SWTOR – Alderaan GSI Missions Guide

SWTOR Alderaan GSI Missions Guide / WalkthroughWelcome to my guide for the Alderaan GSI Missions in SWTOR! I really enjoy the tasks given to you by Galactic Solutions Industries here, especially digging up and testing ancient Killik weapons. But there’s a bit of everything in just five quests on this planet. There is a fair amount of travel involved, so I would urge you to enjoy the scenery of Alderaan while undertaking jobs for GSI. Relax and enjoy.

Note: CXP and reputation gains are stated before taking any Legacy boosts.

How To Use This GSI Guide

Below is a quick menu you can use to skip to the GSI Mission you’re interested in. Screenshot thumbnails are provided, simply click/tap them to open them full-screen. They are kept small in the post to improve load time.

You can quickly return to this menu using the ↑ Menu links at the end of each GSI Mission walk-through, or use the square up-arrow in the bottom right of your screen.


The only requirements for being able to pick up these Alderaan GSI Missions, and those on other planets are

  • Seeker Droid: Available from Level 52 via quests Master Gend’s Mission (Republic) or An Invitation from Darth Acina (Imperial)
  • Macrobinoculars: Obtained via The Shroud’s Gambit (Republic) and Shroud of Ruin (Imperial)

The quest-givers are protocol droids – some are on your faction’s fleet and some are on planets such as: Dromund Kaas, Coruscant, Makeb and Ilum (More info on Dulfy).
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Where to Pick Up the Alderaan GSI Missions

The GSI Terminals can be found just outside
Rhu Caenus Spaceport: (Imperial)

Pallista Spaceport: (Republic)
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Antiquity Analysis – Find & Test Ancient Killik Weapons

The culture of the Killiks intrigues Galactic Solutions Industries so they send you to find some relics for study.

Where Are Killik Memorials on Alderaan?

To this end you to visit one of Killik Memorials. Choices are

  1. Kaamos Territory: (2309,-1440). I usually go here on Imperial characters.
  2. King’s Pass: (2302,2313). This is also near a scan site for Big Red.
  3. Alsakan Lowlands: Mensaav Laboratory Grounds (740,1233) – Just North of Republic Wardpost Duvaal. And near a tower for Weather Forecast. Ignore the actual map marker here – you can’t actually reach that exact point!
Once there you need to dig up 3 × Ancient Killik Weapons. There is no guesswork involved in finding where your Seeker Droid should dig. Simply look for the piled-up blocks and pottery and dig away. You will have to dispatch some Killiks to complete your excavation.
After you have collected some weapons, the fun part begins – testing them! Near to your faction’s spaceport on Alderaan is a shooting range. Simply target a droid and press the mission item icon in your tracked missions (or from Inventory if you prefer).

Antiquity Analysis auto-completes once you have tested three weapons. Sometimes you destroy a test droid and another one takes its place, sometime they backfire!

Antiquity Analysis Rewards (Assumes Level 70)

  • Credits: 14,220
  • Command XP: 75 CXP
  • GSI Reputation: Repair Toolkit (270 Reputation)

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Big Red – Where is the Giant Red Thranta on Alderaan?

In an unusal data-gathering step, GSI has attached technology to a rare Giant Red Thranta. Apparently no one on Alderaan is allowed to kill because of its rarity. But because it is still a wild Thranta it’s not always easy to predict where it will be.

So that’s your job. On your map you are given areas where the Giant Red Thranta may be found. You will need to travel to those areas and scan it with your Macrobinoculars in order to collect the data.

Possible Locations of the Giant Red Thranta

The coordinates below, and the map markers indicate roughly where you should stand and use your macrobinoculars. Not where the Thranta itself may have been spotted.

  • King’s Pass: (2055,2275)
  • Juuran Mountains: (2181,493) – South and a bit East of House Alde
  • Juuran Mountains: (2069,-1047) – North of House Alde
  • Glarus Valley: (-187,-610) – West of Wardpost Hurne
  • Kaamos Territory: (320,-2780)

Occasional Bug with ‘Big Red’

I, along with other players, have come across an occasional bug where it seems the Thranta does not spawn at all. Trying the logging out and back in trick. If that doesn’t fix it, then simply check back another day when the spawn point should have refreshed.

Enjoy the Journey

Big Red encourages you to travel around a lot – so enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Most of Alderaan’s GSI Missions are slow and relaxing, so take in the views too.

Big Red Rewards (Assumes Level 70)

  • Credits: 14,220
  • Command XP: 75 CXP
  • GSI Reputation: Repair Toolkit (270 Reputation)

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Retrieve, Restore, Recycle

The legacy of Czerka Corporation rears its ugly head again. Apparently Czerka illegally dumped radioactive waste on the beautiful planet of Alderaan. Your job is to find 3 × Chemical Barrels because GSI believes they could be turned into fuel. No mention of being eco-friendly here!

Locations of Chemical Dumping Grounds

There are two sites you can unearth chemical barrels with your Seeker Droid:

  1. Kings Pass: (1635,1715) – East of Republic Wardpost Luurdes
  2. Kaamos Territory: (144,-2196) – Just South of a scan location for Big Red.

Dig Up Irradiated Plants

Your world map will show you the region to dig in. Again, though, there is no guess-work because you just have to find irradiated plants. Use your seeker droid to dig where these irradiated plants appear and voilà you have a Chemical Barrel.

Remember that, even if you’re Level 70 you will have to dispatch nearby mobs (mostly Killiks) to get at the Irradiated Plants.

Deposit Chemical Barrels

In order for Galactic Solutions Industries to see if the chemical waste can make a fuel source, you’ll need to deposit the barrels at the place marked on your map. Then your mission will complete.

Retrieve, Restore, Recycle, Rewards (Assumes Level 70)

  • Credits: 14,220
  • Command XP: 75 CXP
  • GSI Reputation: Repair Toolkit (270 Reputation)

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Weather Forecast

From the mission log:

GSI is interested in reverse engineering Alderaan’s famous weather towers in order to develop weather controlling technology.

Your mission then is to locate all four towers and scan them with your Macrobinoculars to send data to GSI on how they work. Here what the towers look like:

Remember: your Macrobinoculars are super-powerful. If you can see the tower in the distance, it can be scanned. No need to wander too far into enemy territory, for example!

Weather Forecast Tower Locations

Weather Forecast Rewards (Assumes Level 70)

  • Credits: 14,220
  • Command XP: 75 CXP
  • GSI Reputation: Repair Toolkit (270 Reputation)

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[Heroic 2+] Trade Secrets

A saboteur working for The Shroud is known to be on Alderaan, but more importantly GSI data was stolen in the process! (Saarcasm intended!) They believe the saboteur is about to send the data from one of the major “Great House” locations.

Trade Secrets: Possible Locations

  • The Apolis Coast: House Organa Cantina (Republic Ally): 809, -801
  • The Juran Mountains: House Alde (Republic Ally): 1750, -20
  • The Juran Mountains: House Thul (Imperial Ally): 1167, -1081
  • House Rist (Neutral): 589, 650

Great Houses of Alderaan – some Pointers

  • You may have to scan House Thul/Organa even if you’re the opposite faction. But I have never known the system tell me the saboteur be there unless I am with the allied faction.
  • House Alde: if you’re Imperial, House Alde is aligned with the Republic. You can, however scan the transmitter from outside the walls (see screenshot below). Naturally if the saboteur is transmitting from inside House Alde, then you’ll have to fight your way through.

Taking on the Industrial Spy

Once you have confirmation of the Industrial Spy’s location, you’ll have to neutralise them. The boss is a Champion-grade foe with two normal-strength bodyguards. Take these out first – no more are spawned during the encounter. Then just bash the Spy into dust.

Trade Secrets Rewards (Assumes Level 70)

You have to complete at least one Heroic 2+ mission to fulfil the [Weekly] GSI Valued Partner Initiative. As this is a Heroic, the credit reward is much higher, as is the reputation gain.

  • Credits: 22,182
  • Command XP: 75 CXP
  • GSI Reputation: Energy Field Monitor (630 Reputation)

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Alderaan GSI Missions – Relax and Enjoy!

Seriously, if CXP is your motivation, then you’re not going to do GSI Missions. By choosing to undertake them, you’re putting aside time to relax and smell the roses for a bit. The Alderaan GSI tasks are varied, interesting and enjoyable. I hope this guide has helped you out. Do let me know if anything needs to be changed or updated! Take care!

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