Merrymaking Hamster
LOTRO Anniversary Pet 2024

Merrymaking Hamster Pet Description

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the creature determined to be the first of his race to fly: the Merrymaking Hamster! That was my first impression and that's not going away!

Merrymaking Hamster Description

This little beauty is like a two-tone chocolate creature (hmm, chocolate) - or chocolate and caramel. But don't worry, I'm not selling him as food. After all, he's armed.

Strapped to his back are a fair few tiny little fireworks. They're the perfect size for hamster gatherings, so long as tinier paws don't touch them. Or, as I said, they could use the fireworks to try to fly.

How To Get This Fireworks Hamster

He costs either 30×MC or 20× Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens.

During the LOTRO Anniversary Event, you can run A Flurry of Fireworks to earn those Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens, so don't feel pushed to by Mithril Coin Mithril Coins.

Extra Details

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