SWTOR Artwork Commissions by Fiona Eaton aka Glorfinniell

SWTOR Artwork Commissions by Fiona Eaton aka GlorfinniellOne of the aspects to have developed in recent years by players of Star Wars: The Old Republic is turning characters into SWTOR Artwork. Sometimes these develop as part of a character’s journey and others it can be used to express emotions, relationships or life events that the game simply isn’t built to do. This is where real artists come in – and one I invited to write for my blog is Fiona Eaton (aka Glorfinniell) who painted a beautiful picture of Talitha’koum for me. I’ll show that later, but first I wanted Fiona to write about her story and showcase some of her SWTOR Artwork!

Fiona’s Story

While I was a bit of a creative child, I started drawing four or five years ago having watched a friend draw all his characters during lunchtimes, and the idea of being able depict my favourite characters was insane.

It all started out with Star Wars characters from The Clone Wars, Fire Emblem and the occasional OC when I couldn’t picture who I wanted to draw. Of course, when I discovered SWTOR, my little drawing pad started being populated with my creations. It was my way of getting the characters to do even more stuff!

The internet – or rather, the people on it – have helped me push my art. I’ve had the pleasure of drawing art for people all around the world. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is. It’s also a great platform to show what I do, and I love to see people leave comments and reblog tags.

For that, I have much to thank.

A Few Examples of Fiona’s SWTOR Artwork

To keep the load time of this page down, I’ve just provided thumbnails below. But if you click/tap them you can see a larger version of the artworks. And gain an appreciation of the wide variety of styles Fiona has.

What Fiona Painted for Me

Fiona simply asked me about my SWTOR character, what their normal attire was and also if there was any favourite planet in the mix. This I provided (favourite planet was Makeb by the way!). And this was the beautiful piece Fiona created of Talitha’koum!

Speak to Fiona about Commissions or to Discover More

You can chat to Fiona on the following platforms (often under the name of Glorfinniell:

And Fiona said “Feel free to say hi!”, so there you go, no reason not too now, is there?!

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