SWTOR Bounty Contract Week Event Guide (Part 1)
The Bounty Brokers Association Needs You

SWTOR Bounty Contract Week 2020 - How to Get Started, and the BBA Rewards Available

SWTOR’s Bounty Contract Week Event calls people of all races and professions to be a Bounty Hunter for week. The Galaxy is full of criminals (just ask a Smuggler) but some are far worse than others. The Bounty Brokers Association (BBA) calls you to join them to clean out the worst of the scum.

Jedi, Sith, Trooper, Agent – oh and Bounty Hunters – all races with all career choices can take on Bounty Contracts for glory. And more importantly, credits.

Here’s Part 1 of my Guide to Bounty Contract Week, which should be enough for you to dive in! I will work on Part 2 as soon as I am able, but I hope this is enough to whet the appetite!

Quick Bounty Contract Week Questions

When is it?

My female Togruta Republic Trooper with a Datapad
The April 2020 event takes place from the 7th to the 14th April. It begins and ends at 10am PDT, 6pm GMT, 7pm BST on those dates.

Once the next dates are published, I’ll update this.

Who Can Join In?

From the Republic intro to Bounty Contract Week
The only requirement to take part is to be at least Level 15 and have reached Imperial or Republic Fleet on the characters you want to join in. This event is open to all classes, in case you were wondering.

How Do I Get Started?

My Zabrak Jedi Shadow thinking on Alderaan
If you’ve never done the introductory mission for Bounty Contract Week, then head to fleet. From there, run towards the Cartel Bazaar and click the carbonite-frozen target. That will give you an intro cutscene opening up a mini questline welcoming you as a temporary member of the Bounty Brokers Association (BBA).

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[Mission] The Bounty Brokers Association

I’ve given this a separate entry because it provides rewards that will help you in your Hunt. Here are the intro scenes:

Mission Rewards

  • 1 × Interrogation Probe
  • 1 × Friendly Drink
  • Credits: Scaled to your level
  • XP and maybe Renown XP if your Level 75 character has never done Bounty Contract Week before.
  • Alignment: adjustment based on your DvL Switch.

Reputation and Alignment

Taking part in Bounty Contract Week is not just about amassing Completed Contracts and bartering for new armour and mounts. Though clearly that’s the focus! You will also affect reputation and Force Alignment.

BBA Reputation

Entrance to the Cartel Bazaar and the Bounty Brokers Association (BBA)
Taking part in missions during this SWTOR event will gain you reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association.
Increasing your reputation will gain you Legacy Titles, and unlock access to different barter rewards.

Dark/Light Alignment

My Sith Assassin threatens a Bounty Target informant
This event gives you an opportunity to increase your Dark or Light alignment. Aside from each kill counting towards your selected alignment, when you question an informant, you will find Dark/Light/Neutral Alignment conversation options. Then there’s your interrogation “methods” to consider. More on this shortly.

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How to Complete a Henchman Bounty Contracts

While the storylines behind each main target mention certain names, you will start your illustrious bounty hunting career by taking down Henchmen. Some Henchmen are female, for the avoidance of doubt. You can complete one Henchman contract per day. I’ll come onto “Kingpin” bounties in Part 2.

1. Bounty Contract Terminal

The terminal to pick up contracts and the dropbox to file your successes can be found in the Cartel Bazaar.

Pick an available planet from the list. Depending on your level, you can find targets on quite a few base-game planets.

2. Get Supplies

To find an informant, you’ll have to question people first. How hard will you lean on potential leads? To that end you may want to pick up any combination of these two items (depending on your targeted Alignment):

  • Interrogation Probe (800 credits each) or
  • Friendly Drink (800 credits)
    Note the Text: Yields useful information more often than an Investigation Probe

Both these increase the chance of an informant blabbing. However the Interrogation Probe has a dark-side “nudge” and the free drink has a light side “nudge”. I say “nudge” because the effect on your alignment can’t be quantified, as far as I know. You can question people without using these but you’ll likely have to talk to more people than with them.

But I’m Neutral or Grey!

Then you can likely use “Situational Ethics” where some can be justifiably tortured, while others can be bribed with alcohol. Using a rough 50/50 split of the two seems to work fine for my Neutrally Aligned characters.

3. Talk to the Client

Head to the Planet

Bounty Hunter's Starship Flying to Alderaan in SWTOR
Head to the planet where your target is. You can do this with your ship (if you have one), the shuttle (for Capital worlds and starter planets) or the planetary map UI.

Find the Client

Lo'tar is a Twi'lek on Hutta with a Bounty Contract for you to fulfil
You’ll then meet the client, the one who offered the Bounty Contract. Use your planetary map to locate them. If this is your first Bounty Contract Week, then listen to their stories as each is different.

Find Shady Characters

A Shady Character in a Coruscant Cantina
Use your planetary map to see which area of the world you can find informants. These are called Shady Characters.

4. Question Shady Characters

There are a few different NPC appearances for Shady Characters. But once you’ve seen them a few times you’ll know them by sight! Your aim is to extract information from 4 Shady Characters. Although possible, it’s unlikely your first four will all be willing!

How to Question

How to question Shady Characters during Bounty Contract Week, here using a Friendly Drink
To question them, first target them. Then, you have up to 3 options, depending what supplies you picked up before:

  1. Light Side: offer them a Friendly Drink
  2. Neutral: just “question” them, using the clickable icon in your on-screen mission tracker
    Question Shady Characters without supplies, target them and click here
  3. Dark Side: torture them with the Interrogation Probe.

What Happens Next

Questioning Shady Characters can lead to you being attacked
You’ll then get one of these outcomes.

  1. Success: they give you information.
  2. Failure: they simply refuse.
  3. Failure: they refuse and then they, and a few other NPCs, attack you.

If you are attacked, you should loot and ‘use’ the Underworld Information item to progress the mission

Note: not everyone can be bribed with a drink and not everyone breaks under torture. Once you have 4 Successes, you can carry on your hunt.

5. Find the Snitch

Once you have coerced, bribed and pursuaded your informants to give them the information you need, it’s time to zero in on the snitch. This NPC will be waiting for you at a designated location. Head there and begin the final extraction of your Henchman’s location.

Force Alignment Choice

Here you can choose how you want to get the truth:

  • Light Side: Positive pursuasion (could be blackmail though, ha)
  • Neutral: Some sort of reasoned, rational argument.
  • Dark Side: Threaten them.

Choose what’s right for your character, as all options lead to you getting the coordinates. There’s no companion reaction to these dialogues either, so run with whatever.

Investigation Mission Rewards

Your investigation complete, you get your first round of rewards, hurrah.

  • BBA Reputation: BBA Official Mark of Service (Small increase)
  • Credits: Scaled to your level, plus a Bounty Payment Lockbox (random credits)
  • XP or Renown XP
  • Force Alignment: I’m guessing a bit here, because it’s complicated. It’ll be a balance of your DvL switch setting, plus how you used Friendly Drinks and Torture Probes. Then there will be the impact of your conversation choice.

6. Take Down the Target!

Use this beacon to summon your Henchman targetAt last! You can finally follow your planetary map and take down the Bounty target. You’ll find these transmission beacon where you can summon the target.

When the Henchman appears, they are synced with your level so be prepared for a fight. As it should be.

To Kill or to Freeze?

You have one final choice to make. Do you just want to kill the target, or freeze them in carbonite? If you want to make them a block of carbonite ice, then wait until they’re around 20% (?) then use the icon in your mission tracker.Freezing a Bounty Target in Carbonite for the ClientBear in mind, while that is channelling, your companion will still be fighting. So you cannot guarantee, you’ll freeze the bounty target, even if your companion is on heals!

On this point, @ShintarCommando has advice:

On the subject of freezing vs. killing your targets, you can always set your companion to passive near the end to make sure they don’t kill it if you want to go the freezing route.

Kar'wa is a Henchman target during Bounty Contract Week

7. Report Back to the Client [Important!]

In your excitement don’t auto travel to Fleet! You have a paying client, remember? Go back to your original client to prove your success. You can use insta-travels, or taxis to get back to the Client, your carbonite block will follow along, assuming you didn’t just kill the target.

Only once you’ve spoken to the Client can you head back to the Bounty Brokers Association for the final reward.

I’ve given you here the full interaction with the Client for the Coruscant Bounty.

Tam Daral: The Coruscant Client

8. Hand in the Proof and Claim the Bounty

All that’s left for you to do is to head back to the BBA and drop your proof into the
Dropbox in the Cartel Bazaar.

Mission Rewards

For a completed Henchman target, you’ll receive:

  • Completed Bounty Contract × 1
  • BBA Reputation: BBA Official Certificate of Accomplishment (Medium gain)
  • Credits: Scaled to your level
  • Force Alignment: More guesswork: Balance of: DvL Switch setting and whether you chose to freeze or kill your target. That said, I’ve had no alignment gain for “Light Side plus Freezing”, so who knows?

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SWTOR Bounty Contract Week Rewards

Part 2 of this guide will be coming soon and will cover the rewards available. For now, all you need to know is where you can go to claim them!

How Many Bounty Contracts Do I Have?

Completed Bounty Contracts used to be an item in your inventory. However, sometime during recent updates it has been moved to the Currency tab.

Where Can I Spend my Completed Bounty Contracts?

In the Cartel Bazaar on Imperial or Republic Fleet. Simply head to the platform sort-of straight ahead after you exit the lift and there they are. Incidentally, these vendors are always on fleet so if you forget to spend your contracts during the event, you can do so afterwards.

What Event Rewards Are There?

I will go into detail on this in Part 2. But, depending on your Reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association, here are some of the rewards you can acquire:

  • Armour Sets
  • Mounts
  • Cosmetic Pets
  • Stronghold Decorations
  • Dye Schematics (for Artifice crafters)
  • Companion Customizations

If you’d like more information on this event, feel free to also scope out Dulfy.
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TL;DR The SWTOR Bounty Contract Week in Summary

Bounty Contract Week is an event everyone can jump into. As it occurs regularly through the year along with other events (such as the SWTOR Rakghoul Event), you don’t have to try to get all the rewards in one week! You can do as much or as little as you want. Mix it in with normal missions, or get all your characters hunting. And there are no shortage of rewards either. So get out there and hunt, for your own glory for once!

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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