Personal Conquest in SWTOR: Get Rewarded Simply by Playing the Game!

SWTOR Personal Conquests - What are they and how do I complete one?

The last few SWTOR patches (at the time of writing) brought updates to the Conquests System in the game. Importantly, Personal Conquests had a huge overhaul, making them accessible to all players. Yes, even players just starting out on Tython, Korriban or Hutta.

But if you’re new to Star Wars: The Old Republic, you may be wondering “What is Conquest”? In this overview beginners guide, I’ll help you answer that question and see why you may want to complete a conquest each week.

What is the Conquest System?

What Is Conquest in SWTOR Anyway?
Before dealing with personal conquests, it’s helpful to give a very brief explanation about non-personal conquests. Across the galaxy, guilds in SWTOR fight a silent war over different planets. It’s silent because it isn’t PvP (though PvP may feature), no ground wars or space battles are ignited. Instead, individual players score points by achieving certain objectives. Those points build towards a personal total, but also feed into the guild’s score to see who wins the planetary battle. Hence why it’s called a Conquest.

Individuals Still Rewarded

For quite a long time (and possibly forever, but I can’t vouch for that), if you hit your conquest target points then you, personally, would get a reward. This is irrespective of whether your guild (if you have one) is realistically in with a fighting chance or not. I suspect many, if not most, players completed conquest for their personal reward. This is just due to the sheer number of guilds battling it out. I may be wrong. Anyway…

My (Now Fixed) Problem with Old Conquests

I am not going to address guild conquests in this post, simply because I have no experience of them. However, previously, to hit my personal conquest target I usually had to

  • Do something grindy: e.g. defeat 100 of an enemy time on a planet
  • Take part in something uncomfortable – e.g. PvP, Harder Heroics
  • Do trickier Guild Conquest crafting. Some of these schematics require multiple characters to craft so a lot of logging in/out.
  • Undertake a difficult Flashpoint

Or simply, some weeks, I looked at the list and (for me personally) decide I couldn’t do it.

Completing an old Personal Conquest in SWTOR

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Enter, New Personal Conquests

While, as I said, individuals were already being rewarded for hitting their weekly conquest target, they were not “personal”. By that I mean, it was difficult (for me) to truly have the freedom to choose how to complete it. What has changed with Personal Conquest?

Update 6.1.1

Patch 6.1.1 introduced the following improvements:

  • Do What You Want: Quite a while ago, SWTOR coined the phrase Play Your Way. While we’re a ways down the road since then, these changes to Personal Conquests really served to reinforce that. There is now a huge raft of qualifying activities that let you earn conquest points. More on this later (or you can skip to it, if you’d like to).
  • Tiers of Rewards: Your conquest rewards are adjusted to reflect your character’s level. There are three different reward tiers.
  • Accessibility: You can easily travel to the right place in the Galaxy to complete a Personal Conquest item. If the item is a Crew Skill or Crafting item, then a helpful button is provided to open that panel.

This means, whether you’re in a guild or not, hitting your personal conquest target is pretty easy. You basically get rewarded for playing the game the way you want to.

My Cathar Sith Warrior and Theron Shan on Iokath in SWTOR

New Personal Conquest Benefits Guilds Too

@CelynTheRaven points out that the new system really helps Guilds too:

…because those who actively participate can do it on more characters (or get more points on one character). Those who don’t actively participate help indirectly.

Because conquest now happens much easier, both play/character and the guild they’re in benefit!

So, if you are in a guild, then consider helping them along a bit too. If the Guild hits their target then you can get even more rewards too.

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Where is the Conquest Information?

Click/Tap this image to see it full size
You can find your personal conquest progress, along with the current list of valid activities in the same window as your Mission Log. Conquest is the second tab along.

Repeatable, Kind of Repeatable, not Repeatable? What?

Yes, good question! Different items in the activity list have different rules on whether you can repeat them:

  1. Infinitely Repeatable: You can keep repeating the same item for points as many times a day as you want. A good example of this is in some of the crafting objectives.
  2. Daily repeatable: You can only complete this once per legacy, per day. After each daily reset, you can redo the task. See Reset Timers.
  3. Once per Legacy: some items can only be completed once per legacy during the current Conquest Period. For the avoidance of doubt for newer players – just call it once per server.

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Reset Timers

As I managed to mis-time a personal conquest the other day I figure answering these questions would be helpful!

When Do SWTOR Conquests Reset?

Thanks to @CelynTheRaven for cluing me on on this! Conquests last for a week and end at 5pm GMT on Tuesdays. This translates as:

  • 12pm EST, 1pm EDT
  • 6pm BST
  • 6pm CET, 7pm CEST

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When Do Conquests Restart?

There is a 1 hour gap between one conquest ending and another commencing. So new conquests will start on Tuesday at 6pm GMT or

  • 1pm EST, 2pm EDT
  • 7pm BST
  • 7pm CET, 8pm CEST

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When Do SWTOR Dailies Reset?

Dailies reset at 12pm Noon GMT each day, or

  • 7am EST, 8am EDT
  • 1pm BST
  • 1pm CET, 2pm CEST

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How Do I Earn Personal Conquest Points?

As I said above, you effectively earn them just by playing the game. However, you may have to check the list and purposefully tick something off. So, last time around, when I was a few points short, I took a look at the list and earned points for giving a gift to a companion and then more for raising my companion influence level. There are a lot of ways to earn Personal Conquest Points.

Note: The options available to you will change depending on your character’s level. No, hopping on a taxi does not earn you personal conquest points on your Level 75 character. Yes, I looked!

Combat Objectives

  • There is no conquest without war. And there’s no war without combat.
  • Defeat Enemies: Look for “defeat enemies” items in the Conquest tab and go get ’em!
  • Defeat Enemies 2: A planet may have two “levels” to gear with conquest points being awarded for each level.
  • Thrashing Enemies: (My name, not a real objective!). Defeating enemies adds a few points to your score, too.
  • Flashpoints: Complete a Story Mode Flashpoint (Infinitely Repeatable)

Mission Objectives

  • Simply completing missions counts towards your Personal Conquest score.
  • Complete a Story Mission (Indicated by Purple Quest Triangles in-game)
  • Normal, side-quests on particular planets. Bonus missions also count (Daily Repeatable)!
  • Heroic Missions: there are two objective here: one for completing a single Heroic (Daily Repeatable) and for ten Heroics (Not Repeatable)
  • Space Combat (this is different to PvP Starfighter battles)
  • Daily Areas: Complete missions in daily areas (Daily Repeatable) and complete the [Weekly] in them too.
  • Bonus Series: complete bonus series on eligible planets (Daily Repeatable). These were made repeatable a short while ago.
  • Chapters: Complete chapters of KotFE and KotET (Daily Repeatable)

Crafting Activities

  • Some crafting objectives are personal and some relate to your Guild’s Conquest:
  • Craft Any Item: Make any 50 items, get points! (Infinitely Repeatable)
  • Craft War Supplies: these are special crafting schematics you’ll need to pick up from your crafting trainer. But they are essential to any Guild conquest your guild is undertaking.
  • Aid the War Effort: donate war supplies to the Empire or the Republic! (Infinitely Repeatable)
  • Crew Skills Rank Up: increase the level of any of your Crew Skills. This can be gathering as well as crafting. (Daily Repeatable)
  • Harvesting: gather crafting materials from 10 nodes anywhere in the Galaxy. (Infinitely repeatable)


  • Remember companion influence affects their ability to support you in combat. To that end, you can earn Conquest points for:
  • Giving a Gift: Give any gifts to one of your companions (Daily Repeatable)
  • Influencer: Increase a companion’s influence level by any method (Daily Repeatable)
  • Send them on Missions: Send companions on 5 × Crew Skills Missions (Daily Repeatable)
  • Credits for Junk: have your companion sell scrap in your inventory, rather than at a vendor. (Daily Repeatable)

Group Missions

  • For those of you that can, get additional rewards for completing various group conquest objectives:
  • Activity Finder: complete various group content via Activity Finder
  • Starfighter (PvP): various objectives here including both partaking in Starfighter matches and winning them.
  • Warzones (PvP): Fight in arenas, win medals, complete the Weeklies. Go mad for extra rewards!
  • Operations: complete an operation on Story, Veteran and Master Modes (Daily Repeatable, one for each tier)

Other Advancements

  • Simply progressing your character in SWTOR can further your conquest progress. Examples are:
  • Assigning a Utility Point in Combat Proficiencies
  • Levelling Up: there are two different objectives: level up once (Daily Repeatable) and level up five times (Infinitely Repeatable).
  • Legacy: Increase your Legacy Level (Daily Repeatable)
  • Reputation: Increase Reputation with any faction. This may tie in with Bounty Contract Week and the SWTOR Rakghoul Event too, for example.
  • Renown: for level 75 characters, increasing your Renown Rank also earns Personal Conquest Points.

Wait, There’s More!

As if all that wasn’t enough, here’s some misc items that count too! Again, remember not all activities are available to all character levels.

  • Hail a taxi
  • Strongholds: Collect and place five decorations in your stronghold, unlock an expansion and purchase a stronghold. All Daily Repeatable.
  • Amplifiers: Recalibrate an Amplifier (Daily Repeatable)
  • Loyalist/Saboteur: For characters in the Onslaught mission arc, there are specialist objectives. These are different depending on whether you chose loyalist or saboteur during Jedi Under Siege.

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Tracking Conquest Objectives

A neat feature of Conquests is inherited from the Legacy Panel: the ability to track your progress. I forget where the default position is of this UI element. But when you track an achievement or conquest item, it pops up on your screen.

To track an item, simply click the “tickbox” (for want of a better word) just underneath the item name. To untrack it, untick it. Simples.

You can track plenty of items, but only a few will be visible in the UI at once. When you clear one, if you have more waiting, then it will display another of your tracked items.

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Example Conquest Rewards

What rewards you receive for successfully reaching 50,000 points depends on your character’s level. But a sample of them are:

Additional XP / Renown XP

Credits, Renown XP, Light and Darkside Points
Completing your personal conquest nets you additional: XP/Renown XP, Credits and Light/Dark side points for your Force Alignment.

Credit Chip Certificate

25k Credit Chip Certificate
Sell these Credit Chip Certificates to in-game vendors for additional credits. And yes this is a stack of four, giving you a 100,000 Credit Bonus!

Class Mission XP Boost

Complimentary Minor Class Mission XP Boost
Get an XP boost for your Class Story Missions! Cannot be combined with other generic XP boost consumables.

Companion Gifts

Satchel of Companion Gifts
A random selection of goodies to help you improve your companion influence level. Go, make friends, conquer worlds. That sort of thing.

Crafting Materials

Solid Resource Matrix is a Conquest Reward
Depending on your level, you could receive special crafting materials like this Solid Resource Matrix.

Tech Fragments

100 Tech Fragments
Tech Fragments can be bartered on Republic and Imperial Fleet for unindentified gear pieces from the Spoils of War (SoW) Vendor.

Gathering Lockbox

Gathering Lockbox (Universal) - Stronghold Decorations
The decorations you receive allow you to gather crafting materials in your Stronghold! So if you just need a little bit of something to finish a crafted item, then these can really help.

Stat Gear

Stat Gear - Eternal Contender Force Healer's Cache
You will receive level-appropriate combat gear. This may help you make outfits too.
Small Conquest Equipment Crate - Gear Reward
For L75 characters, you’ll get a Renown Crate as a reward. These attempt to provide items close to, or a little above your current, average item level.

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TL;DR Personal Conquest in SWTOR is for Everyone!

With a host of worthwhile rewards, there’s no reason to jump into your own Personal Conquest! You may find you hit your target without even trying to. But check your character’s current score too – and see if you just need to do a little something to hit 50,000 points. All players in SWTOR can embrace Conquests now, for glory, victory and, naturally, credits! May the Spoone Be With You.

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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