design. That left Red-and-Yellow to work with. I’m still getting to grips with taking screenshots in combat, so I used to training dummy in Kaas City! I also wanted to show some of the amazing effects that the Mercenary has.

During Story

I thought with this one I’d also show how I’ve used it while enjoying SWTOR storytelling. This outfit didn’t see the light of day until Jedi Under Siege on Ossus. I had used a Black-and-Red or Black-and-Light Grey outfit before then.

In case you’re wondering what mount I’m using, it’s the MSM JT-9 Jetpack.

How to Make this SWTOR Outfit

As a Bounty Hunter is made up of myriad parts, I’ve also included which weapons, crystals and tuning I’ve used here. Her jetpack was gifted by a player years ago who was taking an extended break from the game. So I put it to good use!

Dye Module

Deep Red and Deep Yellow Dye Module.


Not many of my SWTOR characters actually wear helmets. My Jedi and Sith have nothing, or a circlet. And Sojourna prefers to use her own eyes when hunting her targets down. I think you’ll have to mess with a few helmets to find one that works for you. The challenge is finding one that really fits the chestpiece. But one option is:
Vile Hunter’s Helmet

I tried the DvL Vendor, which is where the chestpiece comes from. But I personally thought it looked ugly…and definitely not Light Side!


Righteous Enforcer’s Body Armour (Fleet DvL Vendor, Light Side)

Hands, Wrists and Weapons

In many cases, gloves hide the wrist slot. That is true of this SWTOR outfit, so you can use anything – or nothing (if you want to save the stamp fee!).

  • Hands: Alliance Emissary’s Gloves
  • Wrists: Alliance Emissary’s Cuffs
  • Weapons: Zakuulan Exile’s Blaster, Zakuulan Exile’s Offhand Blaster
  • Weapon Tuning: Galactic Command Tuning
  • Weapon Crystals: Advanced Blue Outline Hawkeye Crystal, Advanced Magenta Outline Eviscerating Crystal


I wanted something bulky for this bounty hunter outfit, but nothing with silly straps down the legs. In the end I chose one that would not be obvious for a Mercenary: Alliance Emissary’s Clasp.

Am so grateful for the new SWTOR Gear Preview Window to get these close-up shots!


While being well-protected matters for a Bounty Hunter, so is the ability to move freely and easily. So often Sojourna wears normal, everyday trousers. But in this case, she went for a skirt: Lana Beniko’s Pants.

The fancy bits from the chestpiece actually wrap really well over the hips and under the belt. There is no clipping either, so it hugs the female form perfectly.


Creativity in making SWTOR outfits comes by being brave enough to mix-and-match items from various armour sets. So that is the case with the feet, which is from a different DvL set than the chestpiece: Righteous Harbinger’s Boots.

TL;DR – a Brave Yellow and Red Bounty Hunter Outfit!

I was surprised how much I liked this outfit once I finished creating it! Yellow is usually towards the bottom of the colour-choice list. But creating a Chiss Bounty Hunter outfit in SWTOR that was lore-related, even though freelance killing was not an obvious for a Chiss. If you find a helmet that suits this outfit better, please let me know. If I can get hold of it, I’ll credit you with the change. Thanks!

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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I really enjoy your posts, especially the guides you have done. I don’t have a disease like fibromyalgia, but I received a brain injury in an accident that leaves me dealing with high pain/low energy days too. Somehow your guides agree with the pace that I have to work with. Thanks for putting them together. I hope you have more good days than bad.