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SWTOR Life Day Event Guide 2019. What is Life Day and How Do I Get the Rewards?Let the Fleet Ships be decorated, festive music play and Dromund Kaas and Coruscant descend into snow-filled anarchy: Life Day is here! The Galaxy may be gearing up for war, or Revan may threaten all life, or you may still be possessed by Valkorion. But wherever you are in the many stories of Star Wars: The Old Republic, it’s time to catch a break! Here I’ll give you the run-down of the SWTOR Life Day Event, look at how you can join in and show some of the rewards you can earn. So sit back, enjoy and forget about your next gearing target: let’s get seasonal – and go hug some Wookies!

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Note! As this is the first time I’ve done a SWTOR event guide, it will need some additions and tweaks! As soon as I can, I’ll add the “Parcel Price” of items available and take remaining screenshots.

What Is Life Day?

Life Day in SWTOR is the name of the event which happens every year from about mid-December through to early-ish January. It features Christmas-themed rewards and the throwing of many, many snowballs! So even if it’s Summer where you celebrate the holidays, you can still join in Winter fun! Usually SWTOR also release Life Day items on the Cartel Market for a limited time only.

Note: like “Christmas” holidays, “Life Day” is not a one-day only event.

It’s Also SWTOR’s Anniversary

2019 is SWTOR’s 8th Anniversary! For more info on these two events that happen at the same time, see December’s Events page.

From the Community

Thanks to @swtorista, for the reminder that you can get Freebies from Fleet during the Anniversary too!

Also Xam Xam of MMOBits has posted a full guide to the 8th Anniversary freebies.
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When Is This Year’s Life Day Event?

Life Day 2019 Event Dates are: December 17th 2019 to January 7th 2020.
It starts and ends at the following times on the dates above: 4:00 AM PST, 12:00PM GMT (Use Timezone Converter to get your time!).

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How to Get Started

As soon as the event goes live, head to your faction’s fleet. Follow the sounds of music and festive cheer until you find several NPCs dressed in dark-red robes.

There you will need to purchase a reusable Life Day Snowball Bomb for 1000 Credits. You only need to purchase one per character. Keep it in your inventory and I suggest you quick-slot it as you’ll be using it a lot!

What are Snow-Covered Parcels?

Snow-Covered Parcels are a type of ‘token’ you use to exchange for event rewards. They are not character-bound, so if you collect a few from a number of characters you can pool them.

Every time you throw a snowball at a valid target, you have a chance at being rewarded a Snow-Covered Parcel.

The more parcels you earn, the more rewards you can buy from the event vendor, simple!

Who Can I Snowball?

Although you’ll see players snowballing other players on fleet, or on Dromund Kaas, players are not the only valid target. That said, it is encouraged as Life Day is a community event, after all! However, other valid targets include:

  • Companions: yours or other players’.
  • Special Protocol Droids dotted around the Galaxy
  • Enemies, of any race/species. Oh and defeated enemies count if you hit them before they de-spawn!
  • NPCs: Vendors, repair droids, questgivers and any others you can successfully select or target.

You cannot, however, snowball pets – because they cannot be selected. Here’s some of my fun from previous years!

What are the Life Day Protocol Droids?

These droids supposedly have a higher chance of a Snow-Covered Parcel than other NPCs. Even better, if you can find an overheating droid before another player does, you can cool them down. These can be found on Capital worlds, Nar Shaddaa and I found some on Mek-Sha. Where else SWTOR have put them this year, Maker only knows!
I believe the chances of a parcel are higher again on overheating droids and, according to Dulfy, the chance for a stronghold decoration.

Life Day Legacy Titles (Achievements)

  • Life Day Celebrant: Find 25 × Snow-Covered Parcels
  • A Special Snowflake Find 100 × Snow-Covered Parcels
  • Wookiee-Hugging Champion: Hug 1000 × Wookiees during the Life Day Event (hahaha)
You do not need to keep your parcels until you have 100 however. It is a legacy achievement that will increase all on its own. So feel free to buy any rewards you want!

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How Do You Hug a Wookiee?

Well there’s a question I never thought would crop up in SWTOR content! But if you want that Wookiee Hugging Champion title then best get to it!

1. Hug the Right Wookiee

The first thing is, you need to find specifies Wookiees: Wookiee Revelers and Carolers.

2. Approach With Caution!

Don’t worry they won’t tear your arms off! But as you approach a valid Wookiee (from the front), you get a temporary ability bar with the hug action in it. The normal /hug emote doesn’t work.

It is a bit fiddly – you can get the ‘too far away’ and ‘too close’ errors. Wait for the ability to light up then click it. If you find it doesn’t do that, then I’ve found backing away until the bar disappears and trying again works.

3. Get Wookiee-Hugged!


4. Complete: Could Use a Good Hug Mission

Hugging your first Wookiee triggers a 10 × Hug mission called Could USe a Good Hug! As this is day one, I don’t know if it’s a daily. But completing it gives you 2 × Snow-Covered Parcels.

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Life Day Rewards

Here is a sample of the rewards available! There are quite a lot, especially if you decorate strongolds. The event vendors can be found in the Galactic Trade Network quadrant of your faction’s fleet. If you just want to see a list of goodies you can get then click/tap here.

Speeder Mounts

There are two mounts you can earn for Snow-Covered Parcels:

Sleigh I – 20 Parcels

Packed with presents, the Sleigh I mount is requires relatively few parcels, but is still a lot of fun!

J0-1Y – 100 Parcels

Jingle all the way across the Galaxy in the J0-1Y Speeder!

Czerka LD-1 Celebrator – 100 Parcels

Finally I got enough parcels to bag the last speeder mount. The Czerka LD-1 Celebrator comes with festive lights and a funnel spouting snow. Or noxious gases, I’m not sure. Let’s say it’s snow!

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Armour / Cosmetic Outfits, 30 Parcels/Piece

You can acquire the Life Day Vestments, Lower Robe and Boots for Snow-Covered Parcels too!

Just a note: if you want to dye these items the same colour, you’ll need to use different dye combinations.

  • Secondary Dye: Life Day Vestments (Chest)
  • Primary Dye: Lower Robe

Don’t ask me why, it’s always been like that! So unless you’re using the same primary/secondary combination, don’t use Unify Colours!

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Pet – Wampa Cub – 60 Parcels

Have a mini-Wampa run around on missions with you!

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Toy – Life Day Orb – 50 Parcels

Gaze into the Orb to regenerate health and resource bars out of combat!
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Stronghold Decorations

There are various stronghold decorations available, but I only have shots of these ones at the moment. And one of these is just pulled from the monthly event round-up by SWTOR!

Various Holo-Trees – 40 Parcels

There are three different Holo-Trees available (red, green and blue) but I think I only have two of them.

Note: these Holo-trees require a “Centerpiece” hook (read: humungous!). If you don’t have one of these, get another stronghold that does…or save your Parcels!

Wampa Rug – 40 Parcels

Medium Potted Tree

These twisty, Christmas-style trees have little Baubles. Go back to the natural tree!

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Full Rewards List

Here are the images taken from the Master of Ceremonies vendor on-fleet. You will find other vendors elsewhere in-game but they all have the same stuff (as far as I can tell).

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Renown XP, Dark & Light Side Points

Each time you successfully acquire a Snow-Covered Parcel, you complete a ‘quest’. If you’re Level 75, you will get a small amount of renown XP. For all characters you can earn Dark/Light Side points, which affect your Force Alignment.
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Cartel Market Items

During the event and Anniversary there are a number of items released on the Cartel Market only for that period.

  • Snowball Cannon: Price: 500 Cartel Coins – launch snowballs with a shoulder cannon. Couple this with your Snowball Bomb to increase the number of times you can launch snow at high speed!
  • Snowtacular Flair: Price: 1000 Cartel Coins – A beautiful, snowy character flair! Remember Snowtacular is for life, not just for Life Day!
  • Bundles: the 2017 and the “Wampa” bundles are available for purchase. As far as I can tell, if you want the Merry Ice Tromper mount, the Wampa companion or the Festive Tauntaun mount you have to buy a bundle. I cannot see them sold separately on the Cartel Market.
  • Snowglobe Decorations: 100 Cartel Coins each

Here’s the Cartel Market showing some (most?) of these items and their prices (tap on the image to open it full screen).

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TL;DR – Enjoy the SWTOR Life Day Event Everwhere in the Galaxy!

The great thing about the SWTOR Life Day Event is that you can take part wherever you are in the galaxy. Snowball other players, enemies, NPCs and even your grumpy companions. Rack up XP and Snow-Covered Parcels then trade them in when you’re next at fleet. Above all, remember to have fun with it. You can find a fuller list of rewards over on Dulfy, by the way! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule or just enjoy a holiday time, I wish you the best and I’ll see you next year in SWTOR!

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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