Makeb GSI Missions in SWTOR – Master Them Today

Makeb GSI Missions - SWTOROne of my favourite planets in SWTOR is Makeb. It’s sunny, picturesque and the music is relaxing. Although it has a few weekly Heroic Missions, once you’ve done Rise of the Hutt Cartel, there’s little reason to return – except maybe to gather crafting materials. In recent months I have been getting into, and enjoying the Galactic Solutions Industries’ missions. These are slower, exploration-style quests, rather than the “kill everything in sight” approach. In case you missed it, I already wrote the guide to the Tatooine GSI Missions, so feel free to hop over there after reading this one! I was so glad to learn that I had a reason to keep visiting the Hutt Cartel’s holiday resort when I found out there were Makeb GSI Missions. So let’s get stuck in!

Makeb GSI Missions – the List

There are 5 GSI Missions available on Makeb. As with Tatooine, there are 4 ‘standard’ quests and one ‘Heroic’. If you complete 10 GSI Missions in one week then you’ll get bonus reputation and rewards (at Level 65, the Weekly pays out about 19,000 Credits). The list you’ll need to hit is:

  1. Quake Engines
  2. Origins of the Makrin
  3. The Unbreakable Code
  4. Volcanic Metals
  5. Guarded Research [Heroic 2+]

Here’s the map showing where each mission is. Apologies to people on huge screens, as this will look massive!
SWTOR Makeb GSI Missions Map

Disclaimer: I’ve been majoring on Imperial characters recently. I will check out any variances on the Republic Side soon.

Quake Engines

This quest takes place in the Westwater Settlements. If you’ve completed Rise of the Hutt Cartel, then the Hovertanks in this area are ‘Yellow’, meaning they don’t attack on sight. There are small regulator patrols, but you can clear this GSI Mission with minimal (and sometimes no) enemy interaction.

The aim here is to find three Vibration Emitters and dig them up using your Seeker Droid. These look like little black boxes with antenna sticking up. They rarely spawn near each other, so your best bet is to run/ride around looking for them. As with the Tatooine missions, using your eyes will save you a world of pain compared to using the droid and moving a few paces!

Here are a couple of screenshots showing what the vibration emitters look like:

Origins of the Makrin

Makrin are a tree-like creature native to Makeb. I think they also appear on Odessen in KotFE Chapter 12 – Visions in the Dark. Young Makrin emerge from the ground shedding Proto-Bark Casings in the process. It is these barks that Galactic Solutions Industries need you to dig up.

To find them you’ll need to travel to the Sunken Pool on Frinn Mesa. For the Imperials at least, once you’ve travelled there once, there is a quick travel point to save the hassle of the long trek. This Sunken Pool is serene and beautiful, but the creatures there aren’t always friendly! Proto-Bark Casings can be really obvious (looking like a huge branch), but mostly they are small, unassuming shreds of wood. They do trigger a ‘tooltip’ when you hover your cursor over them.

Use your Seeker Droid to dig up three of these Makrin Proto-Bark and head back to the GSI Dropbox to post them to HQ. Oh and Makrin look pretty, but when you anger them, they are terrifying!

The Unbreakable Code

This mission takes you deep into Regulator Territory. You will need to defeat a few regulators and trash some droids on this one. Oh, and probably sacrifice a few lizards and Tonitrons (bring me back a steak if you do, okay?). The premise here is quite straightforward. You head to The Sanctuary area of Makeb and are looking for Four Transmission Towers. These are marked clearly on your map, but there are a lot of similar towers in this area! The Unbreakable Code is a Macrobinocular Mission. Get the towers in your sights, scan them, then upload the data to GSI Headquarters using the handy quick button in the mission list. Job done!

Volcanic Metals

Time to head deep underground in the Volcanic Mesa on Makeb. Your mission here is to dig up a sample of Burnished Volcanic Metal in each of the four areas. These are hard to spot (see screenshot below). But again you are better using your eyes than relying on your Seeker Droid.

You will also have to be careful of the creatures here. There are gold- and white-level foes in this area. Even the ‘weak’ enemies have an annoying push-back ability which can send you flying into the lava. So try not to burn up during this mission!

You need four burnished volcanic metals. And you won’t be able to dig up more than one from each of the four zones. Your Seeker Droid will say that it cannot find anything to excavate, even though there are multiple samples in each zone. So be prepared to fight off (or if you have stealth, sneak around) plenty of critters.

Get your four samples, and head back to the GSI Dropbox to send them away.

Guarded Research [Heroic 2+]

Guarded Research is a two-stage mission, similar to A Droid Defiant on Tatooine. You are after a set of schematics that Galactic Solution Industries wants to get their hands on, held somewhere in the Hutt Strongholds region of Makeb. As the [Heroic] tag implies, this is the hardest of the Makeb GSI Missions. Here we go…

Stage 1: Scan Three Communications Sattelites

If you’re playing as an Imperial, two of these are visible from just outside the taxi area. The third you will need to travel on foot or ride around. I advise on foot as there are regulator forces, static and running around. And there are sentry cannons also manned by Regulators. So, unless you have stealth on your side, you’ll have to fight through some. Even if you do have stealth, there are stealth-detection droids scattered throughout this region. Be aware there are a lot of sattelite dishes in the Hutt Strongholds, but you only need the specific three to triangulate the location of the schematics.

Guarded Research Communications Satellites
Guarded Research Communications Satellites from the Imperial taxi pad.

Stage 2: Revealing the Schematics

Once you have all three, the location of the Schematics is revealed. And the hard work starts! I had a lot of trouble as a healer on this mission. Much easier with player DPS and companion heals, though a high influence level companion is advisable here.

Room 1
There is a panel half-hidden behind some crates. Interacting with this will trigger an alarm. Two sentry turrets will spawn and a gold-level NPC runs into the room. Despatch the turrets – they tend to target your companion so take those down as best as you can. Then kill the human. Heal up!

Room 2
There is a similar panel in room 2 as in room 1. This time however, two gold-level droids emerge from the lockers. Just focus on destroying one at once – The one immediately to your right when you trigger the alarm. The reason I say that is the other droid tends to get stuck in his locker where only AoE abilities touch it. Eventually it emerges but if you focussed on this first you’ll likely be destroyed by the other droid.

Room 3 – The Rogue Mercenery Captain

Rogue Mercenary Captain - the Boss of Guarded Research
Rogue Mercenary Captain – the Boss of Guarded Research

Finally you get to your boss. Good time to trigger Heroic Moment. Some of his abilities are quite devasting, but the Rogue Mercenery Captain is not immune to interrupts, so make the most of that fact. Once you’ve dispatched this guy, collect the schematics from the Terminal that was behind him and Quick Travel back to your GSI Dropbox.

TL;DR Makeb GSI Missions

Although they took time to explain, the Makeb GSI Missions are quicker than those on Tatooine as there is less wandering around. The Heroic 2+ is pretty tough, but that balances the more easy-going four other missions. And as Makeb is available from the Priority Terminal on Fleet, you don’t even have travel costs, meaning you’re paid well for your time!

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    1. Thanks Rav. I find them relaxing and slow-paced which suits my health really well. I think that’s one of the advantages of SWTOR over other games, you really can play content according to mood or preferences.

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