Outfit of the Green Dragon Inn
LOTRO Anniversary 2024 Cosmetic

"Keep it simple, keep it safe" (Gandalf, okay, maybe not quite!). The Outfit of the Green Dragon Inn is the corresponding upper body piece to the Hat of the Green Dragon Inn and has the lovely homely feel you'd expect in the Shire. This outfit item became available at the 2024 LOTRO Anniversary Event.

Outfit of the Green Dragon Inn - Description

This is an all-in-one item that goes into your Upper Body cosmetic slot and uses the same template as many other tunic-and-trousers items too.

Much of the item is a beige colour with an earthy orange-brown to complement it. Both the faux straps and the belt buckle have surprisingly-detailed dragons heads. And I wish we could have seaparate belts, because I want this buckle!

On the top half at the back you can see the outline of dragon wings.

Full-length Green Dragon Inn anniversary cosmetic | Female Human (Race of Man)

Item Restrictions

  • No Hand Gear/Outfit Item: Due to the method LOTRO have used to make this, you cannot display any hand-gear at all, regardless of race.
  • Not Dyable: Neither this nor the Hat of the Green Dragon Inn are dyable.

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Which Other Slots Work

  • Shoulders: Yes
  • Head: Yes
  • Hands: Nope
  • Feet: Race-dependent

But My Boots/Shoes?!

Yeah, I know. Right, here's the deal with those auto-shoes:

  • Hobbits: Boots/Shoes will not show regardless of their size.
  • They probably will show on your River Hobbits
  • For the Race of Men and River Hobbits these may be replaced when making a LOTRO outfit. Whether they display depends on whether they are short enough. i.e. they have to be short boots/shoes to show.
  • Anyone else... you'll have to make do with those foot things until SSG have a chance to widen the races that can use custom footwear.

Outfit of the Green Dragon Inn Information

  • Festival/Event: Anniversary Event
  • Price: 10 × Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens
  • Set Name: Green Dragon Inn
  • Gear Slot: Upper Body
  • Category: Full Set
  • Dyable: No

Other Races And Body Shapes

Items in this Set

Hat of the Green Dragon Inn

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Outfit of the Green Dragon Inn

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