Green Dragon Inn Tankard
LOTRO Anniversary 2024 Cosmetic

Make it feel like you got away with stealing from the pub with your own Green Dragon Inn Tankard! Wear the Hat of the Green Dragon Inn to make it look legit and everything!

Green Dragon Inn Tankard Description

Held items *cough*cosmetic weapon*cough* don't always have the same kind of design love as cosmetic outfits, but this one actually feels quality.

The tankard appears to be made of some kind of brushed metal. The dragon itself has been engraved with delicate care. With a few gold coloured bands to match the dragon and you finally know...Inns in the Shire are in a marketing battle!

So whether you're role-playing your Inn League or Ale Association run, or hitting goblins upside the head with it, at least you know it can take some punishment!

Right, time to find me some Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens, then goblins...

Green Dragon Inn Tankard Information

Items in this Set

Hat of the Green Dragon Inn

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Outfit of the Green Dragon Inn

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