LOTRO Events Calendar 2020 – Schedule of Festivals, Boosts and Events

LOTRO Events Calendar Schedule 2020I’ve been meaning to create this wee post for probably two years! So, I’ve finally done it – a visual up-to-date, 2020 LOTRO Events Calendar. I’ve broken it down by month and will try to keep the current month at the top to make it easy and useful. And I’ve peppered it with lovely LOTRO screenshots too. If you want to skip to a particular month, simply tap it in the list below. As usual, the LOTRO schedule is packed of boosts, events and festivals – the heartbeat of community get togethers! Let’s take a look!
Note: Some festival start/end dates change and no “Encore” dates have yet been announced. When things do change, I’ll update this as quickly as possible.

What Time Do LOTRO Events Start and Finish?

Generally speaking, events and festivals in The Lord of the Rings Online

  • Start: 10am EST, 2pm or 3pm UK Time (Depending on British Summer Time changes)
  • End: 3am EST, 7am or 8am UK Time

October 2020

22nd – 26th October: 10% Motes/Embers
Earn more 10% on deconstructing items to Motes of Enchantment or Embers of Enchantment.

28th October – 23rd November: Fall / Harvestmath Festival
Relax in all things Autumn, food and spookiness, it’s Fall / Harvest Festival again!

LOTRO Fall Festival Guide 2020 - Quests, Mounts, Cosmetics & Fun!
Run riot in the Haunted Burrow, get lost in Wistmead and its ever-changing Wheat Maze! Seasonal cosmetics, pets, mounts and tons more. There’s tons to enjoy, so jump in!
Yes I’ll update the rewards – mounts, cosmetics and pets – as soon as possible after the event goes live!

29th October – 2nd November: +25% Crafting XP

Catch-up on your crafting and level your abilities 25% quicker! Craft XP does not apply to ‘processing’ skills like Prospecting or Forestry.

↑ List of Months

November 2020

Remember: Fall / Harvest Festival and +25% Crafting XP Boost end on the 2nd November!

10th – 16th November: +25% Skirmish Marks

Been putting off those Epic-enforced Skirmishes? No longer! Get 25% more marks for gear and Skirmish Soldier upgrades at the Skirmish Camp.

25th – 30th November: VIP, Double XP (Recognition)

A thank you to VIPs, get double XP, +25% Crafting XP and 25% more Marks!

↑ List of Months

December 2020

3rd – 7th December: Hobnanigans
Your last chance of 2020 to get those chicken-themed rewards! It’s finger-clicking good, don’t you know? Learn More →

10th – 14th December: +20% Virtue XP
Boost your Virtue stats and your LOTRO Points. Being virtuous and entrepreneurial work well together, you know!

10th December – 5th January: Yule(tide) Festival
It’s holiday season! Head to Winter-home in Frostbluff for the LOTRO Yule Festival! Build Snowmen, throw snowballs, help the poor, cause mayhem for the Mayor and try to ungrumpify the Snow-Beasts! Relax and enjoy a festive end to 2020!
LOTRO Yule Festival 2020 Guide - Quests and Rewards from Winter-Home and Frostbluff! Mounts, Cosmetics, Pets and more!
Yes, it says 2019 😛 I’ll update it nearer the time! But all Event quests and many past rewards can be found here to help you!

23rd – 28th December: +25% XP
Last XP boost event of 2020, all players including Free-to-Play get 25% XP. Couple this with Yule and level even quicker without risk to life and limb?

30th December 2020 – 4th January 2021: VIP, Double XP (Recognition)

Did I just write 2021? My life! A thank you to VIPs, get double XP, +25% Crafting XP and 25% more Marks!

↑ List of Months

TL;DR – A Year Crammed With Fab LOTRO Events!

LOTRO Events range from boosting XP through to the fantastic story and quest-rich festivals. There really is something for everyone! I hope you can find some things in the LOTRO Events Calendar you can enjoy. Festivals and Events have a way of bringing the LOTRO Community together, so come along and belong. Here’s to a great 2020 in The Lord of the Rings Online!

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