Sienna Hamster
LOTRO Anniversary Pet 2024

Sienna Hamster Pet Description

The Sienna Hamster is one of the two cute Hamsters that came out with the LOTRO Anniversary Event in 2024.

This wee lassie, or fella, is super-fuzzy and inquisitive, even down to the twitching nose, which is an awesome little detail. It's pets like this one that make me really wish we could target cosmetic pets, so we can /pat or /hug them.

But for a non-intrusive cosmetic pet that just seems to bring a little happiness with it, try resisting adoping one of the Hamster pets this LOTRO Anniversary.

Mithril Coin Also Available...

The Tome of the Sienna Hamster is also available for 30× Mithril Coin Mithril Coins.

Extra Details

  • Festival/Event: Anniversary Event
  • Species: Other
  • Year Introduced: 2024
  • Price: Anniversary Tokens × 20 Anniversary Tokens
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