The Black-Clad Warrior – SWTOR Outfit

The Black-Clad Warrior - SWTOR OutfitBeing a Light Side Sith Warrior is not an easy role to play. You must defend the Empire and ensure its citizens still respect the strength and authority of the Sith, while not compromising on your own standards. Thus, Schlektani here ensures he has a few outfits designed to express that strength. The Black Clad-Warrior is a SWTOR outfit made up of parts from a few sets. This is one of my more complicated creations, so let’s take a look.

Black-Clad Warrior In Action

To create this cosmetic appearance I have harnessed a chestpiece and cloak, which can get a little messy in combat! To be honest he rarely wears cloaks or cape while actually fighting. He wields a sword, rather than a Lightsaber, which catches allies and foes alike off-guard.

How to Create this SWTOR Outfit

In order to keep this fairly dark, but without using Cartel Coins or an extortionate number of credits, I have used the Black and Light Gray Dye, which is craftable by Artificers. You could

  • Head: Shadowsilk Force Expert’s Headgear (Craftable)
  • Chest: Arkan’s Cloak
    Save Credits: this has a copy available at the Adaptive Gear Vendor (Republic). It is called: RD-07A Viper Body Armour (2500 Credits)
  • Hands: Vile Hunter’s Gloves
  • Wrists: Overwatch Security Bracers
  • Waist: Vrook Lamar’s Belt
  • Legs: Zayne Carrick’s Pants
  • Feet: Zakuulan Inquisitors Boots
  • Weapon: Cathar Honor Sword

Outfit Components Close Up

It’s kind of challenging to get close-ups of feet, but I’ve done my best with some image enlargement. If it’s a tad pixelated I apologise!

May the Force Be With You

The full Sith Warrior outfit, mid-swing!
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